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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Seneca Nation Rallies To Defend Allegheny River From Fracking Wastewater

Public Herald
Published on Mar 3, 2018
In Coudersport Pennsylvania, over 100 members of the Seneca Nation of Indians appeared at a public meeting to oppose a fracking wastewater treatment facility planned for development on the Allegheny River, known by the Seneca as the Ohi:yo’, which means “beautiful waters.” “We’re the protestors of tomorrow,” Seneca Nation of Indians Treasurer, Maurice John, stated during public comment to the Coudersport Area Municipal Authority (CAMA) board on the evening of February, 26.

Seneca Nation Rallies To Defend River From Fracking Wastewater


Anonymous said...


Tiny Canada town defeats oil firm in court fight over drinking water

Company sued Quebec township of 157 people after it created a no-drill zone, fearing for its water supply

Ashifa Kassam in Toronto

Sat 3 Mar 2018

‘We are relieved that our right to protect our drinking water is finally recognised,’ said the mayor of Ristigouche Sud-Est. Photograph: Alex Ortega/Getty Images/EyeEm

A small municipality in the Canadian province of Quebec that was facing a million-dollar lawsuit from an oil and gas exploration company has won its court battle, bringing an end to a four-year ordeal that began when residents took steps to protect their water supply.

“Reason and law prevailed today,” François Boulay, the mayor of Ristigouche Sud-Est, a township of 157 people on Quebec’s GaspĂ© Peninsula, said in a statement. “We are relieved that our right to protect our drinking water is finally recognised.”

The clash traces its roots to 2011, when the province granted a Montreal-based company, Gastem, drilling permits to search for oil and gas in the eastern part of the province. Construction began on a drilling platform in the township’s territory.

Amid concerns from Ristigouche Sud-Est residents over how the drilling would affect municipal water sources, the town passed a bylaw in 2013 that set out a 2km (1.2-mile) no-drill zone around its water supply.

Anonymous said...

Good luck!! Going against big oil money isn't easy.

Anonymous said...

Fracking in itself puts the water at risk. Why compound the risk by transporting, transferring, processing, storing toxic sludge and components next to the headwaters of the Allegheny River in a flood plain? Since water purification and re-use [for drilling] was experimented with on-site at the well-pads, if the process worked, why change it? The units are said to be mobile so could be relocated to other pads as needed

Anonymous said...

So filtered human sh*t and all the chemicals you use to clean the toilet that go through that place and get dumped in the stream are ok? Just curious..

Anonymous said...

It's simply not CAMA's water to put at risk.

Anonymous said...

March 3, 2018 This would be Seneca Vs CAMA. No big oil money in this one.

Unknown said...

Yes, not ok but why allow this on top of it?

georgeanna decarlo said...

Thank you, Public Herald! Your courage and determination to bring into public awareness the dangers affiliated with fracking and a voice to its victims is invaluable. Intervention by the Seneca Nation and all environmental advocates, some who traveled hundreds of miles to attend, is an answered prayer, has caused CAMA members to stop and re-evaluate what they're doing. What a great opportunity we've been given to pause and reconsider our actions. When we bring to the fore-front ideals that epitomize what we are teaching our children to value, creating long-term strategies to optimize sustainable energy naturally follows. And what better to represent that than prioritizing the health of our shared river, The Allegheny/The Ohi:yo with its tributaries and streams that are the very lifeblood of our communities.
We are a small town with many successful businesses here in Coudersport that thrive primarily by word of mouth. Thomas Joseph of Epiphany introduced himself at a CAMA meeting last year touting his humanitarian call to provide clean drinking water. Only link that I've found of his former charity, Project Eviive, with its years long campaign to provide clean drinking water where people are suffering, is its facebook page. See for yourself the "clean water" Epiphany's Project Eviive was proud to leave behind for its recipients.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the Seneca Nation for organizing and doing what each and every one of us downstream from this atrocity should be doing.

Cass said...

How did those people who traveled hundreds of miles get here???electric cars burning coal to supply the energy???or natural gas buses?? Or diesel???? Did they carpool??? Just wondering

Anonymous said...

The members of CAMA are public servants. They are paid by the public's monies. Therefore, their dealings and decisions should be made public and not conducted in secrecy, especially when they make a very important decision that will impact thousands of people. This is my opinion only but I feel that the majority of the CAMA members should be replaced, including their solicitor, by members who welcome questions and are not rude and condescending to local people asking questions.

Anonymous said...

No one applied for the CAMA board position that was available this year. It was posted in the newspaper/Solomons and 0 individuals applied to take on the position dispite opposition to the epiphany proposal. I am personally greatful that individuals step up to provide a service for our borough. If you don’t like the decision they make you are more then willing to apply at the borough office to fill a term.
Additionally if the nation doesn’t want frack water in the ohi yo then make a deal with CAMA to pay off the mortgage on the system in return for not dumping anything other then sewage into the ohi yo. No that’s no a bribe, it’s business decision. JKLM Epiphany have made a business proposal l, the nation could make a business proposal of their own. Only sewage in exchange for millions still owed on the debt. Spend casino and tobacco money on something more then lawyers help our community and save your water.

Anonymous said...

Laurie Barr said: 2:46:00 PM thank you! They haven’t acted in the best interest of the community; they’ve acted in the best interest of Epiphany by agreeing to cover all the permit, engineering and site prep costs.
I spoke with the DEP engineer last week. He said "they’re (referring to CAMA)starting to ask questions about what could be in the waste.” STARTING? REALLY? CAMA board members should have picked up the phone and asked the DEP if the waste may be radioactive BEFORE signing the Letter of Intent & lease and also BEFORE investing over twenty four thousand dollars into this plan.
And for those who don’t believe this, call the DEP engineer and ask him yourself! Jere Northridge: 814-342-8105
Unbelievable! You can’t make this shit up!

Anonymous said...

4:26:00 PM I know people WILLING to step in and serve on the CAMA board! FIRST we need these members to step down.

And unfortunately CAMA repeated the lie “CAMA needs to raise funds to cover the mortgage on the system,” people like you believe it!

And it simply doesn’t ring true.

Their financial statements and the meeting minutes reflect the truth. Both are public records and available at the borough office.
CAMA has been making the monthly payments on the Pennvest loan for nearly two decades. And CAMA NEVER, discussed a need to increase their income in order to continue making the monthly Pennvest loan payments until after residents asked CAMA NOT to partner with Epiphany.
CAMA's generosity toward Epiphany really does need reining in though. The 24 thousand spent on the Epiphany project so far is too much.Sewage customers don't want to cover these costs. Time for a new board and solicitor.

Anonymous said...

AMEN!!! 6:45