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Saturday, May 26, 2018


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Ted Vigil (shown) will be performing John Denver tunes from the 1970s on May 31 in Wellsboro.

Ted Vigil is a singer-songwriter and a John Denver tribute artist. This coming Thursday, May 31 at 7:30 p.m. he will take the stage in the Coolidge Theatre at the Deane Center at 104 Main Street in Wellsboro and perform songs Denver made famous in the 1970s.

The audience may be amazed by how much he looks and sounds like Denver. The singer-songwriter died in 1997 at the age of 53 when his experimental aircraft crashed into the Pacific Ocean.

In Wellsboro, Vigil will perform Denver hits, such as "Rocky Mountain High," "Thank God I'm A Country Boy" and "Sunshine on My Shoulders." Vigil will also play one of the songs he has written.

Born in Seattle in 1964 and raised in the Olympia area of the State of Washington, Vigil began performing in 1974 at the age of 10. While in school, he developed his talents as a drummer and singer and played with concert, symphonic and jazz bands. When he was 17, Vigil was told he looked like Denver.

In 2006, he went to Laughlin, Nevada to compete in Talent Quest. Vigil sang a John Denver song and placed first in the singing contest. That event attracted competitors from 28 states as well as New Zealand, Australia and Canada. "It was a singing contest not a tribute or impersonator contest," he said. "Afterwards I met some people who had worked with John. They mentioned that people missed him and his music and thought it would be a good idea for me to do a tribute show."

Vigil went on to win Komo TV 4's NW Afternoon Celebrity Look Alike contest in 2007, appearing as John Denver. After winning that contest he first began playing guitar and planning his Denver tribute show. He also began touring in 2007 and by 2008 became more serious about it.

For four and a half years, from 2010 to 2014, the late Steve Wiesberg, John Denver's lead guitar player from 1973 to 1977, toured with Vigil. "It was like working with John again," Wiesberg said at the time. "I've worked with every John Denver tribute (artist) and none of them have the look and the voice Ted has. He's uncanny."

"Watching Ted perform, you might be convinced that John Denver never died," wrote the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Today, Vigil tours his Denver tribute coast to coast in the United States and internationally as well.

For tickets to the show or information about the pre-concert dinner package that includes dinner at the Steak House in Wellsboro, call 570-724-6220 or visit

Spam Recalled After Metal Pieces Found

Hormel Foods Corporation Recalls Canned Pork and Chicken Products due to Possible Foreign Matter Contamination

Hormel Food Corp., a Fremont, NE establishment, is recalling approximately 228,614 pounds of canned pork and chicken products that may be contaminated with foreign matter, specifically pieces of metal.  MORE>>>

Wellsboro Dispatched To Crash on Route 6 in Gaines

At 5:30 PM on Saturday, Wellsboro Ambulance dispatched to Rt. 6 in Gaines for a one vehicle crash with possibly 2 injuries.

Roulette Ambulance To County Line On Route 6

At 5:22 PM on Saturday, Roulette Ambulance dispatched to Rt. 6 at the County Line for a female with seizures. Location is in front of Bidwell Auto Sales.

Roulette Ambulance To North Street

At 3:40 PM on Saturday, Roulette Ambulance has been dispatched to North Street for a woman fallen  outside, still on the ground.

Ridgway Dispatched For Electrical Fire In Montmorenci Apartment

At 3:25 PM on Saturday, Ridgway Fire Department has been dispatched to an apartment at 201 Montmorenci Road for an electrical fire in the wall. Caller reports smoke showing.

Bradford Dispatched For Crash On Interstate Parkway

At 2:40 PM on Saturday, Bradford Fire & Ambulance dispatched to 10 Interstate Parkway for a vehicle into a telephone pole.

John Abplanalp, is presented the Rotary “Person Of Action" Award

Coudersport Rotary Club
Rotarian, John Abplanalp, is presented the Rotary “Person Of Action" Award by Rotary President Ruth Sallade

Trooper Mike Delp Talks To Coudersport Rotary About Scams

Coudersport Rotary Club hosted Pennsylvania State Trooper Mike Delp at our May 21, 2018 meeting.  Trooper Delp told us that Judge Leete said he could talk about anything he wanted and he chose to speak to us about Scams.  

The first scam Trooper Delp told us about is the “Grandparent Scam”.  “People who grew up in the 30s, 40s, and 50s, are inherently more trusting,” he said.  A scammer contacts a person very early or late in the day to tell them that their grandchild has been arrested and needs bail money immediately - or for a child in the military, they may be told the child is a POW.  The scammer has the grandparent send money via Western Union and once the money has gone it can’t be retrieved.  

 The important thing to note, Trooper Delp said, is that there is always a sense of urgency and the money must be sent immediately.  Sometimes the scammer will even have a child come on the phone and act frightened.  Trooper Delp said to slow down and don’t get into panic mode.  “There is no judicial system in the world that needs an answer in the next 15 seconds.”  Call the parents of the grandchild or the grandchild themselves and never wire money that has been requested by phone or emails.  

 A second scam he told us about is the “Free Trip Scam”.  You’re notified that you’ve won a free trip and you only have to pay the taxes.  Then you find that the taxes cost more than an actual trip would have been.  “If a deal is only good for five minutes, then it probably isn’t a good deal,” Trooper Delp said.  

There’s “Nigerian Letter Fraud”.  If you send $5000 to help the needy or homeless, you’ll be repaid $250,000.  “You’ll lose your $5000,” he said.
            Another is the “England Lottery Scam”.  “If you didn’t buy a lottery ticket, you didn’t win.”    

Springtime is big for the “IRS Phone Scam”.  You’re called by someone saying they’re from the IRS and that there’s an arrest warrant out for you because you didn’t pay your taxes.  “The IRS will send you a letter,” Trooper Delp said.  Go to the IRS website and call the IRS to check before sending any money. 

Identity Theft has become very common.  Most Identity thefts are tracked back to Middle Eastern Terrorists.  They’ll use your information for a month and then dump it because you’ll stop payments once you start getting bills.  To combat identity theft, Trooper Delp told us, don’t open unrecognized emails - especially with attachments and don’t leave credit card numbers on websites.   

At the end of his presentation, Rotary member, Paul Herzig, asked about Trooper Delp’s take on recent school shootings.  Trooper Delp said he felt that just as the schools have fire drills each month, they should also have lockdown drills - so that the reaction becomes automatic.  He said it’s the school’s job to educate, so it’s difficult.  “I believe bullying is a contributing factor,” he said, “along with mental illness and the breakdown of the family.” 

Rotary member Jennifer Rossman asked Trooper Delp about the incidence of heroin use in the community.  He said the numbers in Potter County are lower this year than last.  He attributes it to education, judge’s aggressiveness, awareness of deaths, and that major players have been taken out - making heroin more difficult to obtain.   

Thank you, Trooper Mike Delp, for your interesting and informative presentation.  We appreciate you coming before Coudersport Rotary Club!

PA Permit Violations Issued

PA Permit Violation Issued to Seneca Resources Corp in Shippen Twp, Cameron County

Environmental Health & Safety violation issued on 2018-05-24 to Seneca Resources Corp in Shippen Twp, Cameron county. CSL 402(b) - POTENTIAL POLLUTION - Conducting an activity regulated by a permit issued pursuant to Section 402 of The Clean Streams Law to prevent the potential of pollution to waters of the Commonwealth without a permit or contrary to a permit issued ..
Tags: PADEP, frack, violation, drilling

PA Permit Violation Issued to Eqt Production Co in Washington Twp, Jefferson County

Environmental Health & Safety violation issued on 2018-05-25 to Eqt Production Co in Washington Twp, Jefferson county. OGA 3220(A) - Failure to plug the well upon abandoning it.
Tags: PADEP, frack, violation, drilling

PA Permit Violation Issued to Bull Run Resources Llc in Wetmore Twp, McKean County

Environmental Health & Safety violation issued on 2018-05-25 to Bull Run Resources Llc in Wetmore Twp, McKean county. 78.64(a) - CONTAINMENT AROUND OIL TANKS - For a tank capacity of at least 660 gallons or tanks with a combined capacity of at least 1,320 gallons, the owner or operator failed to construct and maintain a dike or other method of secondary containment wh..
Tags: PADEP, frack, violation, drilling

Roulette Ambulance To Port Allegany Call

At 11:27 AM on Saturday, Roulette Ambulance was dispatched to Pine Grove Road for a mutual aid call for Port Allegany. A person has fallen.

Johnsonburg Dispatched For Motorcycle/Deer Crash

At 11:10 AM on Saturday, Johnsonburg Fire & Ambulance dispatched to a motorcycle accident at East Center Street & Powers Avenue with a approximately 30 year old male unconscious. Reports motorcycle struck a deer.
11:21 AM--Crash is on Rt. 255 in the township. Rt. 255 Closed from Taft Road to Johnsonburg temporarily. Helicopter requested to Penn Highlands Elk.

Firefighters Dispatched To Wildfire Endangering Barn with Animals

At 9:48 AM on Saturday, Port Allegany, Smethport, Eldred, Roulette, Coudersport dispatched for a wildfire at 984 North Open Brook Road that is endangering a barn with animals.

Residents of Salamanca, Olean, Bolivar & Shinglehouse Can Save Big $$ On Insurance; Call James Young To See How Much.

M & W Estate Auction, Saturday, June 2, 2018 In Coudersport, PA

6-2 M & W Auction, Dr. & Mrs. Mitchell Estate In C...
6-2 M & W Auction, Dr. & Mrs. Mitchell Estate In C...
6-2 M & W Auction, Dr. & Mrs. Mitchell Estate In C...

Coudersport Ice Mine & Gift Shop Opening This Weekend For 2018 Season

UPMC Cole seeking Radiology/CT Tech

Lock In Today's Prices For Burial or Cremation At Thomas E. Fickinger Funeral Home In Coudersport

UPMC Cole seeking Hospitality Services Associate I

UPMC Cole seeking Resident Care Giver

JVB Seeking Full-Time Teller In Coudersport Office

Cole Memorial Seeking Candidates For Direct Care Workers

JVB Seeking Part-Time Teller at Lillibridge Office In Port Allegany

Come Celebrate Memorial Day With Us at New Moon Power Equipment in Ulysses!

Concrete Man Inc. in Roulette, PA Is Now Hiring

Full Time Assemblers Needed At Truck-Lite, LLC in Coudersport, PA

Kubota Tractor, Loader & Mower Deck At Howards For Only $129. a Month

Hebron Community Yard Sale, Two Floors & Outdoors

PA Lumber Museum Yard Sale

Pete & Jean Folk Antiques & Collectibles Now Also Available At Quarter West In Galeton, PA

LEEK 10th Annual Open House Fundraiser & Benefit Motorcycle Run June 15/16/17

Part-Time Print Shop Helper for Summer Work At Seneca Higlands IU9

Friday, May 25, 2018

Truck-Lite Evecuated For Third Time Early Friday Morning

FIRST News Now
7 hrs ·

FNN Article © 2018

WELLSBORO, PA - Pennsylvania State Police based in Mansfield, confirmed that they responded to Truck-Lite Co., in Wellsboro, early Friday morning, May 25, 2018.

This is the third time that state police have responded to the facility and employees were evacuated.

FNN was told that Friday's evacuation occurred around 2:38AM, however, Pennsylvania State Police could not confirm any other information.

Truck-Lite Co., is located at 11664 Route 6, in Charleston Township.

In the previous two investigations by Pennsylvania State Police at the facility, police were called in to investigate bomb threats made to the plant. The first threat occurred back on Tuesday morning, May 15 and the second occurred a week later, also early Tuesday morning, back on May 22, 2018.

Although Friday's incident is believed to have been another bomb threat, police have not confirmed that the latest evacuation was caused by a bomb threat.

Pennsylvania State Police continue their investigation into Friday's incident and the previous two both threats. Police are asking anyone who may have information about these threats to contact the Mansfield Barracks at (570) 662-2151.

Cole Medical Group Seeking LPN's, CMA's & RMA's

Coudersport Ambulance To Denton Hill

At 8:57 PM Coudersport Ambulance has been dispatched to the Family Campground on Denton Hill for a diabetic emergency.

Bradford Dispatched For Smoking Dumpster Fire at Zippo Plant on Congress Street

At 6:56 PM on Friday, Bradford Township Fire Department has been dispatched to the south side of the Zippo plant on Congress Street for a possible dumpster fire. A passerby reported smoke coming from the dumpster.

Bradford Dispatched To Pedestrian/Car Accident

At 4:41 PM on Friday, Bradford City EMS has been dispatched to the Skate Park for a pedestrian vs car crash. A fifteen year old female is injured. The car left the scene.

Country Squirrel Outfitters Opens “Outpost” at Sinnemahoning State Park

​Austin, PA – Sinnemahoning State Park is pleased to welcome Country Squirrel Outfitters to the Wildlife Center at Sinnemahoning.

Beginning Friday, May 25, 2018, Country Squirrel Outfitters of Ridgway will be operating an Outpost at Sinnemahoning State Park, offering canoe, kayak, paddle board, and bicycle rentals to park visitors.

In addition to the equipment rentals, the Country Squirrel Outfitters Outpost retail store will supply camping, hiking, biking and water sports gear, plus t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other park souvenirs.

Regular operating hours will be Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily.

For more information on Sinnemahoning State Park or the new Country Squirrel Outfitters Outpost, telephone 814-647-8401 during office hours.

Verna L. Sevinsky, 85, of Coudersport, PA

Verna L. Sevinsky

Verna L. Sevinsky, 85, of Coudersport, PA, passed away peacefully with family by her side on Thursday, May 24, 2018 at Cole Memorial Hospital, Coudersport. 

She married Theodore “Sonny” F. Sevinsky in August of 1951. They shared over 40 years of marriage together prior to Sonny’s death in 1995. Verna was born on November 5, 1932 in Coudersport, PA, the only daughter of the late Harry and Goldina (McCracken) Foust.

Verna was employed as a machinist with the Pure Carbon Company for nearly 40 years. She was a member of the St. Eulalia Catholic Church, formerly serving as a Catholic Daughter. She was a strong advocate of women’s rights and actually helped raise all seven of her brothers as the only daughter in the family. 

Verna had many hobbies and interests including golfing, bowling, reading, sewing, knitting and crocheting. She also took great pride in riding her Vespa scooter around town. Most importantly, she loved to take camping trips with her children and grandchildren, whom she was so proud of and loved dearly. Verna will be remembered by family and friends for her great sense of humor and distinct laughter.

Left to cherish Verna’s memory are her four children, Ted (Diana) Sevinsky of Coudersport, Karla (Terry) Neefe of Coudersport, Penny (Jasper) Tingley of Hinsdale, NY and Nancy (Lynn) Grupp of Coudersport; 11 grandchildren, Lynn, Theodore, Jenna, Anthony, Jeff, Greg, Colby, Jim, Andy, Gary and Sarah; 14 great-grandchildren; three brothers, Wayne, Joe and John, all of Coudersport; several nieces and nephews; many dear friends.

In addition to her parents and late husband, Sonny, Verna was preceded in death by four brothers, Harry, Walter, Tom and Ed.

Memorial services will be held at the convenience of her family. Memorial donations can be made in Verna’s name to the Coudersport Ambulance Association, 122 E. 2nd Street, Coudersport, PA 16915. 

To share your fondest memories of Verna or to sign her guestbook, please visit

Local funeral arrangements have been entrusted to Thomas E. Fickinger Funeral Home, Ltd., Coudersport.


McKean County Courthouse News

On May 23, 2018, at the McKean Courthouse, following jury trial, Shayne Reed was convicted of Burglary, Criminal Trespass, Conspiracy Criminal Mischief, Conspiracy Theft, and Conspiracy Receiving. The case was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Jerry Grill.

On May 9, 2018, at the McKean County Courthouse, following a bench trial, Jason Gaberseck was convicted of Driving Under the Influence. Assistant District Attorney Ashley Shade prosecuted the case. 

On May 23, 2018, following a 2 day trial at the McKean County courthouse, Roger Traster Sr, of Bradford was convicted of all counts against him. He was charged and convicted in two cases with 4 counts of Felony Indecent Assault, 4 counts of Misdemeanor Indecent Assault, and 6 counts of Felony Aggravated Indecent Assault. Sentencing is scheduled for August 2, 2018. District Attorney Stephanie L. Vettenburg-Shaffer prosecuted the case.

Stephanie L. Vettenburg-Shaffer
McKean County District Attorney

Sell-Kohlhepp Open Doors Scholarship Established

Dan and Donna Kohlhepp have made a $60,000 gift to establish the Sell-Kohlhepp Open Doors Scholarship, honoring both the Kohlhepp family, as well as Donna's family, the Sells.

The Open Doors Scholarship Program has generated nearly $2 million for student scholarships at Penn State DuBois so far. This unprecedented giving opportunity runs in its current form through June 30, 2018, offering the 2:1 match to donors who make a minimum $30,000 pledge, payable over five years, to establish a scholarship. Donors can also choose to donate any amount above $30,000, which the University will also match at 2:1. After June 30, the University will provide a 1:1 match to gifts of $50,000 or more to create Open Doors Scholarships.

Born and raised in DuBois, Pennsylvania, Dan Kohlhepp earned his B.S. and M.B.A. degrees from Penn State and his Ph.D. in Real Estate and Urban Analysis at The Ohio State University. He has published numerous academic and professional articles in real estate and continues to teach adult education classes and seminars. In 2003, he received the Penn State University Alumni Fellow Award. He is President and CEO of Granite Road, LLC, a consulting company specializing in real estate investment and development services. He is also President and CEO of the Kohlhepp Real Estate Investment Trust, Ltd. and its sister company, the Kohlhepp Corporation which owns and manages a portfolio of closely held real estate investments. He is also a past president of the DuBois Educational Foundation, and a past campaign chair during the Penn State DuBois For the Future Campaign.

Dan recently retired from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School where he was a senior lecturer and academic director of the Master of Science in Real Estate and Infrastructure program. In 2017, the American Real Estate Society awarded his research as the “Best Paper by a Practicing Professional”, and in 2018, he published his textbook, Real Estate Development Matrix, (Routledge) with his co-author Kimberly Kohlhepp.

In 2015, Dan was given the Distinguished Ambassador Award by the Penn State DuBois Alumni Society.

Donna Sell Kohlhepp earned her Ph.D. in Public Health at the University of Oklahoma where she also earned her MSN. Donna earned her Bachelor of Science in nursing at The Ohio State University where she met her husband, Dan. Donna taught nursing at Pennsylvania State University as an assistant professor. As a health care consultant, she has published, researched, and directed numerous seminars and workshops on health and wellness. Her book, "Women and the Midlife Experience: When the Glass Slipper No Longer Fits", presents an optimist view of midlife with holistic approaches for dealing with the emotional and physical challenges it presents.

Donna is a health consultant to the Mint Culinary Studio in DuBois and her private practice, HER: Health Education Resources, provides individual health counseling particularly in the areas of menopause and thyroid disorders. She has also been active in the local community serving on various boards. Donna and Danhave three daughters: Kaydee Gunter, Joanne Bish, Kimberly Kohlhepp, and grandson Henry Bish.

This gift from Dan and Donna Kohlhepp will advance "A Greater Penn State for 21st Century Excellence," a focused campaign that seeks to elevate Penn State’s position as a leading public university in a world defined by rapid change and global connections. With the support of alumni and friends, “A Greater Penn State” seeks to fulfill the three key imperatives of a twenty-first-century public university: keeping the doors to higher education open to hardworking students regardless of financial well-being; creating transformative experiences that go beyond the classroom; and impacting the world by fueling discovery, innovation and entrepreneurship. To learn more about “A Greater Penn State for 21st Century Excellence,” visit

2018 Pennsylvania State Envirothon

The Bradford Bees – Seventh Place at 2018 PA Envirothon. (left to right) Russell Redding, Secretary, PA Department of Agriculture, team chaperone Peter Eckstrom, team members Clare Mulcahy, Ethan Hollamby, Tyler Thompson, Austin Jadlowiec, Nick Haner, advisor Jan Russell, and Patrick McDonnell, Secretary, PA Department of Environmental Protection

The 35rd Pennsylvania Envirothon state competition was held at Susquehanna University and Camp Mount Luther on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 22 and 23, 2018. The team from Bradford High School – The Bradford Bees, placed seventh out of 65 Pennsylvania teams at this year’s event. Team members include Nick Haner, Ethan Hollamby, Austin Jadlowiec, Clare Mulcahy, and Tyler Thompson; coached by advisors Jan Russell and Rich Bierbower. The McKean County Conservation District congratulates the team on the highest placement of any McKean County team at the state event since the local ‘Wild’ Envirothon began in 1990. Northcentral PA was well represented at the event with Cameron, Elk, and Potter county also participating.

At the Envirothon, five-member teams participate in a series of field station tests that focus on five topic areas – soils and land use, aquatic ecology, forestry, wildlife, and environmental issues. The 2018 current environmental issues focused on The Benefits of Grassland and Pastureland Management. The teams also prepare and deliver oral presentations to panels of judges who evaluate each team on its problem-solving capabilities, oral presentation skills and recommendations to help solve the specific environmental challenge, which relates to the current environmental issue.

Teams participating represent the best and the brightest of the thousands of high school teens who have competed in county Envirothon competitions sponsored by conservation districts from across the state and the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation. At the state level, the Envirothon is sponsored by Pennsylvania’s sixty-six county conservation districts, the State Conservation Commission, and the Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts. The program is managed by a board of directors representing those sponsors. Technical expertise is provided by the following partners: PA Department of Agriculture, PA Department of Environmental Protection, PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, PA Game Commission, PA Fish and Boat Commission, and U.S.D.A. Natural Resources Conservation Service. Sponsors and partners of the 2018 Envirothon are PA Department of Environmental Protection, Pennsylvania Department of Education, Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance (KEEA), Shell Oil Company, PPL, The Hershey Company, EQT Foundation, Weis, Chief Oil & Gas LLC, UGI Utilities, Smithfield, and National Conservation Foundation Envirothon.

The 2018 Pennsylvania Envirothon champions will represent the Commonwealth at the 30th NCF-Envirothon competition planned for July 22 – 28 at Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho. More than 47 states, eight Canadian provinces, one Canadian territory, and two Chinese provinces have initiated Envirothon contests based on the program that was originally developed by Pennsylvania’s conservation districts.

The 2018 Pennsylvania Envirothon champions, scoring 546 points of a possible 600, are from Carmichaels Area High School located in Greene County. The Greene County team earned the honor to represent Pennsylvania at the NCF-Envirothon international competition.

Top 10 winners, with scores area as follows.

First Place – Carmichaels Area High School, Greene County, with a score of 546

Second Place – Palmyra High School, Lebanon County, with a score of 523.67

Third Place – Penncrest High School, Delaware County, with a score of 512.67

Fourth Place – Bangor Area High School, Northampton County, with a score of 506

Fifth Place – MMI Preparatory School, Luzerne County, with a score of500.33

Sixth Place – York Home School Association, York County, with a score of 489.67

Seventh Place – Bradford Area High School, McKean County, with a score of 482

Eighth Place – Blue Mountain High School, Schuylkill County, with a score of479.67

Ninth Place – Conneaut Area High School, Crawford County, with a score of 473

Tenth Place – West Perry High School, Perry County, with a score of 462

The Pennsylvania Envirothon awarded scholarships to the first through fifth place teams. The scholarships were sponsored by Pennsylvania’s County Conservation Districts and Shell Oil. Each of the top ten teams received a plaque and other prizes.

For more information on the Envirothon program, contact your county conservation district or contact the Pennsylvania Envirothon by phone (814) 623-7900 ext. 111, Email, or visit the website at

News from Harrisburg

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Headline Harrisburg
Friday, May 25, 2018
The latest news from the State Capitol 
Reduced Energy Bills

As the result of tax changes within the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) issued an Order, requiring a “negative surcharge” or monthly credit on customer bills for 17 major electric, natural gas, and water and wastewater utilities, totaling more than $320-million per year.

Depending on the revenue and tax impact on each utility addressed in the PUC orders, the distribution charges on monthly consumer bills are expected to decrease from .56-percent to 8.55-percent. A list of the utilities impacted by the PUC orders, along with the anticipated changes in distribution rates, has been posted to the online at

Public utilities required to begin returning federal tax savings to consumers include:
  • PPL Electric Utilities Corporation
  • UGI Central Penn Gas lnc.
  • UGI Penn Natural Gas lnc.
  • UGI Utilities, lnc.- Gas Division
  • Pennsylvania-American Water Company
  • Pennsylvania-American Water Company-Wastewater
  • Metropolitan Edison Company
  • West Penn Power Company
  • Citizens' Electric Company of Lewisburg
  • Pennsylvania Electric Company
  • Pennsylvania Power Company
  • Pike County Light & Power Company,
  • Wellsboro Electric Company
  • West Penn Power Company
  • PECO Energy Company (Gas Division)
  • National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation
  • Peoples Gas Company LLC
  • Peoples Natural Gas Company LLC-Equitable Division
Learn more by clicking here.
Preserving Our Forests

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) will soon begin a series of hearings across the state as part of their desire for involving the public in charting the future course of Pennsylvania’s state forests.

The Elk State Forest will be the subject of a meeting to be held Wednesday, June 13, from 6-8:30 p.m. at the Elk State Forest Resource Management Center, 258 Sizerville Road, Emporium.

“This district planning revision process provides a great opportunity for the public to learn more about their local state forest and to get involved in district state forest management priorities,” said DCNR Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn. “I invite our state forest visitors to take advantage of this opportunity, and make their feelings known.”

Please click here for more information.
Chronic Wasting Disease Update

As part of the fight to slow the spread of chronic wasting disease, the Pennsylvania Game Commission is updating its executive order prohibiting the importation of high-risk deer parts into Pennsylvania from New York, Ohio, Maryland and West Virginia.

Please click on the link below for the details.
If you live in Bradford or Morris Township….

PennDOT has placed radar-controlled speed display signs on Mineral Springs Road north of Wilson Road and on Route 53/Morrisdale Allport Highway north of Church Street.

The signs are to aid in curbing speeding and face northbound traffic. They will remain in their locations for up to four weeks.

Speeding and other aggressive driving behaviors are among the leading causes of crashes and fatalities in Pennsylvania. Other aggressive driving behaviors include running stop signs or red lights, passing illegally and tailgating.

Two Joes Scholarship Fund to preserve legacy of community businessmen

For many, a memorial scholarship is a living way to continue the memory of a loved one.

For Hank Certo and Louis “Ledgie” DeRose, the Two Joes Scholarship Fund is a way to remember two people who left a huge impact not only on both them, but also the entire community.

Certo and DeRose recently established the Two Joes Scholarship Fund in the name of community-minded businessmen Joe Sgro and Joe DeRose, Ledgie’s father, to support a scholarship award for a Cattaraugus County student interested in pursuing a degree in technology, marketing, communications, business or a related field.

Beginning at the 2018 Bartlett Pro-Am golf tournament, donations will be accepted to help build the fund into an endowment, with the fist scholarship award to be made in four to five years, Certo said.

Joseph Sgro was the vice president of Certo Bros. Distributing for 67 years.

Joe DeRose served as president and chief executive officer of Mazza Sheet Metal Inc., Pierce Steel Fabricators Inc. and MKD Realty Co.

Both men helped guide businesses that have very much been cornerstone’s in the Cattaraugus region community, but also were tireless community volunteers and supporters of charitable causes.

Sgro served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War before moving to Olean. He was a life member of the Elks and served for 30 years on the board of the New York State Beer Association.

Sgro actively supported St. Bonaventure University as a volunteer and supporter willing to fit just about any role to aid the university’s mission.

An avid golfer, Sgro was an involved member of Bartlett Country Club, Moon Brook Country Club and Pine Island Ridge Country Club.

DeRose served as a trustee for St. John’s Church and chaired the Festa Italiana for 10 years. For his service to the church, he received the Lay Award of St. Joseph from Bishop Edward D. Head of the Buffalo Catholic Diocese.

DeRose also dedicated himself at Archbishop Walsh Academy as a life member and former director of the Walsh Foundation where he was named Walsh Foundation Person of the year in 1993. He served on the Archbishop Walsh High School board of trustees, building committee and boosters club.

The Walsh Parents Club named him Volunteer of the year in 2013 as well.

He was also a member of the Deveraux Association of St. Bonaventure University, Allegany Council and Knights of Columbus.

“Our community would not be the same without the work and involvement of the ‘Two Joes,’” said CRCF Executive Director Karen Niemic Buchheit. “Their dedication to business, economic development and community service is an essential part of what made the Olean community what it is today.”

Donations can be made to the Two Joes Scholarship Fund at CRCF, 301 North Union St., Suite 203, or online at

Established in 1994, the Cattaraugus Region Community Foundation is growing good by connecting donors to the causes they care about most in the region. Grants from the foundation support many areas, including education, scholarships, health care, the arts, community development, human service, and youth development. To learn more, call (716) 301-CRCF (2723), email, or visit online at CRCF is also on Facebook ( and Twitter (@CattFoundation).