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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Potter County Conferees set to Appoint Republican candidate for Congressional Special Election

The Potter County conferees are (left to right): Will Hunt (Sweden Township), Robert Pflug (Galeton Borough), Cindy Pflug (Galeton Borough - alternate), William P. Chatham, III (Shinglehouse Borough), Zigmund Reichenbach (Roulette Borough), Peggy Gearhart (Austin Borough) and Peggy Derr (Ulysses Township - not pictured).
Republican Chairman, Karen Cahilly, announced the six Potter County Conferees selected to choose the Republican candidate to be placed on the May ballot's Special Election to fill the vacant seat of U.S. Congressman.

After the redistricting that occurred mid last year, Potter County lost its long term Congressman, G.T. Thompson, and gained U.S. Congressman Tom Marino of Lycoming County.

After a successful re-election in 2018, Marino's health issues led to his unexpected resignation from Congress. Multiple battles with kidney cancer have left Marino with only part of one kidney, and after another kidney problem required surgery, he made his decision to resign.

The election of Marino's successor Republican candidate will occur on March 2nd in Williamsport, where 202 Republican conferees from 14 counties will select the Republican to be placed on this May's primary ballot in a Special Election to fill the vacant 12th Congressional seat.

Twenty diverse candidates will compete for the conferees' votes at the March 2nd event; from State Representatives to farmers to college professors and military veterans. The successful candidate will then compete against the chosen Democrat candidate in the Special Election to be added to this May's Primary ballot.


Unknown said...

please pick one we can live with .

Anonymous said...

Those two state representatives who are thirsting for this post have had their campaign coffers filled by vested interests hoping to buy off Congress. They do not represent the common citizen of the district and they are really working the Republican establishment to get on the ballot. I hope the Potter County team realizes that.