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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Newly Appointed Evangelists

Rock & Sherri Pifer received the designation of Conference Evangelists at the 2018 Keystone Conference of the Free Methodist Church.

Rock & Sherri are both ordained pastors with the Free Methodist Church, with nearly 25 years of Christian Ministry, 21 years under appointment to the Emporium Free Methodist Church.

Rock shares concerning the recent appointment . . .

We had been sharing with our denominational leadership, a desire to take on the role of evangelists for many years. Our heart is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus to ALL who will listen, and primarily to challenge the “church” to step up and become all it should be.

In February of 2016, we asked our denominational leadership to release us from our pastoral assignment in Emporium, so we could pursue an evangelistic ministry, and in June of 2016, we stepped out of our pastoral role, and began laying the groundwork for an evangelistic ministry.

We have spent the last two years positioning ourselves to be available and ready to serve. I have taken a full time secular job so we can do this ministry without any burden to the churches we serve.

Last year we traveled to 9 communities across Western Pennsylvania, spoke on 20 different occasions, and traveled over 2650 miles, sharing the Gospel of Jesus . . . so fulfilling!

To learn more about our ministry, check out our website at www.faithupsidedown.org or visit our Facebook page; www.facebook.com/faithupsidedown. If you would like to schedule a meeting, or would like more info, drop an e-mail to rock@faithupsidedown.org.


Anonymous said...

So you're Evangelical huh? So you believe in fighting for an unborn child but let the orange draft dodging doofus separate children from their parents........good job hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

4:40 What about all the children that are separated from their parents because the parents are in jail or the ones separated because a parent is in the military serving our country? Evidently you only think about the ones that aren't citizens.

Anonymous said...

4:40 PM Where was your outrage when Obama separated 90,000 children from their illegal immigrant parents you hypocrite!

Anonymous said...

I see police separate parents from children all the time. In case you can't comprehend it, it is known as the law. Do something illegal and get separated.
Maybe you should open your doors for the illegals, they'd love to freeload off you.

Anonymous said...

4:40pm.....you have to be the stupidest sob on this sight. Trump doesn't separate kids from their parents....Law Enforcement does because THATS THE LAW!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the commentor at 4:40 was this up in arms when Obama was doing the same exact thing? Talk about a hypocrite...