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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The To Fill A Backpack program is holding a Hitachi LED TV raffle.

Anyone that is interested in purchasing tickets can mail payments to To Fill A Backpack – Attn: TV Raffle – 81 Burleson Avenue – Roulette, PA 16746. 

Tickets can also be paid via PayPal or through Facebook (please ask for information to do this). 

For more information please email us at or give us a call at (814) 544-2612. If you would like your stub/stubs returned please include a stamped self-addressed envelope.


Anonymous said...

holy you just got 9224 dollars whats that going for????

Anonymous said...

He must have enough backpacks for every kid in the state

Anonymous said...


Andy Kulp said...

I am trying to figure out what the issue is with our program holding Fundraisers. I seem to be getting a lot of snyde remarks on any of my posts...the sad part is that you hide behind an anonymous post because you are afraid to show your name. Is there a problem with us raising money to possibly do more in the community other than just handing out free backpacks every year. I don't ever see you posting anything regarding all of the fundraising done by the schools and other organizations. Is there a possibility that you are upset because I asked people to pick up their backpacks this year because I couldn't hand deliver them are probably the same one that hid behind the comment "Isn't that what you have the Backpack van for is to deliver backpacks". You people sit back and post nasty remarks behind an anonymous name because you are afraid that the people who support our program will find out who you are and then you won't be quite the person you think you are hiding behind rude comments.

I would love to talk to you or whomever is interested in talking regarding any issues you may have with our fundraising. If you think about it an organization can not be run if you don't have money to work with. And your comment regarding the money that we just received...that money was not just handed too us...we had to help with fund raising, etc. to get that money...and I will also say that the money we are receiving is because of members of the community who believe and support our program and made donations.

So again...if you would like to talk about these issues I am more than willing to talk. Just get a hold of me and let me know when you would like to meet

Carla Major said...

I am so glad that you responded to these cowards Andy!

Ronnie Drabert said...

Hey cowardly anonymous people. If you have a problem with what he does then why don’t YOU get off your LAZY ass and do something to help people. I bet that you don’t.

Dawn Mahon said...

Have you ever been to one of our fundraisers or do you just come for your free backpack? It would be nice if you put your name on your post you coward!