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Friday, December 14, 2018

What will they think of next; Don't fall for this one!!

April Stone
December 11 at 12:06 PM

Received a call from Social Security Office lady stated name and ID# she stated that my SS# has been tagged with drug trafficking and I need to verify my social security number to her so she could give me all information attached to my number and if I did not give her my information she was suspending my SS#. 

I told her that my SS# cannot be suspended it is given by the government she told me to either give it to her or she was hanging up and suspending I said I guess your hanging up! She did! 

BEWARE advise the elderly. She was very convincing!


Louise said...

I keep getting calls that people are hacking into my computer and using it for illegal activities. I should let them fix that problem. When I refused was told that I would be going to jail. Hope I go to Coudersport and that they'll let me read books.

Anonymous said...

T he IRS called me yesterday and told me if I didnt do what wanted I was going to jail today and I said I would be at the door waiting with my coat on a I needed a free meal and a bed I needed a rest they hung up any one that gives any information over the phone or computer is asking for trouble dont fall for it I also had a call that my grandson was it jail needed money to get out I told them to keep him there he needs to be there they hung up I dont have a grandson only granddaughters

Mad Mike said...

Here is a tip for the elderly, old-fashioned, or the just plain old curious. If you have caller ID, which most do, and you do not recognize a number, it's marked private, or not answer it. Loved ones and legitimate calls will leave a message. If you answer these robo-calls, even if no one is on the other end, you validate that your line is authentic. You all know your past. Depending on the life you've lived...there are most likely no warrants for your arrest, no vehicle warranties about to expire, you have no mysterious taxes that you owe, and cousin Jed probably isn't being held by the Jordanian consulate until you pay them $2,000. If you had no phone, legitimate organizations, that you may or may not owe money to, will contact through other means. Like the U.S. Postal service. Answering these unknown calls out of curiosity is silly considering the damage they can do to your life. The old fashioned who think they're going to "set them straight" through a good ol'chastising...are silly. These are criminals and could care less about your righteous rant. Lastly, those of you born before 1950, as you probably already know, times have changed for the worse in a lot of ways. Landlines were a commodity and generally cherished by those who had them. Now, along with cellphones, they are unfortunately used almost as much for nefarious purpose as they are for good reason. It's frustrating and disgusting but it's the way of the world with no good solution to stop it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this! The same thing happened to a friend about a month ago.

Anonymous said...

Yea. The Indian voice really sounds someone who thinks Chump is a great president.........AHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

12:42-- TRUMP is the BEST president we have ever had!! He's not out to help the rich or rob us regular folks out of our money!!! Also how are these people getting away with all this shit they are doing to people with faking to be this or that??!! Iv reported 3 of these people now not sure what the investigation turned out as but at least I reported it!! Sorry for the people who get robbed from these hackers.

Anonymous said...

Watch out young and elderly. A few years back I filed my income tax online with a well known online tax company. After filling out all info, I went to send it via computer but kept being rejected.. I finally called the IRS, and was told my return was sent and it was cashed in..
The IRS worked with me in this identify theft.. They where very helpful and eventually I received my refund...
There is a list of things you have to do and you can find it on IRS website ... Its a mess but can be done...
As the IRS told me personally , the IRS DOES NOT MAKE PHONE CALLS TO INDIVIDUALS ...