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Friday, November 2, 2018

Vote To Send Marc Friedenberg To Congress On November 6th


Anonymous said...

Jeeze Jim, it's pretty obvious who this website is supporting in the upcoming election. I have seen 4 ads for Friedenberg and not a single one for Tom Marino or Glenn Thompson. I guess the bias seeps into all media...

Solomon's words for the wise said...

We accept advertising from all candidates. The candidates you mention have apparently not felt the need to pay for an ad to reach out to you in this election.

Anonymous said...

Give the democrats a chance. like a famous celebrity politician once said "what do you have to lose?" Rural republican local leadership has done nothing to stop the rampant drug addiction and deplorable employment opportunities. We need new technology and a rural infrastructure plan. Republicans are trafficking in the politics of fear while we need hope and real concrete plans for the future. Hating or fearing the "other" doesn't produce any jobs and is not a plan for economic hope. Rural folks do not HAVE to vote republican.

Anonymous said...

Amen to the 10:18 message. Rural areas do not have to be Republican. Marc Freidenberg is a decent Pennsylvanian who wants to work for a better life for PA families, better jobs, better healthcare and more broadband. He has no negatives in his background. Whatever your party affiliation, a vote for Marc is a vote for a better life in District 12.

Anonymous said...