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Saturday, March 24, 2018

G2 Gymnastics – Wyalusing Results

Recently, G2 Gymnastics of Shinglehouse, traveled to Wyalusing, PA to participate in the Pajama Rama Gymnastics Invitational hosted by Endless Mountains Gymnastics. Thirty-five team members represented G2 at the event. They turned in a solid performance as the Level 2’s, Level 3’s, and Level 6’s took 1st Place in the team division while the Level 4 team came in 2nd. G2 also brought home 120 individual awards including All Around Champions: Level 2: Kate Mitchell (35.70), Catence Taylor (36.375), Jenna Wylie (36.80); Level 3: Kendra Niver (37.425); XCEL Silver: Kaylee Oswald (36.025); XCEL Gold: Ashley Oswald (35.25); and Level 6: Melissa Diegel (35.575). Event Champions included: Level 2-Kate Mitchell (vault-9.45, bars-8.50, floor-9.20), Aeralyn Salada (bars-8.875), Catence Taylor (vault-9.60, beam-9.40, floor-9.55), Jenna Wylie (vault-9.20, beam-9.45, floor-9.35), Mia Shaffer (bars-8.85); Level 3: Hannah Fleniken (vault-9.525), Kendra Niver (bars-9.375, beam-9.475, floor-9.425); Level 4: Kyla Andreano (beam-9.325, floor-9.10); XCEL Silver: Kaylee Oswald (vault-9.20, beam-9.20, floor-9.20), Natalie McDowell (bars-8.80); XCEL Gold: Ashley Oswald (beam-9.40), Anna Schuessler (vault-9.10, bars-8.575, floor-9.25); Level 6: Michaella Rhodes (floor-9.10), Austin Lawton (beam-9.625), Melissa Diegel (vault-8.50, bars-8.75, beam-9.375, floor-9.55). A special congratulations to Adelyn Walker and Kyla Andreano for qualifying to the Level 4 PA USAG State Competition held next month.

G2 Gymnastics will continue to train for the remainder of their season at their new facility located at 2748 State Route 44 Shinglehouse, PA. G2 Gymnastics offers programs for all children, starting at age 3. We accept new students at any time during our 5 week session, as space permits. For more information, please visit: or email

9.0 CLUB
VAULT: Kate Mitchell-9.45, Aeralyn Salada-9.30, Catence Taylor-9.60, Jasmine Miller-9.05, Jenna Wylie-9.20, Emma Sisson-9.20, Carly Reed-9.0, Madison Errick-9.45, Brynn Cygan-9.05, Sara DeLong-9.40, Hannah Fleniken-9.525, Kendra Niver-9.15, Genecis-9.20, Kaylee Oswald-9.20, Anna Schuessler-9.10.
BARS: Madison Errick-9.075, Kendra Niver-9.375, Laci Miller-9.0, Selin Sumer-9.05
BEAM: Aeralyn Salada-9.025, Catence Taylor-9.40, Reese Thompson-9.275, Adelaide Jeffers-9.375, Jenna Wylie-9.45, Mia Shaffer-9.15, Madison Errick-9.475, Kendra Niver-9.475, Genecis Easton-9.40, Kyla Andreano-9.325, Kaylee Oswald-9.20, Ashley Oswald-9.40, Selin Sumer-9.225, Austin Lawton-9.625, Lanie Allen-9.50, Melissa Diegel-9.375.
FLOOR: Kate Mitchell-9.20, Aeralyn Salada-9.175, Catence Taylor-9.55, Adelaide Jeffers-9.375, Jenna Wylie-9.35, Mia Shaffer-9.325, Madison Errick-9.40, Brynn Cygan-9.15, Sara DeLong-9.175, Hannah Fleniken-9.0, Kendra Niver-9.425, Genecis Easton-9.425, Kyla Andreano-9.10, Kaylee Oswald-9.20, Ashley Oswald-9.05, Anna Schuessler-9.25, Michaella Rhodes-9.10, Laci Miller-9.05, Selin Sumer-9.05, Melissa Diegel-9.55

34.00: Adelyn Walker-34.225, Kyla Andreano-34.025, Lynzee Nolder-34.075, Michaella Rhodes-34.15
35.00: Kate Mitchell-35.70, Carly Reed-35.175, Brynn Cygan-35.00, Hannah Fleniken-35.225, Natalie McDowell-35.00, Ashley Oswald-35.25, Anna Schuessler-35.125, Laci Miller-35.475, Lanie Allen-35.525, Melissa Diegel-35.575
36.00: Aeralyn Salada-36.375, Catence Taylor-36.55, Adelaide Jeffers-36.40, Jenna Wylie-36.80, Mia Shaffer-36.125, Sara DeLong-36.075, Genecis Easton-36.825, Kaylee Oswald-36.025, Selin Sumer-36.025, Austin Lawton-36.20.
37.00: Madison Errick-37.40, Kendra Niver-37.425.

Full Meet Results:
Skyler Cooper: vault-8.90-2nd, bars-7.225, beam-8.30, floor-8.60, AA-33.075-5th
Kate Mitchell: vault-9.45-1st, bars-8.50-1st, beam-8.55-3rd, floor-9.20-1st, AA-35.70-1st
Ella Austin: vault-8.65, bars-7.525, beam-8.875-2nd, floor-8.625, AA-33.675-3rd
Aeralyn Salada: vault-9.30-2nd, bars-8.875-1st, beam-9.025, floor-9.175-3rd, AA-36.375-3rd
Catence Taylor: vault-9.60-1st, bars-8.00, beam-9.40-1st, floor-9.55-1st, AA-36.55-1st
Reese Thompson: vault-8.75, bars-6.50, beam-9.275-3rd, floor-8.95-4th, AA-33.475-6th
Jasmine Miller: vault-9.05-3rd, bars-7.15, beam-8.35, floor-8.625, AA-33.175-7th
Adelaide Jeffers: vault-8.90, bars-8.75-2nd, beam-9.375-2nd, floor-9.375-2nd, AA-36.40-2nd
Jenna Wylie: vault-9.20-1st, bars-8.80-2nd, beam-9.45-1st, floor-9.35-1st, AA-36.80-1st
Emma Sisson: vault-9.20-2nd, bars-7.75, beam-8.225, floor-8.725, AA-33.70-3rd
Mia Shaffer: vault-8.80, bars-8.85-1st, beam-9.15-2nd, floor-9.325-2nd, AA-36.125-2nd,
Alyssa Wilson: vault-8.20, bars-6.0, beam-8.425, floor-8.50, AA-31.125-4th
Carly Reed: vault-9.0, bars-8.55, beam-8.75, floor-8.875, AA-35.175-7th
Madison Errick: vault-9.45-3rd, bars-9.075-3rd, beam-9.475-3rd, floor-9.40-2nd, AA-37.40-2nd
Brynn Cygan: vault-9.05, bars-7.85, beam-8.95-4th, floor-9.15-4th, AA-35.00-6th
Sara DeLong: vault-9.40-2nd, bars-8.70-3rd, beam-8.80, floor-9.175-3rd, AA-36.075-3rd
Hannah Fleniken: vault-9.525-1st, bars-7.75, beam-8.95-3rd, floor-9.0, AA-35.225-4th,
Kendra Niver: vault-9.15, bars-9.375-1st, beam-9.475-1st, floor-9.425-1st, AA-37.425-1st
Genecis Easton: vault-9.20-4th, bars-8.80-2nd, beam-9.40-2nd, floor9.425-2nd, AA-36.825-2nd
Irelyn Rounsville: vault-8.30-2nd, bars-8.50-3rd, beam-8.85-3rd, floor-7.80, AA-33.45-4th
Adelyn Walker: vault-8.55-3rd, bars-8.0, beam-8.90-3rd, floor-8.775, AA-34.225-4th
Brielle Fidurko: vault-8.35-4th bars-7.30, beam-8.825, floor-8.625, AA-33.10-8th
Ava Peterson: vault-7.80, bars-8.15, beam-8.85-4th, floor-8.825-4th, AA-33.625-7th
Kyla Andreano: vault-8.25, bars-7.35, beam-9.325-1st, floor-9.10-1st, AA-34.025-6th
Lynzee Nolder: vault-8.25, bars-8.45-4th, beam-8.675, floor-8.70, AA-34.075-5th
Kaylee Oswald: vault-9.20-1st, bars-8.425-2nd, beam-9.20-1st, floor-9.20-1st, AA-36.025-1st
Natalie McDowell: vault-8.75-2nd, bars-8.80-1st, beam-8.85-2nd, floor-8.60-2nd , AA-35.00-2nd
Ashley Oswald: vault-8.70-2nd, bars-8.10-2nd, beam-9.40-1st, floor-9.05-2nd, AA-35.25-1st
Anna Schuessler: vault-9.10-1st, bars-8.575-1st, beam-8.125-2nd, floor-9.25-1st, AA-35.125-2nd
Michaella Rhodes: vault-8.95-2nd, bars-7.15, beam-8.95, floor-9.10-1st, AA-34.15-6th
Laci Miller: vault-8.85-3rd, bars-9.0-3rd, beam-8.575, floor-9.05-4th AA-35.475-5th
Selin Sumer: vault-8.70, bars-9.05-2nd, beam-9.225, floor-9.05-4th, AA-36.025-3rd
Austin Lawton: vault-8.80, bars-8.70, beam-9.625-1st, floor-9.05-2nd, AA-36.20-2nd
Lanie Allen: vault-8.40, bars-8.70, beam-9.50-2nd, floor-8.925, AA-35.525-4th
Melissa Diegel: vault-8.50-1st, bars-8.15-1st, beam-9.375-1st, floor-9.55-1st, AA-35.575-1st

Pictured L-R
Front Row: Irelyn Rounsville, Skyler Cooper, Aeralyn Salada, Catence Taylor, Jenna Wylie, Jasmine Miller, Madison Errick, Brynn Cygan, Ella Austin, Adelaide Jeffers, Reese Thompson, Kate Mitchell, Carly Reed
Middle Row: Mia Shaffer, Emma Sisson, Genecis Easton, Adelyn Walkerr, Kaylee Oswald, Natalie McDowell, Sara DeLong, Alyssa Wilson, Ava Peterson, Kendra Niver
Back Row: Hannah Fleniken, Lynzee Nolder, Ashley Oswald, Anna Schuessler, Selin Sumer, Melissa Diegel, Michaella Rhodes, Lanie Allen, Laci Miller, Kyla Andreano, Brielle Fidurko
Missing from photo: Austin Lawton

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