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Friday, March 8, 2019

Think About It

What's The Rush?
by Pastor B.J. Knefley

Have you noticed that many seem to be in a rush to get somewhere? It doesn't seem to matter where you are, in the grocery store or on the open road, people are in a hurry. I've even found myself rushing from one place to the next, and I wonder why? What is it that drives us so? Why are we in such a hurry?

I get to travel quite often and find it interesting that people don't seem to do the speed limit anymore. In fact it seems like there are two types of drivers, those that exceed the limit and those that go so slow that they impede traffic. Not long ago I was on a twisty road and was enjoying a brisk ride in my car that handles exceptionally well on corners. As my wife and I were enjoying our afternoon outing we came around a corner and found ourselves behind two motorcycles that were traveling twenty miles an hour under the speed limit. They were going so slow that I was afraid they were going to fall over going around the corners. Now even though I had nowhere to go, I was in a hurry to pass them. I had to laugh when I did pass because it was then that I realized the motorcycles were ridden by a couple of friends of mine. It turned out that they were on a quiet afternoon ride and in no hurry to get anywhere.

Being in a rush creates anxiety that isn’t good for any of us. Driven by the need to get somewhere, we get anxious when we get behind someone going slower than we want. Some are so focused on the destination that we refuse to stop for anything that would delay our arrival. My poor family have put up with my marathon driving habits for many years. Thankfully, I've learned to temper this a little and have actually taken trips with no destination in mind.

When Paul said to be anxious for nothing, (Philippians 4:6), what do you think he meant? In Luke 12:25, Jesus asked the question, what would all of your anxiousness add to your life. So let me ask you how's it been working for you? Think about it.

1 comment :

John R. Stilson said...

Very well said and I am guilty of the same. The band "Alabama" wrote this in a song many years ago... rush and rush until life's no fun.. Thank you for a reminder.