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Friday, February 7, 2020

Headline Harrisburg by Rep. Matt Gabler

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Headline Harrisburg
Thursday, February 6, 2020 The latest news from the State Capitol

This email includes:
  • My Thoughts on Wolf’s Budget Proposal
  • Fighting Modern Day Slavery
  • Chatting with the Chancellor
  • County Assistance Office to Close Feb. 14
  • Managing the Elk Herd

My Thoughts on Wolf’s Budget Proposal

Click here to view video. 
On Tuesday, Gov. Tom Wolf presented his 2020-21 budget proposal to the General Assembly.

The video above includes my thoughts on his plan, which calls for too much debt, too many taxes, and vast overspending.

Fighting Modern Day Slavery

Click here to view video. 
Wednesday was a very important day, one that will improve the lives of vulnerable Pennsylvania residents.

Legislation my colleagues and I championed to better protect victims of human trafficking and punish the criminals involved in this heinous industry has been signed into law.

The offense has been raised to a felony and increases in prison time and fines are now in place.

In addition to this law, my colleagues and I passed an entire package of bills to fight human trafficking. We are hopeful that the others receive a vote in the Senate soon.

A visit to will get you more information!

Chatting with the Chancellor

The 14-member Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE), which includes Clarion, Lock Haven and Mansfield universities, is undergoing a redesign effort in the midst of educational and financial challenges.

I began the day Monday by meeting with PASSHE Chancellor Dan Greenstein ahead of his testimony before the House Appropriations Committee, of which I am a member.

The committee's budget hearings begin later this month.

County Assistance Office to Close Feb. 14

The Clearfield and Elk County Assistance offices will be closed Friday, Feb. 14, as part of a statewide system update. The offices will remain closed as scheduled on Monday, Feb. 17 in observance of Presidents’ Day and will reopen on Tuesday, Feb. 18. The closure also will affect the COMPASS benefits application system.

Processing centers and customer service centers statewide will also be closed to the public on Friday, Feb. 14. That day, assistance office workers will not be able to access case information, print new EBT cards, or process applications, renewals, or document uploads. The COMPASS website and the myCOMPASS PA mobile app will also be offline during the closure.

Please click here for information on how the one-day closure will affect other services.

Managing the Elk Herd

The Pennsylvania Game Commission would like to know your thoughts on the draft of its new Elk Management Plan, which is intended to guide the agency’s elk management program through 2025. The deadline to submit those comments is Friday, Feb. 21.

Submission may be done by email to or mail to Elk Management Plan, Bureau of Wildlife Management, Pennsylvania Game Commission, 2001 Elmerton Ave., Harrisburg PA 17110-9797.

The plan is available to view at It can be accessed through a link in the Quick Clicks section.

The plan focuses on maintaining a healthy and sustainable elk population, creating quality habitat and employing strategies for mitigating elk-human conflicts. In addition, there are goals related to educating and informing an interested public about elk and elk management. The new plan also highlights several research needs including methods of estimating populations and surveying hunter opinions about elk management.


Anonymous said...

Funny you're you're worried about "too much debt". How come you're not worried about the Trillion dollars in deficit your orange dipsh*t has racked up? Or the taxpayer money he spends on golfing EVERY WEEKEND? Or how about all the adderall and sudafed his obeseness swallows every day? Sniff sniff hypocrites.#ImpeachedFOREVER

Anonymous said...

Cry much? Get over it or it's gonna be a long 4 more years!!!!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatelym the elk herd is doomed. CWD is in the area where the elk migrate and feed. Time will take it's toll......

the village idiot said...

11:09 - I don't remember the Orange Man, but the Apple Man always came around once a year. The real problem we are facing is the destruction of this nation by Bolshevism. Tommy is building a Bolshevik secret police, Donny-John is paving the road for the Bolshevik. Their methods of causing racial infighting to break up a nation are well recorded in history.

It is wrong to ever blood-libel any race, or religion. Bolshevism is neither a race or religion, but one should blood-libel Bolshevism; it has killed very close to a billion people worldwide. Educate yourself on the history of this movement. It brought communism to the world. "The Last Battle of Europa" would be a fair start. But, if you are a reader, there are many histories you can research. A half-truth is a lie. A half-citizen is no citizen at all.

the village idiot's twin said...

Addendum: The Bolshevik and the fascist are twin sisters, the daughters of the great leech. They both cry out, "More, more!" They thrive on blood.

Anonymous said...

11:09, are we upset that we had to come out of mommys cellar? and go get a real job? because "bad orange man" put up a wall to stop the drugs? poor little libtard, whachya gonna do now? it makes no difference to people like you, how much the gov't spends... you don't have a nickel invested any ways, maybe if you had a job where you actually worked, you would care how much they spend...until then, shuddupp!

Anonymous said...

Our Republican politicians didn't really seem to care when they let Donald and Ivanka Trump personally rewrite our tax codes. We added trillions more in debt, and broadened the tax base. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act also targeted municipal bonds, which pay to build roads, sewers, and other needed facilities at the local level. Not very characteristic of fiscally responsible Conservatives. The immense pressure from Trump to force (his only) legislation by the end of 2017 and score a "big win" will have long lasting effects. It is the reason Paul Ryan and many other Republicans retired immediately after. Matt Gabler can complain and posture all he wants, but his argument is hypocritical in many ways. His party is the one who pushed for a long-time Democrat who has openly bragged about not paying his taxes, skirting his family's money past tax laws, made him President, and then lobbied the government to cut his billionaire campaign donor friends' taxes. I hope Gabler's office has a mirror in it for the next time he pouts a Democrat hurting his state. Not saying this approach by Wolf is correct, but Gabler and Causer's arguments regarding the budget are laughable.

Speaker Pelosi said...

Divided we fall. We are doing a fine job of doing exactly as planned. As long as we continue to blame the spectrum of ‘others’ the poor, black, religious, etc. The rich get richer. Impeached for life 45 has exposed and is openly driving the GOP’s last grab at power while we sit in our collective corners arguing over petty grievances. These Republican minions don’t work for you, their job is to push the agenda handed to them from the top. Instead of listening to their words seek to find the truth. Seek out the policy facts. Watch what is being done, not said. Seek to better inform yourselves about it all, instead of being spoon fed the nonsense propaganda.

Anonymous said...

@8:34 A trump supporter is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how many times you explain the game to them, they just walk around sh*tting thinking they won anyways. There's a reason the US is 38th in EDUCATION and like ole cadet bone spurs said, he loves the poorly educated.

@11:09 Have fun paying for the rest of your life too sweetheart. Cuz I'm taken care of for LIFE. Bye Felicia.