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Saturday, August 3, 2019

The lucky winner is Muddy McDowell (Donna McDowell) of Roulette

Andy Kulp
12 mins ·

Ok everyone...the lucky winner is Muddy McDowell (Donna McDowell) of Roulette. The ticket was picked by Kathy Morey (sorry for interrupting your yard work). The winner has been notified and the first words out of his mouth were "I never win anything...I can't even get one damn number on the lottery" so I guess this ends his losing streak.

Anyone that would like to join in the fun the day of the Spree is welcome to stop in. We will start at 9am and will follow the runner with a camera and post it later in the day.

So congratulations to Muddy and Donna and thank you to all who bought tickets to support the Backpack program. The next thing will the the Cornhole Boards drawing on August 31st and then on to the bigger and better 12/25/31 days of Christmas raffle.


Anonymous said...

Ok great what did they win??

"To Fill A Backpack" said...

A $500/5 minute shopping spree...