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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Potter Advocates for Conservation & Energy kick off event

Over the weekend, Potter Advocates for Conservation and Energy, a grassroots group that supports local natural gas development, held a kick-off picnic at the Potter County Snowmobile Club. We wanted to share a few photos from the event with you for Solomon's. 

More on PACE:

On Saturday, June 30, about 20 area residents attended the Potter Advocates for Conservation and Energy kick-off picnic at the Potter County Snowmobile Club. The group, PACE, is a new, local organization to share information and advocate for safe, responsible natural gas development. Attending the picnic, from left to right: Mark Moore, Christine Moore, Scott Majot, Joe Parr, Gretchen Songster, Carol Ann Burdick, Virginia Ayers, Jessica Songster, Jerry Songster, Thad Stevens, and Ron Burdick.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Locally, and globally, we need to move away from fossil fuels to ensure the sustainability of the planet. This group may support local shale gas development for the mostly short-term economic benefits, but will they be still be supporting the gas industry as "God's Country" slowly evolves into a "sacrifice zone"? I hope their mission can be one less of furthering the self-serving propaganda of the shale gas industry and more of keeping a critical, watchful eye on development. Keeping our area the pristine place we all choose to live in and thousands of visitors flock to every year to experience all that our natural environment has to offer...there's something I can support!