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Friday, June 8, 2018


All Roads Lead To?
Pastor B.J. Knefley

Have you heard that all roads lead to Heaven? I’m sure that you have and I’m also sure that this kind of magical thinking is tantalizing to the ear for it leaves us all to pick a away that seems most comfortable to us. After all isn’t individually what it is all about?

Did you know that the Bible does not teach this belief? Instead, Jesus clearly stated “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me” (John 14:6). These are not man’s words, the come directly from Jesus Christ himself. If people have a problem with it they need to take it up with Him.

Christianity is certainly an interesting view of the relationship between God and man. In other systems of belief, (I hate to use the term religions), it is all about doing. The saying of prayers, making pilgrimages, offering sacrifices, and doing whatever else one can do that would please God. It is always about being in a one down position, because it seems that no matter what you do; acceptance by a mighty God seems to be a far greater task that can be accomplished. Christianity is never about what we can do for God, instead it is about what He has already done for us.

If you think about the Jewish law, (i.e. the Ten Commandments etc.), they pointed to a Holy and Righteous God. But the keeping of these laws is impossible. Jesus stated that to violate even one, was to break them all. Romans 3:23 states that there is no one righteous. In other words, no one is right before God by keeping the commandments. The purpose of the Law was for judgment. For the Christian, the sacrifice of Christ on the cross satisfied the Law, and those found “in Christ”, are now free from the penalty of the Law. Even Abraham, the father of the Jews was justified by faith rather than by the keeping of the Law. All systems of belief, focus on doing, Christianity is not about what man is doing, but rather on what God has already done. Which do you trust in? Think about it.


Kathy said...

Excellent explanation!

Anonymous said...

You sir need to take a good long look in the mirror because what I have just read looks to me like a man who thinks only he has all the answers. You don't. God comes in many forms and to believe that there is only one way is an insult to people who beliefs are different from yours. Religion is based on faith not fact and all religions do both good and evil in the name of there God. One of the biggest problem facing America today is cause by religion and that sir is hate against people who choose to believe differently from you! That hate with help from Russia put a very evil man in the White house and helps to keep that evil there. Prejudice, Bigotry and Hate should have no place at the table period.

Anonymous said...


He's preaching directly from the bible. That's his religion. That's his belief.
You can have your own religion/faith. Don't bash other's for having their own as well. What's wrong with people (you) today is that no one is allowed to have a different opinion/life than you without getting your panties in a twist.

Pastor Phil Vaughn said...

Anonymous says that believing Jesus is the only way is an insult to people of other beliefs. If we believe "God comes in many forms and there are many ways to heaven, then we insult our Creator and the One who bled and died for us. It certainly is not the goal of Christians to insult people, but I would rather be accused of insulting people than insulting God by calling Him a liar. I John 5:10 says "Whoever believes in the Son of God accepts this testimony. Whoever does not believe God has made him out to be a liar, because they have not believed the testimony God has given about his Son." Dr J Vernon Magee put it this way, " This is God's Universe and He does things His way. Now you may have a better way, but you don't have a Universe." I have heard people question why God would send someone to Hell just because they don't accept Jesus as their redeemer. God does not send us to Hell because of that. We are doomed to judgment because of what Pastor Knefley quoted in Romans 3:23, we are doomed for judgment because we sin before a Holy God! God made a way to escape that judgment by way of trusting in and living for, Christ who willing paid our debt. If we call God a liar and refuse that provision then we get what we rightfully deserve. God help us understand this simple truth and not to mock it.

Pastor Phil Vaughn said...

To disagree with someone and endeavor to lead them to truth and freedom from sin and to everlasting life, even when mocked and persecuted, is not hatred, on the contrary, it is the epitome of love. II Peter 3:9 says "the Lord is... not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance." Romans 5:8 says "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." The heart of a true follower of Christ is also to see all find this blessed truth and find peace, contentment, forgiveness, and eternal life.

Spunky Duewell said...

Sorry to burst your bubble poster 8:01 but hate and the Russians had nothing to do with putting President Trump in the White House. He got here because great American blue collar people are tired of narrow minded, self serving people like yourself trying to run the country to their advantage. People say Mr Trump is greedy while he has lost millions of dollars by taking the office and putting up with negative thinking butt-munches like you who think they know it all. People say Mr Trump is evil while he passes bills to help our awesome military members and veterans. People say he is self centered and ignorant, but he's the first president that I have ever seen that stopped to pick up a saluting Marines hat that had blown off and hand it back to him.