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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Roulette Township Supervisors To Meet Tonight At 6 PM At Township Office

The Roulette Township Board of Supervisors will hold their monthly meeting on Thursday, December 13 at 6 pm at the Township Office.

for December 13, 2018

Pledge of Allegiance
Public Comment
Police Report
RVFD Call Statistics Report
Water/Sewer Report
Nov. 8, 2018 Monthly Meeting Minutes – discussion from the floor
Unpaid Bills for December 2018 – discussion from the floor
November 2018 Balance Sheet & Ledger – discussion from the floor

2019 Fire Contract – discussion from the floor
Quotes on tires for the F150 – discussion from the floor Ford F550 & F150 – discussion from the floor
Aqua update*

Cameron Fryer’s application for water license - discussion from the floor
Resolution 06-2018 for 2019 budget - discussion from the floor
Real Estate Tax Rate for 2019 - discussion from the floor
Proposal for preparation of 2018 Chapter 94 report - discussion from the floor

*Note the update from Aqua is only that they will contact the township after the first of the year.

This is a public meeting. Residents are always welcome to attend.


Anonymous said...

Are the residents of Roulette aware of the fact that the township is considering selling the water system to a private company and will a public meeting be held to share those details?

Jeremy Morey said...

Residents are as aware as they want to be. It is not a secret that the Township has been talking to Aqua about a possible sale of the water and sewer systems. In October, Mr. Jones was nice enough to put out a notice on this website stating that it would be a topic at the following Supervisors meeting. We have also been answering questions from residents as they come up. If an offer is made by Aqua to the Township, the Supervisors will hold a town-wide public meeting to discuss the possible sale and offer and to hear from residents how they feel about it. All residents are ENCOURAGED to take part in their local government and to come ask questions and become engaged in their community.

Anonymous said...

Very nicely said Jeremy People in Roulette never had a interest or went to the meetings People need to step up and attend the meetings instead of listen to hearsay gossip

Anonymous said...

Proper notification of local governments need to happen. A small post in a non-local paper, a post on FB and a post on Solomons Words is not adequate notification. Additionally, people need ways to be able to respond besides just showing up to every township meeting. People have jobs, children, and ailments that can prevent them being being able to attend and because of they are unable to be at the meetings, the Township is happy to dismiss them as being "Not Interested". I've talked with residents who had no idea this was even going on!

Anonymous said...

I call BS!! Roulette being a small town, everyone knows what's going on either by FB,Solomon's Word the Bradford Era AND word of mouth. Everyone talks in small towns. Unfortunately word cannot get delivered to everyone, so those that have concerns can write letters to the Township to voice those concerns.

Nathaniel Taylor said...

But, when the word doesn't get to all the residents, then they aren't able to write letters. I've personally spoken with 3 residents of Roulette that had no idea anything was going on until I brought it up. In one case, they did write a letter but had I not mentioned it, she would've never known anything was happening. For something major like this, I believe that the township should send notice to each resident. I know it is an expense, but it is the only way to be able to cover themselves, especially when there isn't a local newspaper to be able to post it to and not everyone accesses FB. Spend the $150 to send a letter to all the households or include it with the Water/Sewer bill and give adequate time for residents to be able to send a response. Doesn't seem that outrageous.

Anonymous said...

Do you want a special invitation like a birthday party???? are you willing to pay for the time it takes for the secatary to do that???? would you even read it????? you know that once a month they have a meeting I happen to go to many meetings and I am interested enought to find out what is going on they even post the agenda on solemns words which is the first time they ever gave them to the public They want the towns input Maybe they should post it in our local business where all the NEWS is discussed!!!!!! Glad you people have the extra money and time to advertize it