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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Wolf Administration Announces Investment in ATV Trails

​Harrisburg, PA – The Wolf Administration today announced new grant funding that will support two recipients in Pennsylvania for all-terrain vehicle (ATV) trails.
“Using funds from ATV riders when they register their vehicles, these grants will help improve riding opportunities,” said Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn said. “ATV trails draw visitors and can have a positive economic impact on nearby communities.”

The grants by county are:

Clarion and Jefferson -- Piney Rail Riders, $64,000, to prepare a feasibility study for the Piney Branch ATV Rail Corridor, which approximately 24 miles from Piney Township to Brookville Borough in Clarion and Jefferson counties.

Northumberland -- Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area Authority, $25,000, for construction of approximately a quarter mile of the Boyers Knob Trail and rehabilitation of approximately half a mile of the Boyers Knob Trail at AOAA in Coal, East Cameron, Mt. Carmel, West Cameron, and Zerbe townships.

DCNR’s ATV and Snowmobile grant program can help to buy land; develop plans and surveys; construct and maintain ATV trails; buy equipment; and conduct educational programs relating to ATV use.

The department can award grants two times each year to municipalities and organizations for development of publicly accessible ATV trails and facilities.

With a few limited exceptions, all ATVs in Pennsylvania must have a registration issued by DCNR. Pennsylvania has around 285,000 registered ATVs. The grants are administered by DCNR with funding provided from ATV registrations.

For more information about ATV grants, visit the DCNR website and choose “Grants.”


Anonymous said...

Wasted tax dollars take ATV'S off the market.. Lower taxes this is a waste.

Anonymous said...

The money comes from the atv registrations. This has nothing to do with taxes you pay as a resident.

Anonymous said...

The dcnr does nothing but lie to get your money ! There was a meeting a while back and the citizens were told that the snowmobile trail system in potter county will NEVER be open to atvs. They want your money but you get nothing in return . except the threat of arrest if you are caught out on the trails ! Just look at what they are wasting some the grant money on in this article ! (feasibility study)