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Friday, October 12, 2018

Wife Of Drug Dealer Incarcerated Over Drug Death Arrested For Threatening Witness

On 10-08-18 at approximately 1400 hrs the victim made a report at the Bradford City Police Station. The victim was a key witness in a recent Felony case against a male named Roberto Perez. This was a drug delivery resulting in death case and the trial for that was held in the McKean County Court House.

The victim was a key witness in that case against Roberto Perez and she testified under oath during that trial. That outcome of that trial was a guilty verdict and Roberto Perez was sentenced to a term of state incarceration.

The victim reported that since 09-01-18 to 10-08-18 Robin Perez whom is the wife of Roberto Perez has repeatedly harassed and threatened the victim. These acts have all occurred within the City of Bradford and have occurred when Robin Perez sees the victim walking on the sidewalk. The victim reported that there have been at least 10 occurances where Robin Perez has shouted at her in a threatening manner.

The victim was able to document 3 of the 10 occurances that this happened. On 09-04-18 Robin Perez stopped and shouted at the victim " stop looking at me b***h, you have a lot of nerve with multiple continued profanities and finishing by saying she would assault the victim" The second was on 09-06-18 when Perez stopped and yelled to the victim "you better watch yourself, you skinny b***h" The third time was on 09-07-18 when Perez stopped and yelled at the victim that she had "better beware" The victim states that all of the other occurances were very similar with Perez yelling at profanities at her non stop and threats of violence every time Perez sees her anywhere in public. The victim walks regularly as she has no motor vehicle.

Robin Perez has a history of threatening persons whom were known witnesses in her husband's case. Perez has been arrested prior for intimidation of a witness and is currently on probation for this offense. Robin Perez knows this type of behavior is against the law and has been warned specifically by officers in the past to not have any contact with witnesses or threaten them in any manner or she would be subject to arrest.

Robin Perez
The victim can not be intimidated, harassed, and threatened for being a witness and testifying in a prior trial which she was under subponea for.
Arrest Date:
Thursday, October 11, 2018
Case Number:
Charges: Robin Perez

Retaliation Against Witness or Victim
(1) count of Terroristic Threats
(1 count) Harassment

City of Bradford Police Department


Anonymous said...

Probation Dept should jail her immediately...

Anonymous said...

If she is on Probation, she should be in jail today.