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Friday, December 14, 2018

Think About It

A Year of Firsts
By Pastor B.J. Knefley

Perhaps you’ve never thought about it, but for many their lives are filled with many firsts. For example, if you’ve lost a spouse this is the first year without them, the first Christmas, New Years, etc. If you’ve just had a child, this will be their first Christmas and yours too with a new born.

Many firsts are fun and great to experience yet others, no so much. Death can create many hardships and difficulties. For some it doesn’t get easier after the second, third or even the fourth year. Life can be hard, and I know several people that are alone. Because of death, separation, or just the experience of life many can find their life as being different than what they planned. But that is the way life is. It’s never in a straight line; it always has curves and bends. We must learn to adapt if we’re going to survive. Personally, I don’t always like to adapt. I like things consistent and predictable, but that’s not always possible is it?

I saw this on the Internet the other day and although I don’t know who write it, I believe it’s a very powerful thought.

“I had my own notion of grief. I thought it was the sad time that followed the death of someone you love. And you had to push through it to get to the other side. But I’m learning there is no other side. There is no pushing through. But rather, there is absorption, adjustment and acceptance. And grief is not something you complete, but rather, you endure. Grief is not a task to finish and move one, but an element of yourself, an alteration of your being, a new way of seeing, a new definition of self.”

Each of us can have a year of firsts, the challenge is to not get stuck in firsts, but recognize that this is life, and with life, we are evolving into new ways of seeing, new ways of defining, and new ways of being who we are. Be careful not to allow firsts to define you. You are much more than that. Think about it.