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Friday, April 3, 2020

Coudersport Borough Implements Measures to Mitigate the Potential Spread and Impact of Corona Virus

In connection with measures taken by the Federal, State and County branches of government the Mayor of Coudersport, Andrew Dubots, has taken a preemptive, protective measure to assure the Health, Safety and welfare of the residents of the Borough of Coudersport by proclaiming a state of emergency due to the potential threat associated with the 2019 Novel Corona Virus.

This action puts into action the standing Emergency Response Plan of the Borough. Residents can rest assured that all emergency and essential services provided by the Borough remain available.

This action positions Coudersport Borough to access federal and state funds for reimbursement of expenses associated with local response to the Corona Virus Pandemic. Further, it frees the borough from some time consuming requirements of the Borough Code relative to purchases, contracts and meetings required to deal with the Corona Virus threat.

Residents of the Borough of Coudersport can be confident that their local government has taken action and will take further action as needed so that everyone can keep calm and stay healthy.

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