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Friday, October 12, 2018


Pastor B.J. Knefley

Have you ever noticed that words appear to lose their importance over time? Take the word commitment for example. It used to be that when someone made a commitment, they stood by it. A man’s word was his bond. Today we have to resort to legal contracts and even then people break them and you have to resort to further legal remedies in order to protect your interests.

A simple example of how lightly people take the seriousness of a commitment is in the area of wedding vows. Those vows taken before many witnesses are soon forgotten and discarded when discontentment comes or in some cases when the feelings change. Sadly, discontentment and feelings do change. But like the weather, the sun does return and the rain does stop. We just have to learn to work through those seasons. Yet many seem to think that their happiness and pleasure are all that matter. The term “I’m no longer in love” becomes the catalyst for change. When children are involved there is no concern for their well being because many think that children are resilient. Yet studies have shown that children are not better off when their parents divorce, and usually there are problems in the next marriage too.

We make commitments in many areas of our lives. We commit to coach baseball; to watch the neighbor’s property while they’re away; to help out a friend; to be a part of an activity at our club or church. But then at the last moment we back out without telling anyone. Instead, we just don’t show up. Why do we make such commitments when we aren’t going to uphold them? Don’t we realize that others are counting on us? Even our commitment to God becomes seemingly unimportant when we sing songs about commitment and serving him and then can’t seem to find the time.

Ecclesiastes 5:4-6a speaks about making irresponsible promises to God and that we are to keep all of our promises made to him. The question we should ask ourselves is: do I recognize the need to make commitments and if I do, do I keep them, and if not why not? Think about it.

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