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Friday, October 26, 2018

Potter County Mandated To Replace Voting Machines At Estimated $400,000.00

Potter County to get grant for new voting machines

By AMANDA JONES Era Correspondent
Bradford Era

COUDERSPORT — Potter County will receive a grant through the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) to assist in the purchase of new voting machines for local precincts.

At Thursday’s meeting, the county commissioners said the HAVA Election Grant of $17,785.99 will be used to replace voting machines in all 30 of Potter County’s voting precincts, as mandated by the Commonwealth. 

While the funds will help support the purchase, the anticipated cost of Potter County’s new voting machines has been estimated at about $400,000. The new machines are expected to last for about ten years, if regulations and changing technology do not require them to be updated sooner. Options to lease the machines are also available. Read more...


Anonymous said...

OMW that is rediculous!

Anonymous said...

here is an idea and it would save about 399,000 use the old paper ballot

Anonymous said...

No paper ballots! The new voting machines will allow those in power to destroy your votes before you even leave the polling place! Keep electing Repubs. - you won't have to vote ever again... just ask Mitch McConnell & Chuckie Grassley & Paul Ryan. It's the beginning of the end for America... and once more we hear the powerful with their dreadful song: FAKE NEWS!