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Friday, February 8, 2019

Department of Environmental Protection Issues Hold on All Energy Transfer Clean Water Permit Approvals and Modifications Due to Non-Compliance

Harrisburg, PA - The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has suspended all reviews of clean water permit applications and other pending approvals associated for Energy Transfer (ET) and subsidiaries until further notice due to non-compliance.

“ETC Northeast Pipeline, operated by ET, failed to comply with the October 29, 2018, order issued following the explosion along the Revolution pipeline on September 10, 2018,” said DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell. “This hold will continue until the operator corrects their violations to our satisfaction.”

DEP issued the order to ETC Northeast Pipeline, LLC (ETC) in October 2018, with instructions that the operator stabilize disturbed areas and prevent further erosion from the construction area. Multiple inspections by DEP staff, most recently in January 2019, found that ET had not fulfilled the terms of the order and was not progressing toward compliance.

“In October, DEP cited ETC for sediment-laden discharges into waterways, improperly maintained erosion controls, and failure to stabilize disturbed areas,” said McDonnell. “Disappointingly, many of these issues persist.”

DEP issued the October order after inspections discovered violations including unreported landslides, impacts to aquatic resources, construction activities occurring in unpermitted areas, and several sections of the pipeline that required the installation of additional measures to prevent accelerated erosion.

The permit hold will affect an in-service date for the Energy Transfer operated Revolution pipeline, which is not in service, and the Sunoco Pipeline LP (SPLP) Mariner East 2 pipeline, and all other clean water permit applications and approvals. Energy Transfer is the parent company of ETC and SPLP. Mariner East 2 is in service, however there are additional approvals needed for additional pipeline infrastructure as part of the project. There are 27 approvals currently under review by DEP for Mariner East 2.

The permit hold will not apply to any approvals needed for ET to comply with the order, and mitigation and environmental restoration work along Mariner East 2.

“DEP is standing by to approve any work needed to repair the damage caused by ET’s activities and bring the operator back into compliance,” said McDonnell.

DEP may also take additional enforcement action in the future to address these ongoing violations.

A copy of the letter issued to Sunoco can be found here:


Anonymous said...

Ok, now do something about the gas drillers, constant violations!

Anonymous said...

2:16:00 I agree!

Barb said...

violations on oil and gas companies are usually not for dumping but for using un certified tanks just ways to get more fines!!!