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Friday, November 9, 2018


Pastor B.J. Knefley

Yesterday morning my wife asked what had happened to the water pressure. As I approached the utility closet I saw water blasting out of the bottom of what was once the water filter canister. I quickly closed the main water valve. Not knowing which to tackle first I called to my wife to bring towels and whatever else she could find to mop up the water. I went to the garage and got the shop vacuum. My biggest concern was the laminate flooring in the living room and what the water might do to it. We rolled up the large area carpet and runners and moved them to the garage. We were able to catch it quickly so there was no damage done. The rugs are hung across sawhorses to dry, the furniture is moved back, and the break in the pipe has been repaired.

One might say that that wasn’t so bad, and looking back, it wasn’t. We handled things quickly and efficiently. Although anxiety and panic started to take hold, it didn’t last. But today the anxiety is back. Not because of the pipes or the water, but because the house we were to close on today is being postponed. I know that life happens while we’re making other plans but I don’t like it. In fact sometimes it messes with my stress level and I can’t sleep. I believe that much of it has to do with the feeling of having no control. What I had planned for the day and the rest of the week is completely turned upside down. The problem? It’s on the sellers end so it’s completely out of my hands. I’ve used the serenity prayer numerous times today and yet I’m still struggling. That’s what happens when we have no control.

Some might be surprised that I would struggle with anxiety. Although I do, it is nothing compared to what others experience. For some it is debilitating. I suppose that I could let it take over but I work at not letting it. How? Well so far I’ve walked three miles, I’m writing about it, I’ve prayed about it, I’ve shared my struggle with at least one other person who can help me keep focused and I’m owning it. In other words I’m not in denial. Pretending that something isn’t there when your world is being crushed is part of the problem. There’s no shame in being honest. Think about it.


Skip said...

Good Article. If the Serenity Prayer could be worn out I would of done it years ago. Two of my favorite sayings go something like this, God is never on time but he's never late either. and, every time I tell God my plans he just smiles. I've found that during times of stress or anxiety those two sayings coupled with the Serenity Prayer help a great deal.

Anonymous said...

I ageee with Skip,and good to read both the article and comment.
Thanks to both of you. Serenity prayer said countless times, and so thankful for it!

We are grateful for the accident and road reports on Solomon's Words. We all need those reminders, specially with snowfall and messy conditions.Thank you,Jim.
I wish everyone safe travels, and best to enjoy the scenery from indoors today if travel can wait.....