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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Norwich, Smethport Dispatched To Rt. 46 South For a Vehicle on its Roof

At 11:38 PM on Saturday, Norwich Fire Dept. and Smethport Ambulance have been dispatched to 11837 Route 46 South for a one vehicle crash. The vehicle is reported on its roof. The operator is reported self extricated.

Troopers Say Driver Was DUI After Car Goes In Ditch

No Injury When Jeep Tips On Side on Rt. 414

Pickup Truck Hits Pole On Rice Road in Charleston Township

No Injury In Rt. 287 Crash

Driver Unhurt In Rollover Crash on SR 14 in Union Township

Citations Issued In Domestic Incident

Bradford Firefighters Attack Attic Fire On Miller Street In The City

J. Bradish photos
Bradford Firefighters

At 0451 this morning City Firefighters were dispatched to a Miller St. residence for a structure fire. Captain 1-20(Kloss) arrived on scene to find smoke pushing from the attic on the “C” side of the 2 story home. 

At that time a second alarm assignment was requested bringing all off duty firefighters to the scene. The already evacuated occupants advised Captain 1-20 that the fire was in the attic. With that information and what was visible from the exterior he advised his crews to take the gable vent on the “A” side and put water on the fire. 

As additional man power arrived on scene an interior attack crew was almost simultaneously sent to the second division as another crew was sent to the roof to open up for ventilation. The interior crew was met with high heat and significant fire after pulling the ceiling below the fire. Water was put on the fire quickly bringing it under control. 

With extensive overhaul to follow all equipment and man power remained on scene for several hours. City Firefighters were assisted on scene by City Police and DPW. Bradford Township Volunteer Fire Department held the RIT assignment. Derrick City Volunteer Fire Department was placed on standby. The American Red Cross was called in to assist the occupants.

Photos courtesy of J.Bradish.

Almond Dispatched For Crash On North Main Street

At 8:06 PM on Saturday, Almond Fire & Ambulance have been dispatched to North Main Street for a 2 vehicle crash. It is located under the red light. Both vehicles blocking the roadway.

County Election Office Preparing For May 21 Primary

Potter County Director of Elections Sandy Lewis has issued the list of Republican and Democratic party nominations that will be decided in the May 21 Municipal Primary Election. Candidates may begin circulating nominating petitions starting on Tuesday, Feb. 19. A minimum of 10 signatures by registered members of the political party are required for those seeking municipal office or school board seats. Candidates for countywide office must obtain at least 100 signatures. Deadline to file petitions for placement of names on the ballot is March 12.

Director Lewis reports that there has been limited interest in township, borough and school district offices in the days leading up to the petition circulation period. A list of all party nominations to be decided on May 21 appears below. Nominees from that election will have their names appear on the Nov. 5 Municipal Election ballot, which will determine who fills offices ranging from borough council member, township supervisor, township/borough auditor and school director, as well as county offices of prothonotary/clerk of courts, register of wills/recorder of deeds, sheriff, treasurer, commissioner (3) and auditor (3).

Registered Democratic or Republican voters who are on the rolls as of April 22 will be eligible to cast ballots in the May 21 election. More information is available at the Elections/Voter Registration Office, located at the F.W. Gunzburger County Office Building, 1 North Main Street, Coudersport. Phone number is 814-274-8467. Following are party nominations to be decided in the May 21 election:

Local Offices
1- Supervisor – 6 yr term
1 – Auditor – 6 yr term
1 – Auditor – 4 yr term
1- Supervisor – 6 yr term
1- Auditor – 6 yr term
1- Auditor – 4 yr term
1- Auditor – 2 yr term
Austin Boro:
4-Councilman- 4 yr term
1-Supervisor – 6 yr term
1-Supervisor – 4 yr term
1-Auditor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 4 yr term
1- Supervisor- 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 6 yr term
Coudersport First Ward:
2-Councilman – 4 yr term
Coudersport Second Ward:
1-Councilman – 4 yr term
1-Supervisor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 6 yr term
1- Auditor – 4 yr term
Galeton First Ward:
1-Councilman – 4 yr term
Galeton Second Ward:
2-Councilman – 4 yr term
1-Supervisor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 4 yr term
1-Auditor – 2 yr term
1-Supervisor – 6 yr term
1-Supervisor – 4 yr term
1-Supervisor-2 yr term
1-Auditor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 4 yr term
1-Supervisor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 6 yr term
1-Supervisor -6 yr term
1-Auditor – 6 yr term
1-Supervisor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 2 yr term
1-Supervisor – 6 yr term
1- Auditor – 6 yr term
Oswayo Boro:
3-Councilman – 4 yr term
1-Auditor – 6 yr term
Oswayo Twp:
1-Supervisor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 6 yr term
1-Supervisor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 4 yr term
1-Auditor – 2 yr term
Pleasant Valley:
1-Supervisor – 6 yr term
1-Supervisor – 4 yr term
1-Supervisor-2 yr term
1-Auditor – 6 yr term
1-Tax Collector – 2 yr term
1-Supervisor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 4 yr term
1-Supervisor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 4 yr term
North & South Sharon:
1-Supervisor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 4 yr term
Shinglehouse Boro:
4-Councilman – 4 yr term
1-Councilman – 2 yr term
1-Auditor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 4 yr term
1-Supervisor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 2 yr term
1-Supervisor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 6 yr term
1-Supervisor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 4 yr term
1-Supervisor – 6 yr term
1-Supervisor- 2 yr term
1-Auditor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 4 yr term
1-Auditor – 2 yr term
Ulysses Boro:
4-Councilman – 4 yr term
1-Auditor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 4 yr term
1-Auditor – 2 yr term
Ulysses Twp:
1-Supervisor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 6 yr term
West Branch:
1-Supervisor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 4 yr term
1-Supervisor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 6 yr term
1-Auditor – 4 yr term

School Districts:

Austin Area School District:
Region I: Austin Borough
1-School Director- 4 yr term
Region II: Keating & Sylvania
1-School Director – 4 yr term
2- School Directors – 2 yr terms
Region III: Portage & Wharton
2-School Directors – 4 yr terms
Coudersport Area School District:
Region I: Coudersport First Ward & Eulalia
1-School Director – 4 yr term
Region II: Coudersport Second Ward
2-School Directors – 4 yr terms
Region III: Allegany Independent, Hebron, Homer, Summit & Sweden
2-School Directors – 4 yr terms
Galeton Area School District:
Region I: Galeton Second Ward
1-School Director – 4 yr term
1-School Director – 2 yr term
Region II: Galeton First Ward, (Potter Co) Gaines, & Elk Twps (Tioga Co)
2-School Directors – 4 yr terms
Region III: Abbott, Hector Pike & West Branch
2-School Directors – 4 yr terms
Northern Potter School District:
Region I: Allegany, Ulysses Boro & Ulysses Twp
1-School Director – 4 yr term
Region II: Bingham & Genesee
2-School Directors – 4 yr terms
Region III: Harrison & Hector Independent
2-School Directors – 4 yr terms
Oswayo Valley School District:
Region I: North Sharon (Potter Co) & Ceres Twp (McKean Co)
1-School Director -4 yr term
Region II: Shinglehouse Borough
2-School Directors – 4 yr terms
Region III: Oswayo Boro, Clara, Oswayo Twp, & South Sharon
2-School Directors – 4 yr terms
Port Allegany School District:
At Large: Roulette, Pleasant Valley, (Potter Co) Annin, Liberty, & Port Allegany Boro
(McKean Co)
5-School Directors – 4 yr terms
1-School Director – 2 yr term

3 – County Commissioners
1 – Sheriff
1 – County Treasurer
1 – Register & Recorder
1 – Prothonotary
3 – County Auditors


The fun, interactive seminar "Wine 101: Learn to Select & Pair Wines Like a Pro" will begin at 7 p.m. on Saturday, March 23 in the Gallery at the Warehouse Theatre at 3 Central Avenue in Wellsboro. Presenter is Gene Losey.

Participants will be comfortably seated at tables as they sample a selection of wines from around the world along with light hors d'oeuvres and dessert. Covered will be selecting wines, food and chocolate pairings, how to decant and more. Each person will receive a complimentary souvenir wine glass to take home.

Losey worked for several distributors before being named the general manager for GCP Discount Liquors and Wines in Horseheads, New York 21 years ago. He has earned Wine and Spirits Education Trust Level 2 Certification.

Tickets are $25. Those who order tickets before 4 p.m. on Friday, March 1 will receive a $5 discount. Every person in a group of six or more who make a group reservation prior to 4 p.m. on Friday, March 8 will receive a $5 per person ticket discount. The two discounts cannot be combined.

Wine 101 tickets are available at the Wellsboro Area Chamber of Commerce office at 114 Main Street between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays. To pre-pay with a credit card, call the chamber at 570-724-1926.

High Wind Warning issued February 23 at 6:58PM EST until February 25 at 10:00AM EST by NWS Buffalo

* LOCATIONS...Wayne, Northern Cayuga, Oswego, Lewis, Wyoming,
Livingston, Ontario, Cattaraugus, and Allegany counties.
* TIMING...From late Sunday morning through late Monday morning.
* WINDS...West 30 to 40 mph with gusts up to 65 to 70 mph.
* IMPACTS...Strong wind gusts will bring down trees and power
lines and result in numerous power outages. Shallow rooted
pines will be particularly vulnerable. Minor property damage is
also possible, especially to roofs and siding. Travel in high
profile vehicles will be very difficult at times.

Light freezing rain. Ice accumulations of a light glaze are expected.

National Weather Service State College PA
606 PM EST Sat Feb 23 2019

* WHAT...Light freezing rain. Ice accumulations of a light glaze
are expected.

* WHERE...The mountains of central Pennsylvania, mainly at
elevations above 1800 feet.

* WHEN...Until 4 AM EST Sunday.

* ADDITIONAL DETAILS...The ice may result in slippery conditions
on untreated roads, mainly at elevations above 1800 feet.


National Weather Service State College PA
224 PM EST Sat Feb 23 2019

...Strong and Potentially Damaging Wind Gusts Possible Sunday
into Monday...

The National Weather Service in State College has issued a High
Wind Warning, which is in effect from 1 PM Sunday to 1 PM EST
Monday. The High Wind Watch is no longer in effect.

* WINDS...West 20 to 30 mph with gusts up to 60 mph.

* WIND GUSTS...50 to 60 mph possible from the west.

* TIMING...Peak wind gusts Sunday afternoon through Monday

* IMPACTS...Damaging winds can blow down trees and power lines.
Widespread power outages are expected. Travel will be difficult,
especially for high profile vehicles.

Potter County Conferees set to Appoint Republican candidate for Congressional Special Election

The Potter County conferees are (left to right): Will Hunt (Sweden Township), Robert Pflug (Galeton Borough), Cindy Pflug (Galeton Borough - alternate), William P. Chatham, III (Shinglehouse Borough), Zigmund Reichenbach (Roulette Borough), Peggy Gearhart (Austin Borough) and Peggy Derr (Ulysses Township - not pictured).
Republican Chairman, Karen Cahilly, announced the six Potter County Conferees selected to choose the Republican candidate to be placed on the May ballot's Special Election to fill the vacant seat of U.S. Congressman.

After the redistricting that occurred mid last year, Potter County lost its long term Congressman, G.T. Thompson, and gained U.S. Congressman Tom Marino of Lycoming County.

After a successful re-election in 2018, Marino's health issues led to his unexpected resignation from Congress. Multiple battles with kidney cancer have left Marino with only part of one kidney, and after another kidney problem required surgery, he made his decision to resign.

The election of Marino's successor Republican candidate will occur on March 2nd in Williamsport, where 202 Republican conferees from 14 counties will select the Republican to be placed on this May's primary ballot in a Special Election to fill the vacant 12th Congressional seat.

Twenty diverse candidates will compete for the conferees' votes at the March 2nd event; from State Representatives to farmers to college professors and military veterans. The successful candidate will then compete against the chosen Democrat candidate in the Special Election to be added to this May's Primary ballot.


Bellisio Foods Recalls Boneless Pork Rib Frozen Entrée Products Due to Possible Foreign Matter Contamination

Bellisio Foods, a Jackson, Ohio establishment, is recalling approximately 173,376 pounds of frozen pork entrée products that may be contaminated with extraneous materials, specifically pieces of glass or hard plastic. Read more...

Ludlow, Kane Dispatched To 4 Wheeler Crash With Injuries

At 1:54 PM on Saturday, Ludlow & Kane Fire & Ambulance have been dispatched to East Main Street & Overbrook Road for a 4 wheeler crash with possible entrapment & head injuries.
Air Medical has been requested.

Eugene H. “Gene” LAMPMAN, 71, of Odum, GA, formerly of Harrison Valley, PA

Eugene H. “Gene” LAMPMAN

Eugene H. “Gene” LAMPMAN, 71, of Odum, GA, formerly of Harrison Valley, PA, died Friday, February 22, 2019 in his son’s home in Westfield, PA. 

Born August 16, 1946, in Harrison Valley, he was the son of Truman K. and Audrey L. Hand Lampman. On July 4, 1967, in Harrison Valley, he married the former Hally I. Dean, who predeceased him on October 31, 1999. 

He was employed by Westfield Tanning Co. 

Gene served as a foster parent for many children in Georgia. 

Surviving are: a son, Geno (Tammie) Lampman of Westfield; two grandchildren, Eugene Michael Lampman and Tasha Lampman; three great-grandchildren, Payton, Abbey, and Ella; longtime companion, Leona Thompson of Odum, GA; Leona’s children, Albert Thompson, Grace Rhodes, Ryan Thompson, Sean Thompson; Leona’s grandchildren, Daniel, Matthew, Kaitlyn, and Emily; two brothers, Stuart (Sherrel) Lampman of Harrison Valley and Norman Edward (Joann) Lampman of Westfield; aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins. 

In addition to his wife and parents, he was predeceased by a brother, Kenneth W. Lampman in 1967. 

Friends may call Tuesday, February 26, 2019 from 2:00 – 4:00 and 7:00 – 9:00 PM at the Olney Funeral Home & Cremation Service, Ulysses, PA, where Funeral Services will be held on Wednesday at 11:00 AM. The Rev. David Brelo will officiate. Burial will be in Riverview Cemetery, Potter Brook. 

Memorials may be made to the family. Online condolences may be expressed at

Coudersport Ambulance to Sweden Valley Manor

At 1:33 PM on Saturday, Coudersport ambulance to Sweden Valley Manor for a patient with ALC.

High Wind Watch For Sunday & Monday

Seneca Chapter of Trout Unlimited is excited to host its Fourth Annual (2019) Fly Fishing Film Tour in Coudersport, PA Today

The Seneca Chapter of Trout Unlimited is excited to host its Fourth Annual (2019) Fly Fishing Film Tour in Coudersport, PA! 

The event will be held at the Coudersport Theater on Saturday, February 23. With an emphasis on the people, places and fisheries that help make up the vast world of fly fishing. The 2019 F3T will take you from Alaska to Florida, South Dakota to French Polynesia, British Columbia to the coast of Australia and more! This remarkable afternoon of outdoor cinema is an adventure you won’t soon forget. 

Theater doors open at 2:30 and the show will begin at 3:00. Tickets are $15 and are available in advance from Seneca TU members or can be purchased at the door or online. 

Concessions will be available at the theater. Grab your fishiest friends and we’ll see you at the show!

A Post-Show gathering of “Hackles and Hops” from 6-8pm is being organized by the God’s Country Chapter of Trout Unlimited at the Crittenden Tap Room and will feature fly tying demonstrations from various fly tyers. Stop by after the show and grab a bite to eat or a drink!


Photo providedThe Outside Track will perform traditional and new Celtic songs and step-dancing at the Deane Center in Wellsboro on Saturday, March 9.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with The Outside Track, one of the top Celtic bands in the world.

This award-winning band will perform at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 9 in the Coolidge Theatre at the Deane Center for the Performing Arts at 104 Main Street in Wellsboro. They are currently on tour in Canada in support of their fifth studio album, "Rise Up," will perform in the United States from March 8 to 17 and then in Germany from March 22 to April 13.

The Outside Track's marriage of Celtic music, song and dance has been well received.

The five members of The Outside Track perform Scots, Irish and Cape Breton songs and step dance. They are united by their love of traditional music and commitment to creating new music. They blend their vocals with fiddle, accordion, harp, guitar, flute and whistle.

Ailie Robertson grew up in Edinburgh and is widely regarded as one of Scotland's leading young traditional musicians. Not only is she a Celtic harp virtuoso but also a composer, arranger, teacher and improviser.

Fiona Black is from Evanton in the Highlands of Scotland. An accordionist with a distinctive rhythm and vibrancy, she is also an arranger, composer and teacher.

Mairi Rankin, a member of the Rankin Family - legends on the Canadian music scene - plays fiddle, sings and step-dances up a storm. Born in Mabou, Nova Scotia, she has been influenced by some of the best Cape Breton traditional musicians and instructors on the island.

Teresa Horgan is from County Cork, Ireland. A singer and flautist, she has toured throughout Europe and North America with different bands.

Michael Ferrie is an award-winning guitarist and composer from Callander, Scotland.

This is the fifth of six concerts being hosted by the Wellsboro Community Concert Association during the organization's 2018-2019 season.

Admission at the door is $20 for adults and free for accompanying children 12 and under and $5 for students, 13 to 18. Tickets are available by calling the Deane Center at 570-724-6220 or visiting or


Photos by Dart
Miss Sherlock Holmes (Nichole York, left) and Dr. Dorothy Watson (Sarah Duterte) talk to Inspector Lestrade (Michael Lavarnway) about a case in this scene from "Miss Holmes."

The 17-member cast of "Miss Holmes" is rehearsing for upcoming performances of this riveting murder mystery by Christopher M. Walsh based on two iconic characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a British author best known for his detective fiction featuring Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

Walsh, a Chicago-based actor and playwright for more than 20 years, wrote this two-act drama, which premiered in 2016 at the Lifeline Theatre where he is a member. He is also a member of the WildClaw Theatre, the Dramatists Guild and SAG-AFTRA.

The play takes place in 1881 in London in different locales, from a mental asylum to a back alley and 221B Baker Street. Miss Sherlock Holmes (Nikki York) meets Dr. Dorothy Watson (Sarah Duterte) for the first time as they begin working together to help Lizzie Chapman (Rachel Smith) a newlywed. She has come to them for help after receiving anonymous letters warning her that her life is in danger. Lizzie's husband, corrupt police inspector Thomas Chapman (Sean Bartlett) has two former wives that died under mysterious circumstances. The letters warn that Lizzie will be next. Joining forces with Holmes and Watson is Inspector Lestrade (Michael Lavarnway) who has his own suspicions about Chapman's past.

Holmes and Watson are on the case but have the added difficulty of overcoming attitudes toward them as Victorian women. People are shocked that Watson is an actual doctor and the pair aren't taken seriously until they outwit everyone in the room.

The script has all the plot twists that fans would expect in a Sherlock Holmes story with the addition of a contemporary look at gender politics in the 1880s and some fun interludes.

Other cast members are: Lilace Guignard as Eudora Featherstone, Tina Eyer as Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, Astrid Hakvaag as Peggy, Titus Himmelberger as Myrcroft Holmes, Louie Preston as Michael Stamford, Don Bennelli as Edwin Greener, Brian Burket as Reginald, Deb Sawyer as Mrs. Hudson, Thomas Walrath as the Superintendent, Herb Johnson as Orderly 1 and Tom Reindi as Orderly 2.

Director is Gabe Hakvaag. Costumer is Cindy Evans who is also playing the role of Martha.

Performances of "Miss Holmes" will be at 7:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, March 15 and 16 and March 22 and 23 and at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, March 17 in the Coolidge Theatre at the Deane Center, 104 Main Street in Wellsboro.

Admission for adults of all ages is $12 and $6 for youth, 18 and under. A $60 FlexPass for admission to six shows is also available. Purchase tickets online at the HG website at or via links to TicketLeap on HG's Facebook page or at the door. For more information, call 570-724-2079 or email

Bradford Area Firefighters Battled House Fire This Morning

Early Saturday morning, Bradford City, Township and Derrick City firefighters were dispatched to a house fire at 19 Miller Street. Units were leaving the scene later this morning.

2/23/19 District IX Playoffs at St Marys

2/23/19 District IX Playoffs at St Marys

Boys: Coudersport 83, Karns City 67
Girls: St Marys 51, Clearfield 30

PA Permit Violations Issued to Msl Oil & Gas Corp in Lafayette Twp

PA Permit Violation Issued to Msl Oil & Gas Corp in Lafayette Twp, McKean County
Description: Environmental Health & Safety violation issued on 2019-02-19 to Msl Oil & Gas Corp in Lafayette Twp, McKean county. 78.54 - GENERAL REQUIREMENTS - Operator failed to control and dispose of fluids, residual waste and drill cuttings, including tophole water, brines, drilling fluids, drilling muds, stimulation fluids, well servicing fluids, oil, and production fluids in a manner that prevents pollution of the waters of the Commonwealth.
Incident Date/Time: 2019-02-19 00:00:00
Tags: PADEP, frack, violation, drilling
PA Permit Violation Issued to Msl Oil & Gas Corp in Lafayette Twp, McKean County
Description: Environmental Health & Safety violation issued on 2019-02-19 to Msl Oil & Gas Corp in Lafayette Twp, McKean county. CSL 402(b) - POTENTIAL POLLUTION - Conducting an activity regulated by a permit issued pursuant to Section 402 of The Clean Streams Law to prevent the potential of pollution to waters of the Commonwealth without a permit or contrary to a permit issued under that authority by the Department.
Incident Date/Time: 2019-02-19 00:00:00
Tags: PADEP, frack, violation, drilling
PA Permit Violation Issued to Msl Oil & Gas Corp in Lafayette Twp, McKean County
Description: Environmental Health & Safety violation issued on 2019-02-19 to Msl Oil & Gas Corp in Lafayette Twp, McKean county. SWMA 301 - MANAGEMENT OF RESIDUAL WASTE - Person operated a residual waste processing or disposal facility without obtaining a permit for such facility from DEP. Person stored, transported, processed, or disposed of residual waste inconsistent with or unauthorized by the rules and regulations of DEP.
Incident Date/Time: 2019-02-19 00:00:00
Tags: PADEP, frack, violation, drilling
PA Permit Violation Issued to Msl Oil & Gas Corp in Lafayette Twp, McKean County
Description: Environmental Health & Safety violation issued on 2019-02-19 to Msl Oil & Gas Corp in Lafayette Twp, McKean county. SWMA 302(A) - DISPOSAL, PROCESSING AND STORAGE OF RESIDUAL WASTE - Person disposed, processed, stored, or permitted the disposal, processing or storage of residual waste in a manner which is contrary to the rules and regulations of DEP or to any permit or to the terms or conditions of any permit or any order issued by DEP.
Incident Date/Time: 2019-02-19 00:00:00
Tags: PADEP, frack, violation, drilling
PA Permit Violation Issued to Msl Oil & Gas Corp in Lafayette Twp, McKean County
Description: Environmental Health & Safety violation issued on 2019-02-19 to Msl Oil & Gas Corp in Lafayette Twp, McKean county. SWMA 610(1) - UNLAWFUL CONDUCT - Person dumped or deposited, or permitted the dumping or depositing, of solid waste onto the surface of the ground or underground or into the waters of the Commonwealth, without a permit for the dumping of such solid wastes from DEP.
Incident Date/Time: 2019-02-19 00:00:00
Tags: PADEP, frack, violation, drilling

Call James Young In Bradford To Save Money On All Kinds Of Insurance Needs

Rev Hoopes Trucking Expanding In Pennsylvania, New York & New Jersey; Many Positions Available

Hamilton's Maple Products & Pancake House Open For Breakfast Sat. & Sun.


UPMC Cole Seeking Nurses & Nurses Aides For Positions In Skilled Nursing & Rehab Department

New Moon Power Equipment – Year End Blowout!!

Test Drive The Home Seller/Home Buyer Transaction With Howard Hanna Professionals Thursday At Hamlin Memorial Library

Friday, February 22, 2019

Driver involved in hit and run returns to repair damage caused in the accident

PSP Mansfield investing a report of Terroristic Threats

Elkland woman treated for minor injuries after losing control of her car on a snow covered roadway

Smethport man charged with violating a PFA

PSP Coudersport investigating a hit and run

Minor injuries sustained in one vehicle accident

Kane woman facing DUI charges

Walter E. Kellar, 83, of Spruce Avenue in Kane, PA

Walter E. Kellar

Walter E. Kellar, 83, of Spruce Avenue in Kane, PA, and a lifelong resident of Kane, died Wednesday, February 20, 2019 at the Cleveland Clinic following a brief illness.

Born March 31, 1935 in James City, he was the son of George and Nellie Witek Kellar. On February 24, 1991, he married Linda K. Swedenhjelm, who survives.
Korean War Veteran

Walt graduated from Kane Area Schools in 1953 and joined the U.S. Army during the Korean War. He belonged to the BPO Elks #329 in Kane, where he was a Past Exalted Ruler; the Kane Lions Club, the Kane Area Little League, for which he was developmental in the creation of the Flickerwood baseball fields, and was a purchasing agent for Allegheny Bradford Corp. – TopLine in Lewis Run for thirty-seven years.

Surviving, in addition to his wife, by sons David (Bonnie) Kellar and Stephen (Lori) Kellar, both of Denver, Colo.; a stepson John (Nancy) Rezzelle of Kane, a stepdaughter Holly (James Huckabone) Rezzelle Crowley of Mt. Jewett; and grandchildren Carson, Krista, Kane and Victoria Kellar, Connor and Jenny Crowley and Alex Rezzelle.

He was preceded in death, besides his parents, by sisters Victoria Fitzgerald, Josephine Kellar, Helen Rolfe, Genevieve Burns, Leona Kellar and Charlotte Lyte.

A Celebration of Walt’s Life will be held at the Elks Lodge in Kane in the near future, and will be announced.

Memorial contributions may be made to the Kane Food Pantry, P.O. Box 744, or to the Kane Area Little League, c/o James C. Vito, 32 N. Tionesta Ave., both in Kane, PA 16735.

You may view the obituary and guestbook here:

G2 Gymnastics –XCEL Silver Champions

Pictured L-R
Front Row: Carly Reed, Ava Gentzyel, Kaitlyn Gentzyel, Olivia Fetzer, Jenna Wylie
2nd Row: Layla Willow, Ella Austin, Skyler Cooper, Irelyn Rounsville, Payton Danforth, Ana Haynes
3rd Row: Emma Sisson, Ashley Oswald, Reese Thompson, Catence Taylor, Addison Amidon, Kendra Niver
Back Row: Anna Schuessler, Ava Peterson, Kaylee Oswald, Genecis Easton, Brynn Cygan, Mia Shaffer, Hannah Fleniken, Adelyn Walker, Brielle Fidurko
Recently, G2 Gymnastics of Shinglehouse, traveled to Williamsport, PAto participate in the Annual Climb High Gymnastics Invitational hosted by Dynamats Gymnastics.Twenty-six team members represented G2 at the event. They turned in another strong performance as the XCEL Silvers became champions in the Team division along with Level 2s taking 3rd place and Level 3s taking 4th place against very tough competition.G2 also brought home almost 70individual awards including all around champions: Silver-Kaylee Oswald (37.80) and Level 5-Ashley Oswald (35.325), silver finishers: Level 5-Anna Schuessler (35.00), and bronze finishers: Level 3-Kaitlyn Gentzyel (36.925) and Level 5-Irelyn Rounsville (34.95). Event champions include: Carly Reed-bars (9.45), Addison Amidon-bars (9.475), IrelynRounsville-vault (9.55), Anna Schuessler-beam (9.20) and floor (9.25), Brynn Cygan-beam (9.55), Kaylee Oswald-vault (9.55) and bars (9.375). A special congratulations to Level 4 Brielle Fidurko and Level 5 Anna Schuessler for qualifying to the PA USA Gymnastics State Championships held this spring.
TheG2 Gymnastics Competitive Team will continue training and traveling as they are heading to Butler, PA this weekend to compete in the Fun in the Sun Gymnastics Invitational.

G2 Gymnastics offers programming for boys and girls, starting at age 3. Online registration is available for the curren tfive week session that will run through March 16th. It’s not too late to get involved. For more information, please visit: or email

9.0 CLUB
VAULT: Ava Gentzyel-9.10, Kaitlyn Gentzyel-9.45, Carly Reed-9.20, Catence Taylor-9.45, Addison Amidon-9.25, Jenna Wylie-9.15, Irelyn Rounsville-9.55, Ashley Oswald-9.20, Anna Schuessler-9.30, Kaylee Oswald-9.55, Hannah Fleniken-9.45, Genecis Easton-9.40
BARS: Kaitlyn Gentzyel-9.325, Carly Reed-9.45, Addison Amidon-9.475, Jenna Wylie-9.10, Mia Shaffer-9.35, Brynn Cygan-9.0, Kaylee Oswald-9.375, Hannah Fleniken-9.15, Genecis Easton-9.30

BEAM: Payton Danforth-9.10, Ella Austin-9.0, Kaitlyn Gentzyel-9.05, Carly Reed-9.15, Addison Amidon-9.10, Jenna Wylie-9.15, Ashley Oswald-9.10, Anna Schuessler-9.20, Mia Shaffer-9.475, Brynn Cygan-9.55, Kaylee Oswald-9.475, Hannah Fleniken-9.10, Genecis Easton-9.15, Ava Peterson-9.625
FLOOR: Kaitlyn Gentzyel-9.10, Catence Taylor-9.15, Addison Amidon-9.10, Jenna Wylie-9.475, Brielle Fidurko-9.0, Kendra Niver-9.05, Adelyn Walker-9.125, Anna Schuessler-9.25, Brynn Cygan-9.05, Kaylee Oswald-9.40, Genecis Easton-9.10, Ava Peterson-9.0

34.00: Skyler Cooper-34.75, Payton Danforth-34.40, Ella Austin-34.875, Ava Gentzyel-34.125, Brielle Fidurko-34.95, Irelyn Rounsville-34.95
35.00: Catence Taylor-35.95, Ashley Oswald-35.325, Anna Schuessler-35.00, Mia Shaffer-35.675
36.00:Kaitlyn Gentzyel-36.925, Carly Reed-36.75, Addison Amidon-36.925, Jenna Wylie-36.875, Brynn Cygan-36.45, Hannah Fleniken-36.55, Genecis Easton-36.95, Ava Peterrson-36.025
37.00: Kaylee Oswald-37.80

Full Meet Results:

Skyler Cooper: vault-8.90-6th, bars-8.0, beam-8.95-4th, floor-8.90-6th, AA-34.75
Ana Haynes: vault-8.75, bars-7.10, beam-8.75-5th, floor-8.80, AA-33.40
Olivia Fetzer: vault-8.65, bars-6.75, beam-8.20, floor-8.85, AA-32.45
Payton Danforth: vault-8.35, bars-8.20-6th, beam-9.10-5th, floor-8.75-6th, AA-34.40-6th
Ella Austin: vault-8.70-5th, bars-8.40-4th, beam-9.0-6th, floor-8.775-5th, AA-34.875-4th
Layla Willow: vault-8.55, bars-6.0, beam-8.20, floor-8.10, AA-30.85

Ava Gentzyel: vault-9.10, bars-8.25, beam-8.20, floor-8.575, AA-34.125
Kaitlyn Gentzyel: vault-9.45-3rd, bars-9.325-2nd, beam-9.05-5th, floor-9.10-3rd, AA-36.925-3rd
Carly Reed: vault-9.20, bars-9.45-1st, beam-9.15-4th floor-8.95-4th, AA-36.75-4th
Reese Thompson: vault-8.80, bars-7.25, beam-7.10, floor-8.65, AA-31.80
Catence Taylor: vault-9.45-5th, bars-8.45, beam-8.90, floor-9.15, AA-35.95
Addison Amidon: vault-9.25-7th, bars-9.475-1st, beam-9.10-7th, floor-9.10, AA-36.925-4th
Jenna Wylie: vault-9.15, bars-9.10-7th, beam-9.15-6th, floor-9.475-2nd, AA-36.875-5th
Emma Sisson: vault-8.80, bars-7.85, beam-8.25, floor-8.75, AA-33.65

Brielle Fidurko: vault-8.90-6th, bars-8.15, beam-8.90, floor-9.0-6th, AA-34.95-3rd
Kendra Niver: vault-8.55, bars-7.50, beam-8.55, floor-9.05-8th, AA-33.65

IrelynRounsville: vault-9.55-1st, bars-7.90-3rd, beam-8.60-3rd, floor-8.90-3rd, AA-34.95-3rd
Adelyn Walker: vault-8.75, bars-7.80, beam-8.15, floor-9.125-2nd, AA-33.825
Ashley Oswald: vault-9.20-3rd, bars-8.30-2nd, beam-9.10-2nd, floor-8.725, AA-35.325-1st
Anna Schuessler: vault-9.30-2nd, bars-7.25, beam-9.20-1st, floor-9.25-1st, AA-35.00-2nd

Mia Shaffer: vault-8.35, bars-9.35-3rd, beam-9.475-4th, floor-8.50, AA-35.675
Brynn Cygan: vault-8.85, bars-9.0, beam-9.55-1st, floor-9.05, AA-36.45
Kaylee Oswald: vault-9.55-1st, bars-9.375-1st, beam-9.475-3rd, floor-9.40-2nd, AA-37.80-1st
Hannah Fleniken: vault-9.45-2nd, bars-9.15-4th, beam-9.10, floor-8.85, AA-36.55
Genecis Easton: vault-9.40-3rd, bars-9.30-2nd, beam-9.15, floor-9.10-4th, AA-36.95-4th

Ava Peterson: vault-8.60, bars-8.80-3rd, beam-9.625-2nd, floor-9.0-6th, AA-36.025-4th

CCHS Students Conduct Community Heart & Soul Interviews

CCHS Seniors from Mrs. Copp’s Communication Class. Left to Right:  Laila Smith, Chloe Burgett, Alyvia McKimm, Casie Frey, Kamme Cuisto, Ally Narby. Missing from Photo: Marcus Brown.
Walt Disney once said, “Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.” Using this ideal as motivating inspiration, members of the Cameron County Project (CCP), over the past several months, have felt a strong obligation to reach the voices and opinions of the younger generation as part of the CCP’s Resident-Driven Visioning Study. Unfortunately, the views of children and teenagers are oftentimes overlooked and sometimes hard to discover. However, the CCP has explained that in order to build a more prosperous Cameron County now and for years to come, the hopes, concerns, and calls to action of our younger residents should be taken into consideration. Luckily, the CCP’s commitment to this objective came to fruition thanks to a coalition between the CCP and Mrs. Carrie Copp’s Senior Communications Class! This union was made possible by the diligent efforts of Amy Goode of the Community Education Center of Elk and Cameron Counties (CEC). As Program Manager of the CEC, Goode is in charge of a partnership called the Discover Partnership. It helps connect schools, businesses, and communities. Therefore, Goode thought that the CCP would benefit from this partnership to reach into the halls of the Cameron County schools. When asked why she thought it was important to consider the views of younger Cameron County residents to find solutions to help their county prosper, Goode stated, “It is important for the youth to have pride and respect in their community in order to keep them there. Providing opportunities for them to express their voice is an important piece to providing them with a connection within their community and to promote that pride.”

In Copp’s class, her students have initiated mini-community heart and soul studies by identifying the multiple “voices” among their peers and fellow students at Cameron County Jr./Sr. High School (CCHS). These “voices” include, but are not limited to, band members, shop students, environmental/outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, honor students, students in the workforce, and “uninvolved students” (kids who are not involved in any school activities). After discerning these various voices, Copp’s students began the process of conducting one-on-one interviews with other students by recording them via videotape. Also, Copp’s class is going to be broadening their study by interviewing teachers at CCHS. Furthermore, her students have written blog posts answering the CCP’s Heart & Soul question survey. Their blogs will be posted within the next few weeks! Please feel free to read them online at or check out the CCP Facebook and Instagram pages!
Thanks to Copp’s students, the CCP has gained insightful information and ideas which seemed to have carried across different grade levels which could result in implementable actions going forward with the CCP’s future projects and overall goals.

Additionally, members of the CCP have been able to gather data by working with the creative and imaginative children of Woodland Elementary School. This was made possible by working with the Cameron County Family Center. During their After School Express programs, both 3rd and 4th graders were encouraged to draw/create My Cameron County brochures about their favorite places in Cameron County. Along with the 3rd and 4th graders, the CCP received the opportunity to work with the kindergartners in both Mrs. Bauer and Purcell’s classes. Their students, using crayons, paper bags, and construction paper, built their own towns with their favorite places in Cameron County. With the brochures and constructed towns, some of the places these children love include the following: playgrounds, churches in the county, Sizerville swimming pool, Pizza Palace Plus, Emporium Shurfine, Barbara Moscato Brown Memorial Library, Aroma Café & Bakery and many more! Between CCHS and Woodland Elementary School, the CCP is grateful for the time and effort they have given to share their thoughts on how they would like to see Cameron County grow for future generations to come.

Contact Jessica Herzing at or for more information or for fun and exciting volunteer opportunities for everyone!

Ruth I. “Aunt Ruthie” Swedenhjelm, 88, of Route 6 east of Kane, PA

Ruth I. “Aunt Ruthie” Swedenhjelm

Ruth I. “Aunt Ruthie” Swedenhjelm, 88, of Route 6 east of Kane, PA, died Wednesday afternoon, February 20, 2019 at her home.

Born February 26, 1930 in Kane, she was the daughter of Robert and Edith Peterson Swedenhjelm.

Ruth had worked at Stackpole in Kane for many years. She was a member of Tabor Ev. Lutheran Church in Kane, was a championship bowler and loved traveling and caring for her wild birds.

Surviving are seventeen nieces and nephews, many great nieces and nephews, five cousins and her pet friend, Chloe.

She was preceded in death sisters Helen Umpleby, Joyce Peterson and Cleo Fleeger, and brothers Paul “Skip”, Ray, Wendy, Gary, Darrell, Robert and Thomas Swedenhjelm.

Friends may call at the Ronald McDonald II Funeral Home, Inc. on Sunday from 4:00 to 6:00, and may attend a service there at 1:00 on Monday with the rev. Bill Waterman, pastor of the Tabor Lutheran Church, officiating. Interment will follow in Mount Tabor Cemetery.

Memorial contributions may be made to Tabor Lutheran Church, 200 Dawson St., or to the Kane Fire Dept., P.O. Box 66, both in Kane, PA 16735.

Ruth A. Carty, 84, of Bradford, PA

Ruth A. Carty

Ruth A. Carty, 84, of Bradford, PA, passed away Thursday, February 21, 2019, at Bradford Regional Medical Center.

Born October 18, 1934 in Bradford, she was a daughter of the Edward and late Suzi (Anderson) Cooper. She was a 1951 graduate of Bradford High School.

Ruth was employed at Singer's Country Store, Bradford Regional Medical Center, and prior to her retirement she worked as a nurses aid at the Pavilion @ BRMC.

She enjoyed doing crossword puzzles, reading, shopping, time with her dog, most especially spending time with her family.

Surviving are three daughters, Terri Carty, Wendy Arnett, Bambi Bryant, one son, Larry Carty, all of Bradford, four grandchildren, eight great grandchildren, and several nieces and nephews.

She was preceded in death by her parents, her husband Lawrence E. Carty, one daughter Robin Distrola, three sisters, Mary Cooper, Hazel Woodring, and Edith Deitz, and one brother John Cooper.

At the families request there will be no services observed. Burial will be in Oak Hill Cemetery.

Funeral arrangements are under the direction of the Hollenbeck-Cahill Funeral Homes Inc. .

Memorials contributions if desired, may be made to the SPCA or a charity of the donor's choice.

Online condolences may be expressed at

Coudersport Ambulance to South East Street

At 5:59 PM on Friday, Coudersport ambulance has been dispatched to the 500 block of South East Street for a man fallen with a chest injury.

Lewis Run Dispatched to Natural Gas Leak

At 5:36 PM on Friday, Lewis Run Fire Dept. has been dispatched to South Avenue for a report of a natural gas leak outside a residence.

Gregory Peter Greene, 70, a lifelong resident of Galeton, PA

Gregory P. Greene

Gregory Peter Greene, 70, a lifelong resident of Galeton, PA, passed away in his home on Thursday, February 21, 2019.

Born on May 1, 1948 in Wellsboro, he was a son of Leighton Raymond and Edna Abrahamson Greene. 
US Army Veteran

He was a graduate of Galeton High School. Greg honorably served in the U.S. Army as an administrative specialist. He was employed in the oil/gas industry.

Greg was a member of the Raymond Richar VFW Post 6611 in Galeton.

Surviving are a sister, Marcia E. (Kenneth J.) Wingo of Ulysses; two nieces, Tess (Mike) Thome and Amanda (Dave) VanderWeele; and seven grandnieces and grandnephews.

In addition to his parents, Greg was predeceased by a sister, Cheryl A. Greene.

Private graveside burial services will be held in the West Hill Cemetery, Galeton.
In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to Gale Hose Ambulance Company, PO Box 223, Galeton, PA 16922.

Greg’s family has entrusted his care to Kevin J. Dusenbury, funeral director/owner of the Virgil L. Howard Funeral Home, Shinglehouse.

To express condolences or share a fond memory of Greg, please visit

Pitt Launches Groundbreaking Program in Ongoing Effort to Support Students With Financial Need

PITTSBURGH—The University of Pittsburgh today announced the creation of the Pitt Success Pell Match Program, kicking off the largest restructuring of financial aid in the institution’s nearly 232-year history.

The Pitt Success Pell Match Program will leverage the power of the U.S. Department of Education’s Pell Grant program by matching these federal funds, dollar for dollar, up to the cost of attendance for eligible students across all five of Pitt’s campuses. The program is one of seven initiatives that the University has launched or added in recent years to help make Pitt more affordable and accessible for students and families.

“We want any prospective student with the desire and the qualifications to be able to attend the University of Pittsburgh and succeed,” Chancellor Patrick Gallagher said. “This program is one means to that end. It is part of a comprehensive charge that our University is advancing — one initiative at a time — to help all students access a Pitt education, afford a Pitt education and then excel in their Pitt education.”

With this new initiative, the University’s total investment in students with financial need across all campuses will top $130 million in 2019–20 — a 47 percent increase compared to contributions five years ago.

The University enrolls roughly 5,000 students who receive Pell Grants, and the average grant awarded is $4,500. The Pitt Success Pell Match Program, which will begin matching Pell Grants for the 2019–20 academic year, will immediately reduce the total cost of a Pitt education for qualifying students and their families. The University estimates that 84 percent of recipients will be in-state students.

“Since my appointment, I have reflected on ensuring access to, and affordability of, a great Pitt education,” said Ann E. Cudd, who has just completed her first semester as Pitt’s provost and senior vice chancellor. “Today, with the launch of the Pitt Success Pell Match Program, I am very excited that we are taking another important step in our efforts to support inclusive excellence.”

For students on the University’s four regional campuses — where nine out of 10 students are Pennsylvania residents — this new initiative boosts the University’s investment in financial need by 68 percent and increases the University’s average financial aid award by 114 percent compared to five years ago.

The University has recently launched six other access and affordability initiatives. These are Panthers Forward, Pittsburgh Public Scholars, the Pittsburgh Admissions Collaboration, Pitt Fund$Me, Coalition for College and Raise Me.

Fish Fry Today At St. Gabriel in Port Allegany

The #1 Coudersport Falcon boys will travel to St. Mary's

Falcon Basketball

The #1 Coudersport Falcon boys will travel to St. Mary's (again!) to take on the #4 Karns City Gremlins in the semifinals of Class AA basketball.

Winner will take on the winner of #2 Ridgway and #3 Keystone.

Broadcast will begin at 5:45 with tipoff at 6 PM.

Women’s Energy Network Susquehanna Valley Chapter hosts Kick-Off Event

WILLIAMSPORT, PA, FEBRUARY 22: The Women’s Energy Network (WEN) Susquehanna Valley Chapter will hold a kick-off event 6-8 p.m. February 27 at the Genetti Hotel and Suites in Williamsport.

This event is open to all Pennsylvania women and men who are involved in any aspect of the energy industry - from oil and gas, to electric, solar, wind, biofuels, utilities and everything in between. The event sponsor is Chief Oil & Gas, with associate sponsor Elk Environmental Services, venue sponsor Genetti Hotel and Suites and support sponsor Pennoni.

• Key Note Speaker: Shannon Munro, Vice President of Workforce Development & Continuing Education, Pennsylvania College of Technology
• Meet the new WEN Susquehanna Valley Board of Directors
• Find out about upcoming events in the region and how you can get involved as a member of WEN Susquehanna Valley
• Networking and light refreshments
If your company touches Pennsylvania’s energy industry, you won’t want to miss being a part of this exciting new chapter of the premier organization for educating and developing women across the value chain.

Registration is encouraged, but walk-ins will be welcomed at the door. To register, go to .

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor of this event or future events, please contact Cherie Craft at

Allegany County Firefighters Respond To House Fire on County Road 7a Thursday

Allegany County Fire Wire
Yesterday at 5:55 AM ·

Delayed Post

New Hudson, Cuba, Friendship, Belfast, and Rushford worked a fully involved structure fire early this morning on County Rd 7a. Reports are that everyone made it out safe but the structure is a total loss. The fire investigation team was also called in

Headline Harrisburg by Rep. Matt Gabler

Facebook Website Bio Latest News State Forms Photo Gallery Contact

Headline Harrisburg
Friday, February 22, 2019
The latest news from the State Capitol 

This email includes:
  • Preparing PA Students for Careers
  • Good Jobs for PA: Focusing on Careers, Not Just "The Minimum"
  • New Jobs Coming to DuBois
  • Calling All Sportsmen
  • CWD Update
  • Working Toward a Taxpayer-Friendly State Budget
  • Improving the Do-Not-Call List

Preparing PA Students for Careers

As a foundational part of the #GoodJobs4PA initiative, the House Education Committee unveiled a package of bills aimed at improving career and technical education (CTE) in Pennsylvania.

The package of bills includes:
  • House Bill 265, which would expand the online database that allows students and potential students to plan where courses, programs, certificates and diplomas transfer among public schools and institutions of higher education.
  • House Bill 297, which would direct the State Department of Education to develop materials outlining workforce needs, including training opportunities and future earning potential.
  • House Bill 334, which would expedite the approval of important educational programs to respond better to industry and workforce demands.
  • House Bill 393 (to be introduced soon), which would create an online career resource center.
  • House Bill 394 (to be introduced soon), which would require the Pennsylvania Department of Education to inventory workforce development programs offered at secondary and postsecondary institutions.
  • House Bill 395 (to be introduced soon), which would require CTE programs to establish occupational advisory committees.
  • House Bill 396 (to be introduced soon), which would add at least one member from a Career and Technical Center to each Workforce Development Board.
  • House Bill 522, which would create a CTE investment incentive program, including tax credits for contributions to support CTE programs and enrollment expansion programs.
These bills are designed to increase awareness of job-training opportunities and high-demand careers for students.

Good Jobs for PA: Focusing on Careers, Not Just "The Minimum"

A key to economic success for all Pennsylvanians and the Commonwealth as a whole is to ensure our students and workers are prepared to fill the good-paying jobs of today and tomorrow.

House Republicans launched our #GoodJobs4PA initiative this week, focusing on efforts to enhance our workforce development system to help students, under-employed and unemployed adults, as well as returning military veterans and others enter fulfilling, family-sustaining careers.

The bills aim to address the skills gap and worker shortages faced by industries across the state, as well as enhance educational programs and access to those opportunities for workers of all ages.

The launch coincided with the governor signing an executive order to create the Keystone Economic Development and Workforce Command Center. The center is charged with addressing barriers to employment and enhancing cooperation among education and workforce development entities.

New Jobs Coming to DuBois

More than 60 new jobs are coming to our area, thanks to expansion of the Danone North America plant in Sandy Township.

I was invited to attend the recent ribbon cutting for a new building, which will allow Danone to increase production of its plant-based foods such as yogurt alternatives and nutritional powders.

CWD Update

Chronic Wasting Disease has been discovered in a Bloom Township deer.

Please click here for the details.

Calling All Sportsmen


This Wednesday, Feb. 27, the House Game and Fisheries Committee will hold informational meetings to question both the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) and Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) about their annual reports.

You can watch the meetings on my website,, beginning at 10 a.m. (PGC) and 1:30 p.m. (PFBC).

Working Toward a Taxpayer-Friendly State Budget

The House Appropriations Committee will now begin a series of hearings designed to highlight individual government agencies and evaluating the role they play in crafting the 2019-20 budget.

All the hearings will be streamed through my website,

Here is the schedule of testifiers for next week:

Monday, Feb. 25 -

10 a.m./PA State Police and Homeland Security
1 p.m./Criminal Justice: Corrections, Board of Probation and Parole, Commission on Crime and Delinquency, Juvenile Court Judges' Commission
3 p.m./Department of Health and Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs

Tuesday, Feb. 26 -
10 a.m./Office of Administration and Office for Information Technology
1 p.m./Department of Transportation
3 p.m./Department of General Services

Wednesday, Feb. 27 –
10 a.m./Gaming Control Board
1 p.m./Department of Community and Economic Development
3 p.m./Liquor Control Board

Thursday, Feb. 28 -
10 a.m./Department of Human Services

Improving the Do-Not-Call List

Helping Pennsylvanians cut down on the number of telemarketing calls they receive is the goal of House Bill 318, which was passed this week.

The bill gives Pennsylvanians the ability to sign up for the state’s telemarketing "do-not-call" list without requiring them to re-register every five years.

The bill also aims to cut down on the annoyance of telemarketing calls during holidays by banning telemarketing calls on legal holidays. It would also ban the use of calls from computerized auto-dialers (robocalls).