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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Mature Female Caregiver Wanted In Coudersport

PUC Stresses Sales & Marketing Regulations for Competitive Suppliers; Reaffirms Commitment to Disclosure, Integrity of PA’s Retail Energy Markets

HARRISBURG –April 03, 2019-- Reaffirming its commitment to full disclosure and integrity in the state’s retail energy markets, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) again is highlighting state regulations governing Marketing and Sales Practices for the Retail Residential Energy Market.

In a Secretarial Letter to competitive electric generation and natural gas suppliers (suppliers), consumer and small business advocates, the Commission provides guidance and reminders on sales and marketing practices for Pennsylvania’s retail residential energy market found at 52 Pa. Code, Chapter 111 - reiterating what is expected of suppliers in any sales and marketing activities and the PUC’s imposition of fines and penalties on suppliers for non-compliance with regulations.

The Commission’s Secretarial Letter addresses sales and marketing activities related to telemarketing, door-to-door sales, direct mail and electronic solicitations, and a supplier’s use of agents, vendors and/or contractors. The PUC continually monitors suppliers and their sales and marketing activities through both the PUC’s Office of Competitive Market Oversight and its Bureau of Consumer Services.

On March 14th and March 28th, the Commission moved to impose civil penalties and mandate certain remedial actions against multiple electric generation suppliers for violations of regulations governing door-to-door sales - including failure to conduct proper criminal background checks on third-party vendors, ignoring local permitting ordinances and failure to provide required notifications to state and local authorities.

Regarding door-to-door sales, the Commission again reminds consumers that in Pennsylvania, from April 1 through Sept. 30, hours for door-to-door sales and marketing expand one hour, from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. When a local ordinance has stricter limitations, a supplier must comply with the local ordinance.

Additionally, the PUC continually advises consumers to immediately seek proper identification before engaging a salesperson. Regulations require agents who conduct door-to-door activities, or appear at public events, to wear an identification badge. The badge must:

  • Accurately identify the supplier, its trade name and logo;
  • Display the agent’s photograph;
  • Display the agent’s full name;
  • Be prominently displayed; and
  • Display a customer-service phone number for the supplier.

Upon first contact with a customer, an agent must identify himself by name, the energy supplier he represents, and the reason for the visit. Additionally, the agent must make clear that he is not working for - and is independent of - the customer’s local utility or any other supplier. The agent may not wear apparel or accessories – or even carry equipment containing branding elements – that suggests a relationship with a utility, government agency, or other supplier.

The PUC urges consumers to avoid intimidating sales pitches pressuring them to act now, reminding them that they are not required to choose a competitive supplier for their electricity or natural gas supply. However, should they elect to enter into a contract with a competitive supplier, residents should expect the following once the supplier’s sales agent completes a transaction:

Before the agent leaves the residence, the customer should receive a copy of each signed or initialed document relating to the transaction;
The agent must explain the supplier’s verification process that is used to confirm the customer’s intent to switch suppliers;
The agent must provide the customer with a full disclosure statement with all contractual terms and conditions along with a shorter contract summary that highlights the most important terms; and
Agents must remind customers that they may rescind the transaction within three business days after receiving the disclosure statement.

Agents must immediately leave a residence when requested to do so, and furthermore must honor a customer’s request to be exempted from future door-to-door sales and marketing activities. Upon receipt of such a request, the agent notifies the supplier, which removes the customer from their databases within two business days.

As for telemarketing calls, the Commission stressed that agents must immediately identify themselves, identify the supplier they are representing and the reason for the call –also stressing that state and federal “Do Not Call” lists and regulations apply to all suppliers and are intended to safeguard consumers on those lists from unwanted calls. In addition to Do Not Call list protections, suppliers are also required to honor requests from individual consumer to not be contacted again.

When facing an aggressive sales agent or suspecting a potential scam, consumers are encouraged to contact the PUC’s Bureau of Consumer Services at 1-800-692-7380, as well as alert their local utility. Consumers who feel threatened or are concerned about their safety should contact local authorities to report the incident.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission balances the needs of consumers and utilities; ensures safe and reliable utility service at reasonable rates; protects the public interest; educates consumers to make independent and informed utility choices; furthers economic development; and fosters new technologies and competitive markets in an environmentally sound manner.

For recent news releases and video of select Commission proceedings or more information about the PUC, visit our website at Follow the PUC on Twitter – @PA_PUC for all things utility. “Like” PA Public Utility Commission” on Facebook for easy access to information on electric shopping.

Headline Harrisburg by Rep. Matt Gabler

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Headline Harrisburg
Saturday, April 06, 2019
The latest news from the State Capitol 

This email includes:
  • PA’s Emergency Responder Crisis
  • Bridge Work Continues on I-80 in Clearfield County
  • Are You Ready?
  • Recognizing Our Future Leaders
  • New Lights for School Vehicles
  • New Voting Machines in PA?
  • Help for Lyme Disease Treatment
  • Mark Your Calendar
  • Good Money Habits Training Resource for Kids
  • The Tax Man Cometh

PA’s Emergency Responder Crisis

Click here to view video.

Pennsylvania is facing a crisis when it comes to finding a new generation of emergency responders.

On Monday, I joined my fellow members of the House Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee for a public hearing on the Senate Resolution 6 (SR6) Report, which you can view by clicking here.

A 39-member commission was established to create the report, the purpose being to examine the challenges of recruiting and maintaining volunteer firefighters.

I hope you'll take a few minutes to listen to the exchange I had with some of the testifiers, as we look for answers to this problem.

Bridge Work Continues on I-80 in Clearfield County


Beginning this Monday, April 8, Shiloh Road will be closed temporarily to demolish the travel lanes of the Shiloh Road bridges on Interstate 80 east of mile marker 125 in Bradford Township. The closure is currently expected to last through next Friday, April 12.

The official detour will use Shiloh Road, Bigler Cutoff Road and Route 322. Later this summer, traffic on I-80 will be switched to the travel lanes and work will begin on replacing the passing lane sides of the bridges.

Recognizing Our Future Leaders

On Thursday, I presented U.S. and PA flags to Matthew Wachob, a Jefferson County-Dubois Area Vocational-Technical School student whose senior project will involve building a memorial wall at the Brady Township Fire Company.

Thank you to Matthew's father, Scott (pictured with us), for helping to raise a good young man!

New Voting Machines in PA?

When we vote in next year’s elections, there is a very good chance your ballot will be cast on updated machines.

This Monday, April 8, the House State Government Committee, of which I am a member, will hold an informational meeting on issues surrounding voting system replacement in the Commonwealth.

You can watch the meeting on my website,, beginning at 10 am.

Are You Ready?


Next Saturday, April 13, is the opening day of trout season in Clearfield and Elk counties. Please click here for more information, and good luck on the water!

New Lights for School Vehicles

Under current law, school vehicles, which are vehicles smaller than school buses that transport school students, are not considered authorized vehicles for the purposes of visual signals such as revolving and flashing yellow lights.

This Wednesday, April 10, the House Transportation Committee will vote House Bill 364, my legislation that would authorize the use of revolving and flashing yellow lights for school vehicles, such as vans and mini-vans.

I’ll post the result of the vote at

Help for Lyme Disease Treatment

Pennsylvania has consistently ranked among the highest in the country in confirmed cases of Lyme disease.

To help those affected by this disease and other related tick-borne illnesses, the House Health Committee approved legislation that would require health insurers to cover treatment plans for Lyme disease or related tick-borne illnesses as prescribed by a patient’s health care practitioner, regardless if the treatment plan includes short-term or long-term antibiotic treatment.

Lyme disease can be easily treated with antibiotics when caught and treated early. If untreated, the disease can cause joint swelling, cardiac or neurologic complications. The most severe cases can be debilitating.

House Bill 629 now moves to the full House for consideration.

For more information on the signs and symptoms of Lyme disease, and how to protect yourself from tick bites, click here.

Mark Your Calendar


Good Money Habits Training Resource for Kids

To help high school and college students make smart money decisions, Pennsylvania is launching a new program called the “FinLit Forum.”

The conference-style program involves multiple state and nonprofit agencies that provide high school and college students with critical financial knowledge to be successful in the next stages of their lives.

The program addresses many “real life” financial issues of young people, including banking basics, introduction to budgeting, understanding credit reports and scores, scams and identity theft, insurance 101, and financial aid.

Learn more here.

Tax Day Approaching

The Monday, April 15, deadline to file your federal, state and local taxes is fast approaching.

If you received more than $33 in total gross taxable income in calendar year 2018, you must file a Pennsylvania Personal Income Tax return by midnight on April 15.

You can file online for free through PAdirectfile, a secure, state-only electronic income tax filing system by clicking here.

If you want to use an online tax preparing service, Pennsylvania has deals with certain providers for free e-filing. You can learn more about these services by clicking here

Income tax assistance is available through the department’s Online Customer Service Center, or by calling 717-787-8201 between 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Pennsylvanians can also visit a Department of Revenue district office for basic state personal income tax filing assistance. Assistance at these offices is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Good People in Port Allegany

I would like to thank the two young men who came to my rescue on Tuesday April 2, about 5 pm in front of Fox’s In Port Allegany.

I was trying to hurry across the road because a trucker had stopped for me and was holding up traffic and I lost my balance and

hit my face, shoulder, hip and knee on the road. Whoever the two of you are, you both saved my life. I can never thank you enough.

God Bless you both and your families. I would also like to thank the workers in Fox's. They were very kind to me.

Carolyn Ventresca

Portville, Westons Dispatched to Working House Fire

At 8:25 pm on Saturday, Portville, Olean Town & Westons Mills have  been dispatched to a working house fire at 1026 Portvile-Olean Road. Westons Mills to Steam Valley Road for water supply. Tankers from Allegany & Eldred Borough to scene.
8:41 PM--Clarksvile Engine & Ambulance stand by in Portville. 
8:54 PM--Limestone to Westons Mills for standby. Derrick City to Olean Town for standby. Shinglehouse to stand by at Portville.
9:21 PM--Otto engine & crew to Derrick city standby. 
Last night at approximately 20:22 Engine Company #1, Westons Mills, and Olean Town were dispatched to a working structure fire on 417 near pizza land. Engine Company #1 chief arrived on scene and reported a working fire in a two story structure and he requested mutual aid. The mutual aid request brought in tankers from Hinsdale, Allegany, Eldred Boro and Clarksville on top of the initial alarm companies. Allegany also responded with an engine for manpower. Crews were rigorously to stop the fire with it being called under control around 21:30. Crews remained on scene doing overhaul and hitting hot spots until 00:06. Everyone did a great job and it was great work between multiple departments.

Port Allegany Dispatched For Vehicle Fire Threatening a Structure

At 6:32 PM on Saturday, Port Allegany Fire Dept. has been dispatched to 84 Pearl Street for a vehicle fire threatening a structure. Coudersport Rescue for RIT.
6:40 PM--Coudersport RECALLED. Overheated truck. Hold to Engine 3.

Alfred, Alfred Station Dispatched To ATV Rollover with Injuries

At 6:20 PM on Saturday, Alfred Station has been dispatched to an ATV Rollover accident at 5475 County Road 12. Alfred Ambulance dispatched. A 42 year old male is injured. The machine reportedly hit two trees and a utility pole before rolling over. 
6:37 PM--Alfred Station to set landing zone at County Road 12 & Kenyon Road. 
6:45 PM--Landing zone cancelled. Transporting to Jones Memorial. 
6:46 PM--Wellsville set up LZ for Mercy Flight 7.

Shinglehouse Man Pleads Guilty To Rape

Olean Times Herald

LITTLE VALLEY — A Pennsylvania man has pleaded guilty to committing a rape in Allegany last fall.

Caleb Moyer, 25, of Shinglehouse, Pa., pleaded guilty Monday in Cattaraugus County Court to third-degree rape, a class E felony.

According to District Attorney Lori Rieman, whose office reported the case Friday among others heard Monday, Moyer engaged in sexual intercourse with a person younger than 17 in November in the town of Allegany. Read more...

Coudersport Ambulance To Cole Manor

At 1:15 PM on Saturday, Coudersport Ambulance dispatched to Cole manor for a man ill.

Coudersport Vol. Fire Dept. has Busy week in and out of the District..

Coudersport Vol FireDept
Busy week in and out of the District..

3/25/19 18:16:32 2019-00009363 MVA 1028 E SECOND ST, EULALIA TWP SWEDEN VALLEY MANOR - 2 Vehicle crash w/o injuries, assisted by Cdspt PSP, Cdspt Boro PD, CVAA, Kightlingers. East bound lane was closed while crews worked and Vehicles were removed.
Rescue 8, Engine 2 responded 16 personnel in answered the call.

3/29/19 07:38:42 2019-00009766 INVESTIGATION 71 ELK ST, COUDERSPORT BORO Unknown person/s threw a rachet strap over power lines causing arching and smoking-notified Power Co. - Recalled all units, 9 personnel responded.

4/1/19 07:29:03 2019-00010097 HELICOPTER ASSIST 1081 E SECOND ST, EULALIA TWP Engine 2 responded with 5 and established an LZ , notified that due to weather the helicopter service cancelled - returned to service.

4/2/19 16:42:14 2019-00010290 VEHICLE FIRE 398 MAIN ST, ROULETTE TWP CNS LUMBER Units responded for mutual aid, all were cancelled by Roulette command except Engine 2 to Standby at their station. In all 17 personnel responded, stood-by at our station as well.

4/3/19 17:14:52 2019-00010407 WILD FIRE 122 WILLIAMS DR, WHARTON TWP Patrol 4, 14, 28 along with 8 FF's responded to the scene for mutual aid, others stood by at our Station, in all 21 personnel.

4/3/19 17:34:39 2019-00010429 MVA NORTH HOLLOW RD, COUDERSPORT BORO while standing by at our station for a mutual aid call with Austin, dispatched to to this MVA with multiple people w/2 Vehicle crash. Engine 2, Rescue 8 responded and all transported to CCMH, traffic was detoured while East Second St was closed while crews worked, PT's were treated. In all 17 personnel responded.

4/3/19 18:01:01 2019-00010439 TREE DOWN 140 N HOLLOW HTS,SWEDEN TWP SWEDEN HILL RD Engine 2 w/5 responded to this Rd hazard and cleared it making it safe and returned to service.

4/5/19 21:37:33 2019-00010734 STRUCTURE FIRE 31 ESSINGTON LN, GAINES TWP Tanker 5 w/2 responded as a special Tanker request for mutual aid. In all 13 responded and stood by at our Station until released, Tanker 5 returned to station and service @aporox midnight.

S. W. Smith Library Says Thank You...............

The 2019 Building Fun(d) 5K Run/Walk and Kid's Fun Run at the S.W. Smith Memorial Public Library on April 6 was AMAZING!!! 45 people came to run, walk, scoot, and ride in strollers and backpacks for their library! Even dogs showed up to walk or run! 

We are so very grateful to have a community that loves and supports the library! Thank you 5K runners, 5K walkers, 1.5 mile walkers, and Kids Fun Run participants! Special thanks to Jim and Sue Rankin, our local business sponsors, and volunteers!

Genesee, Ulysses Assembling For Search

At 11:43 AM on Saturday, Genesee Fire Department has been requested for mutual aid to Ulysses Fire Station for a search & rescue operation.
12:05 PM--Harrison Twp. to Ulysses Standby.
12:07 PM--Whitesvile Engine & crew to Genesee for standby.
12:08 PM--McKean County Dive Team requested to call.
12:12 PM--Coudersport ambulance requested to standby at Ulysses.

Full Time Public Works Employee being sought by Eldred Borough

James Young Can Help You Save On Insurance, Call Today For a Free Quote

Morgan Advanced Materials Seeking Machine Operators At Coudersport Facility

Veteran Resource & Job Fair being held at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford on April 9

Outdoorsmans Paradise Estate Sale, Saturday, April 13 in Knoxville, PA

Hamilton's Maple Products & Pancake House Open For Breakfast Sat. & Sun.


Estate Auction Saturday, April 6 at 385 Route 6 East, Galeton, PA

Estate Sale Saturday & Sunday On Anderson Street in Mt. Jewett

McKean County Republicans Meet-The-Candidate Wednesday, April 10th At Port Allegany Veterans Memorial Home

Estate Downsizing Sale Saturday, April 6th Only, Rt. 346, Duke Center, PA

Health Ride Plus Seeking Transportation Dispatcher/Scheduler in Coudersport

Friday, April 5, 2019


J&J Snack Foods Handhelds Corp. Recalls Stuffed Sandwich Products due to Possible Foreign Matter Contamination

J & J Snack Foods Handhelds Corp., a Holly Ridge, N.C. establishment, is recalling approximately 56,578 pounds of stuffed sandwich products that may be contaminated with extraneous materials, specifically semi-transparent plastic. Read more...

Nursing Positions Available At UPMC Cole Skilled Nursing & Rehab Department

UPMC Cole Seeking A Part-Time Healthcare Access Associate

Wellsboro is Competing to be Quarterfinalist in Independent We Stand's 2019 America's Main Streets Contest; Cast Votes Until April 21

Wellsboro, Pennsylvania is competing in the Independent We Stand 2019 America's Main Streets contest. The grand prize is $25,000 in cash for downtown revitalization and “buying local” activities.

Voting for the top 25 quarter finalists is now underway and will end at 11:59:59 p.m. on Sunday, April 21.

According to contest rules, an individual who is at least 18 years old as of Feb. 25, 2019 can cast an online vote for Wellsboro once every 24 hours now through April 21 from his or her IP address by visiting, clicking on the Wellsboro Main Street photograph and then on "Vote." Or, people can vote once a day by going to the Wellsboro Area Chamber of Commerce Facebook page or the From My Shelf Books Facebook page.

"During the inaugural contest in 2016, Wellsboro was named one of the top 10 semifinalists but did not win," said Kevin Coolidge, a member of the Wellsboro Area Chamber of Commerce who with his wife, co-own From My Shelf Books, an independent bookstore in Wellsboro. Coolidge nominated Wellsboro for the 2016 contest as well as the 2017 contest and this year's. "I am voting for Wellsboro to win $25,000 to invest in our downtown," said Coolidge. "People can help Wellsboro by voting online every day."

If Wellsboro is named one of the top 25 vote getters on April 22, people will be invited to help the town become one of the 10 semifinalists by voting daily online in the second round being held from 10 a.m. on Monday, April 29 to 11:59:59 p.m. on Sunday, May 26. The grand prize winner will be selected from the top 10 and told of the win on Sunday, June 2. The public announcement will be made on Monday, June 3.

The grand prize is a $25,000 check; a $1,000 certificate for STIHL equipment; Do it Best Corp. $500 shopping spree; PPG $500 shopping spree; $500 Nationwide Marketing Group shopping spree; Free One Day Downtown Assessment from Flip This Town, a special plaque ($100 value) and recognition on Independent We Stand social media channels and public relations outreach.

Initiated in 2016 by Independent We Stand, the national small business movement, the goal of this contest is to promote the importance and strong economic benefits of Main Streets and the small businesses that help them thrive and how communities can educate their neighbors about the many benefits of "buying local."

For more information, contact the Wellsboro Area Chamber of Commerce at 570-724-1926.

"Neighborhood Tours” Coming to Wild Spaces Around Wellsboro; Register Now

Blending into its surroundings is a "Sora," a relatively rare species of marsh bird. It can reliably be found in the springtime at The Muck foraging for seeds, insects, and snails as it makes its way through the thick marsh vegetation on foot.
How well do you know the wild animals and plants that live near you? Rich Hanlon, outdoor enthusiast, founder of the Best Life Community Network website, pastor of the United Methodist Church of Wellsboro and member of the Tiadaghton Audubon Society, will be leading small groups on “Neighborhood Tours” this spring and summer.

Those who would like to find out more are invited to visit, look for "Contact Rich to schedule a Neighborhood Tour near you" and fill in your name, email address and message.

In celebration of Wellsboro Borough recently being named a “Bird Town” under National Audubon Society guidelines, Hanlon is already planning a couple of Neighborhood Tours of The Muck during the month of May. The Muck, three miles north of Wellsboro, is designated as an important Bird Area. Groups of five to ten people will go on each tour. Registrants will have the opportunity to choose the date and time that work best for them.

To register for a Neighborhood Tour, contact Rich Hanlon at 1-412-992-6648,, or leave him a message at

Galeton & Wellsboro Dispatched to House Fire In Gaines

At 9:34 PM on Friday, Galeton & Wellsboro Fire & Ambulance has been dispatched to 31 Essington Lane in Gaines Township for a house fire.
Middlebury & Coudersport Tankers dispatched mutual aid.

Healthy Intervention & Safety Fair to be held at the Seneca Highlands Career and Technical Center

PennDOT Accepting Unsolicited Public-Private Partnership Proposals Until April 30 Submission period applies to PennDOT-owned projects and infrastructure

The PennDOT Office of Public-Private Partnerships (P3) announced today that it is accepting unsolicited proposals for transportation projects from the private sector through April 30.

The submission period applies to PennDOT-owned projects and infrastructure. During this period, the private sector can submit proposals offering innovative ways to deliver transportation projects across a variety of modes including roads, bridges, rail, aviation, and ports. Proposals can also include more efficient models to manage existing transportation-related services and programs.

The private sector may also submit applications for non-PennDOT-owned assets directly to the P3 board during this time. Transportation entities outside of the governor's jurisdiction, such as transit authorities, may establish their own timelines or accept proposals year-round. Unsolicited proposals are being accepted through 11:59 p.m. on April 30. Instructions on how to submit a project and information on the unsolicited proposal review process can be found on the state's P3 website,

The state's P3 law allows PennDOT and other transportation authorities and commissions to partner with private companies to participate in delivering, maintaining, and financing transportation-related projects.

As part of the P3 law, the seven-member Public Private Transportation Partnership Board was appointed to examine and approve potential public-private transportation projects. If the board determines a state operation would be more cost-effectively administered by a private company, the company will be authorized to submit a proposal and enter into a contract to either completely or partially take over that operation for a defined period of time.

The next unsolicited proposal acceptance period will occur in October. To learn more about P3 in Pennsylvania, including active projects, visit


The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford Vocal Ensemble in performance. The group, under the direction of Dr. Joshua Groffman, will hold a spring concert April 11 in Blaisdell Hall.
The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford Vocal Arts Ensemble will hold a spring concert at noon April 11 in the Studio Theater of Blaisdell Hall.

The concert, which is free and open to the public, is part of the university’s Spectrum series. A light lunch will be served as part of the event.

“We will be doing a program entitled ‘How Can I Keep from Singing?’ focusing on the power of music to celebrate and raise our spirits, with a mixture of pieces from different styles (popular music selections, world music, classical works),” said Dr. Joshua Groffman, assistant professor of music and director of the group. “It's a feel-good program that emphasizes the connections music can make between different communities.”

Solos will be performed by Brooke Imbriale, an interdisciplinary arts major from Beaver Falls, Michele Morra, a nursing major from Stratford, Conn., and Matthew Dubov, an engineering student from Whitehall.

Piano accompaniment will be provided by Hannah Hibbs a nursing major from Middleburg, and percussion will be contributed by Aedin Vetere, a psychology major from Bradford.

The Vocal Arts Ensemble rehearses and performs throughout the school year on the Pitt-Bradford campus and at select off-campus locations.

News from Seneca Highlands Career and Technical School


The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford will show the documentary “The Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords” April 8 in Room 161 of Swarts Hall.

Following the showing of the documentary at 6:30 p.m., Dr. Adam Cilli, assistant professor of history, will talk about his own research on Pittsburgh’s black newspaper, the Pittsburgh Courier.

PBS made the documentary in the 1990s, while editors and reporters from the heyday of the great black newspapers that existed in most major cities since the 1800s. The papers provided a unique voice for an often-ignored population.

An article by Cilli, “Robert L. Vann and the Pittsburgh Courier in the 1932 Presidential Election: An Analysis of Black Reformism in Interwar America” will appear in the April issue of The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography.

The article provides a brief biography of Vann, a Pitt alumnus and one of the few African-American attorneys in Pittsburgh who founded the Courier in 1910. In 1932, he would use his position as editor and publisher of the Courier to encourage his black readers to turn their backs on the party of Lincoln, who had emancipated slaves, and vote for Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The article is a continuation of the work Cilli did for his doctoral dissertation at the University of Maine, which dealt with black reformers in Pittsburgh during the early 20th century. It will be published as a book next year.

This is Cilli’s first year teaching at Pitt-Bradford. Previously, he has taught at the University of Maine, Gannon University and Texas A&M.

Bradford Churches hosting "My Easter Story", Public is invited

Jay Township, St. Marys Ambulance Dispatched To Crash On Bennetts Valley Highway

At 9:01 PM on Friday, Jay Township Fire Dept. & St. Marys Ambulance have been dispatched to Bennett's Valley Highway & Pine Avenue for a 2 vehicle accident with entrapment.

One Vehicle Crash with Injuries on Rt. 549

At 8:24 PM on Friday, Fire & Ambulance have been dispatched to 7021 Route 549 near Bailey Creek Road in Jackson Township for a one vehicle crash with injuries.


Posters are displayed in the hallway outside the library! 

Entrants may pick up their ice cream coupons for Drabees on Tues, Wed, or Sat in the library (10-1). Or come to the OPEN HOUSE this Sunday, April 7, (1-4). 

The winner in each category will be notified on Saturday, April 13. WELL DONE!

Eldred Township Dispatched To Chimney Fire In Residence

At 7:58 PM on Friday, Eldred Township Fire Dept. has been dispatched to a chimney fire at 1532 West Eldred Road, near the Fowler Brook Road. The residence has been evacuated.

Coudersport Rabies Clinic – Saturday, April 6, 2019 at Fire Hall

A Rabies Clinic will be held Saturday, April 6th from 1:00 to 4:00 pm at the Coudersport Fire Hall. 

All dogs, cats, and ferrets that are at least 12 weeks old can be vaccinated against the rabies virus. The first time a dog or cat receives a vaccine, it is good for one year. Each time after that, the vaccination is good for three years. Ferrets must be vaccinated annually.

All animals attending the clinic must be on a leash or in a container. Cost is $5.00 per animal. The clinic is sponsored by Dr. Lindsay Schwartzmeyer of the Potter County Veterinary Clinic, LLC.

Constance Corbran Albaugh, 87, of Russell, PA

Constance Albaugh

Constance Corbran Albaugh, 87, of Russell, PA., died peacefully surrounded by her family, on Thursday morning, April 4, 2019 at her residence. 

Connie was born July 12, 1931 in Sheffield, PA and was the daughter of the late Anthony and Victoria Kujawa Corbran. 

She was a Russell area resident since 1973 and formerly of Warren, PA. Connie was a 1949 graduate of Warren High School and was employed as a telephone operator with the former Bell Telephone Company for 25 years. She was a member of St. Joseph R.C. Church, and Bell Telephone Pioneers. Connie loved to spend time with her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. She was an avid cook, baker and enjoyed going to the casino. 

She is survived by her 2 children – Daniel K. Albaugh and wife, F. Darlene and Cheryl Reagle and husband, Larry all of Russell, PA., 3 Grandchildren – Jeffrey Young and wife, Tara of Bradenton, Florida, Amanda Albaugh Sobocinski and husband, Dane of Russell, PA., Daniel M. Albaugh and wife, Brianne of East Earl, PA., 4 Great Grandchildren – Shayleigh Albaugh, Talon Kinney, Preston Keith Young, Loretta Noelle Young, several nieces, nephews and cousins.

In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband of 60 years, Virgil K. Albaugh whom she married June 9, 1951 at Holy Redeemer R.C. Church, Warren, PA. who died Tuesday, February 14, 2012, 3 Brothers – Joseph, Jerome and John Corbran, 1 Sister – Patricia Corbran. 

Friends may call at the Donald E. Lewis Funeral Home, Inc., 304 East Street, Warren, PA. on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 P.M. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at 11:00 A.M. at St. Joseph R.C. Church, 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Warren, PA. with Fr. Richard Tomasone, Pastor, officiating. Interment will be in St. Joseph R. C. Cemetery. 

Those wishing to place memorials may do so through Juvenile Arthritis in care of Arthritis Foundation, Foster Plaza #1, 790 Holiday Drive, Pittsburgh, PA. 15220 or St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, 262 Danny Thomas Place, Memphis, TN 38105 or Paws Along the River, 212 Elm Street, Warren, PA. 16365 or Hospice of Warren County, 1 Main Street, Warren, PA. 16365. 

E-mail condolences may be sent by visiting

Eldred residents both charged when PSP Lewis Run investigate a domestic incident