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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Senecas Ramp Up Opposition to Pegula Fracking Proposal

The Niagara Reporter

There’s an old expression that comes close to describing billionaire Bills and Sabres owner Terry Pegula’s business philosophy, and that is, “Don’t make a mess in your own nest.”

The thrills and enjoyment Pegula provides to Western New York sports fans, as his teams go forth to do battle against rival municipalities, is in stark contrast to the misery of the land, air and water pollution his natural gas fracking operations inflict on communities south of the state line, in northwestern Pennsylvania.

In 2015, two public drinking water systems and at least six private water wells were allegedly contaminated by pollution from a natural gas fracking operation run by JKLM Energy LLC in Potter County, Pennsylvania. Terry Pegula is the owner of JKLM. JKLM ended up paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, and pay for other remedial actions, as documented at the state website

This was the first time anywhere in the nation that not one, but two public water supplies had been impacted by groundwater pollution from fracking operations.

An emergency press conference was held in downtown Coudersport, PA to inform the public that their drinking water was potentially contaminated, and to stop using it for cooking, bathing, etc.  Read more....


Anonymous said...

Laurie Barr said: I hope the CAMA board members wake up and realize the potential for liability is great and the exposure to the community is real.

Anonymous said...

The incident in 2015 was a drilling activity not “fracking”. The proposed waste water treatment plant will not effect the entire triple divide. Gold is not the epicenter of any drilling activity. I’m not saying the plant is good or bad but the reporting on this issue is becoming ridiculous. Report the facts, or the information you know is true in order for people to create their own opinions.

Anonymous said...

Clean, Efficient Gas said...

We might as well be hearing from the Afghani government or maybe the Sudanese government. The senecas want to be a “sovereign” nation. Right? If that’s the case for you: STAY THE HELL OUT OF MY NATION!! You want it both ways, you want to enjoy your sovereign nation, but you want to enjoy the benefits of the United States Of America. So as far as I’m concerned, you have NO say in this. Go burn some more tires when you don’t get your way. Like that didn’t harm the local air and water? Did you ever repay the government for the damage you caused on Interstate Highway 86? You know, the land that was legally purchased from you. Yet you trespassed onto that highway ROW, damaged the highway by burning tires, then threatened law enforcement with violence. Did you get fined for a willful violation of the Federal Clean Air Act? So what do we want to hear from you? shhhhh....silence... I call hypocrites.
With that being said. 99% of the posters here don’t understand the scientific explanation as explained above as to the process to clean this water. Yet they spread lies to slant the narrative their way. The simple processing answer as explained above; the heavy metals will be precipitated out chemically and then collected. The water will then be distilled. Distilled water is also known as steam and nothing else. That is what will happen during the cleaning process. Nothing more, nothing less.
Unfortunately, people are telling falsehoods about the distillation process, going to “expel toxic chemicals in the air”, “dump chemical laden water In the river” etc. You totally ignore the professionals that have tried and tried to explain the process, yet you continue to rely on your “alternative facts”. Why don’t you listen to these folks that have explained it clearly and simply, so normal laymen can understand it.
Do you think that the PA DEP would allow a process to be used that will actually harm people or our environment? People keep saying that “The DEP will be bought off”. Really? All of the DEP employees? Only the field crew? Only upper DEP management? The Governor and Lt. Governor on the payola payroll also? In the pseudo “documentary” posted above, you said the DEP fined East Resources “many, many times”. Is this the same DEP that is now going to allow a process that will harm the environment? They fined East all the time but they are going to allow JKLM to run a hazardous operation? Does that even make an ounce of sense? At all? Now they allow this to happen?
So in closing, educate yourselves and listen. To the Senecas........shhhhhh.

Anonymous said...

"Can you imagine if the Niagara Falls Water Board suddenly announced that our water was no longer safe to use?" The Niagara Reporter, February 24, 2018
"Yet Another Sewage Discharge Turns Niagara Falls Black
After a similar discharge last week, state environmental officials called the recurring issues unacceptable." WNBC New York, October 9, 2017

Anonymous said...

This rag (which is a joke) is not to be confused with the real newspaper serving that city, the Niagara Gazette. BTW the North Hollow incident did not pollute any public water supplies. They were shut down as a precaution before the incident was investigated and there was no pollution. Maybe somebody wants to tell the "Niagara Reporter" that so this guy can correct his error.

Anonymous said...

Does the "distillation" process include reverse osmosis? Boiling all of that water seems very expensive and something that would soon be replaced with a less costly less thorough process.

Anonymous said...

Potter county was controlled by the Susquehannock Indians until the senecas took it from them in the beaver wars. The Susquehannock are a extinct people. So in my eyes the Seneca Nation has no rights to say anything. It’s not your land it’s not your river.

Anonymous said...

Laurie Barr said: 11:00:00 PM Re: Q Do you think that the PA DEP would allow a process to be used that will actually harm people or our environment? Answer: Not easily, the DEP is drowning in letters from citizens who are opposed to this. The agency received over 3000 comments from citizens so far.
ACTION ALERT! There will be 4 MORE 30 day opportunities for the public to weigh in on this plan. And these will be announced in the PA Bulletin!
1 additional 30 day public comment opportunity would be for the facility permit,
1 for the air quality permit and 1 related to site prep.
And then there will be a 30 day opportunity for the public to submit comments on the permit CAMA applied for! This permit CAMA applied for is for a modification in their NPDES discharge permit which, if approved would allow CAMA to pass fluid from the Epiphany facility through their sewage plant for discharge to the Allegheny River.
To read some of the Comments sent to the DEP visit the following link:

Anonymous said...

Let it happen our house is for sale in Cameron County were the water is clean and fresh..

Anonymous said...

You deniers keep using the Senecas as your boogiemen. Go back and research why they lit some tires in protest. They could have done much more. New York State has always treated them like crap and have broken treaties and promises. That's old news anyways.

The Senecas have gotten smarter. They won't burn tires, but they have a very talented legal staff. They won't go down without a fight, and good for them. The fight will be among lawyers though, and Coudersport doesn't stand a chance if they're ever named co-defendants in a civil trial.

If I lived there, I'd seriously consider selling my home. In another year or so, your property values will take a hit and your solicitor will be running for cover.

And open your mouth like that about the sovereign nation at a public meeting attended by Senecas and see what happens. Tell it to their faces.

Kirsten Wolfe said...

Why is there any debate at all on the proposed waste treatment site. It stands to ONLY benefit JKLM. Do you live in Coudersport? Do you seriously want this in your town? Educate yourselves... You sound so eloquent and educated. So many people have been bought out and alas, the drilling is upon us, but we now have the opportunity to rally and get DEP to say no. There's no doubt, bribes, promises, pay off at large. Oh look, 1000.00 bucks for soccer. Big deal. Go educate yourself. Better yet, take that bribe that JKLM has given you and move.