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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Bradford Man Arrested For Assaulting Police Officer

On 08/25/18 at 0040 hrs. Officers responded to the South Center Street area for a radio call that an officer was in foot pursuit. A short time later, officers had one male (Ty Hallock) in custody. Hallock was then escorted to a patrol car parked on South Center Street. He continued to be irate causing Officers to tell him to calm down and to stop yelling many times. He refused.

On arrival at a patrol car, Officer Strawcutter attempted to place him in a patrol car. Hallock then spit directly into Officer Strawcutter's face and mouth. He then began to attempt to kick Officer Strawcutter. Officer's had to then physically restrain Hallock while he remained combative and began kicking. Hallock then continued to resist, struggle and kick. During this time Hallock was told many times to stop resisting but he refused and continued to be aggressive towards officers. Once officers were finally able to stop the aggression, a spit mask was placed over Hallock's face. Hallock was subsequently transported to BPD.

On arrival at the City of Bradford Police Department Hallock it was learned that Hallock was overdosing on Mucinex. There he advised he was "tripping" and did not know what he was doing. EMS was then called and Hallock was transported to BRMC for evaluation.

Officer Strawcutter did also receive treatment at BRMC for the bodily fluid exposure.

Hallock had a McKean County Bench Warrant for his arrest, causing the foot pursuit.
Arrest Date:
Saturday, August 25, 2018
Case Number:

(2) Count Aggravated Assault on Police Officer
(1) count of Resisting Arrest
(1) Count of disorderly conduct M3

City of Bradford Police Department


Anonymous said...

How many times is this kid going to be arrested and released? We are well beyond the 3 strikes and you are out. He needs to spend some quality time behind bars. His whole family is trouble.

Anonymous said...

Belongs in jail. Case closed, end of story.

Anonymous said...

Mucinex? Seriously? I'm taking Mucinex right now for a cold and all it does to me is making me dizzy and nauseated. No way in hell I'd be able fight as if I were possessed.

Anonymous said...

Four or five days being posted here ! I guess if it comes to law enforcement we post for days....................against a conman man !(one ) time sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

They should have either shot him with rubber bullets or tasered this punk. Then have four or five cops pound down on him rubbing his face in the dirt or concrete while one beats him with the billie club yelling stop resisting. Ruff him up bet he'll think twice next time.