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Meet Republican Cris Dush Saturday in Potter County
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Friday, April 20, 2018


Pastor B.J. Knefley

Our world abounds with misinformation. I’m not sure how we’ve arrived at this place but we have. Perhaps it’s nothing new, but we find it in every venue. Personally, I don’t know what or who to trust anymore. Distortions, half-truths, deception and even out and out lies seem to be a normal part of life.

Whatever happened to simple objective information? Must it be slanted with ones own individual bias? Because I tend to read several different news sources I try to arrive at a conclusion based upon a preponderance of evidence, but even then I’m not totally sure of what to believe. Sometimes I wonder if we’re more interested in what will sell rather than what is true. Personal agenda is much alive in our world today, but I guess that even that isn’t new.

Misinformation is as old as Adam and Eve. If you’re familiar with that story you know that Satan tricked Eve with misinformation. He twisted what God had said to confuse and other wise trick Eve into disobeying God’s command. That’s all that we have to do, bend the truth just a little bit in order to get someone off course. In navigation a simple change of direction by one degree will cause one to miss their destination by miles. Yet misinformation and half-truths abound.

Do you suppose that some do it because they believe themselves to be right? Is it about power and control? Or is it possible that some believe what they are doing and saying? I certainly have met people who have told the lies so often that they end up believing them themselves. Even with tangible proof right in front of them, they continue to stand on falsehood. Personally I believe that the problem is found in the fallen nature of man. Simply put, we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, (Romans 3:23). Since Adam and Eve, we have passed on a nature that is in every man and woman. Lying, cheating and dishonesty is at the heart of every person, you have to choose not to. You have to choose a path of honor and integrity. Think about it.


Anonymous said...

Well done.

Spunky Duewell said...

Nice article about misinformation. Funny you didn't mention one of the largest misinformation issues in history is that of the holy bible and how it has been continually misinterpreted and reprinted over the decades. How many different books have been purposely left out of print because of a decision made by the catholic order in Rome? How many chapters have been printed because they were interpreted by a man.

Anonymous said...

I use a variety of fact checking site and I have come to the conclusion that most of the fake news today come from Fox and right-wing web sites. It sad that in today information age that so many people choose to not be informed of the truth and facts when it comes to the many issue facing America today. To many people prefer to buy the BS instead of learning the truth