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Friday, May 22, 2020

Lost Cat In Coudersport

Our cat, Sasha, somehow got out of our house; which is located on the 400 Block of N. East St. in Coudersport, Pa.; between 2:30 PM and 8:00 PM yesterday (May 20, 2020). We did search every nook and cranny of the house, but, we were unable to find her.

She responds to both “Sasha” and “Baby Girl”.

We have put both her cat litter and her favorite bed outside, as well as some of my unwashed clothes that I wore this past week. I will also be asking my neighbors to check their garages in case she may have hidden in one of them.

If you see her, please call 814-519-0102 or 484-485-9476.


Anonymous said...

She’s a beautiful cat & I pray you find her, she’ll be home safely soon !

Anonymous said...

You can use a live trap to catch her. That worked for me when I lost my cat. He didn't come in it for the food I put out so I tried catnip and it worked! Good luck I hope you find her!

Anonymous said...

Coyote bait! Don't let domestic animals outside at night. My dogs were killed by coyotes.

Anonymous said...

I found her yesterday morning around 3:00 AM. ( I tried to leave a comment last night, but, for some reason, it did not post.) She was hiding under our shed. I think that she may have been hiding from our neighbor's male cat because it took me a while to coax her out from under the shed. (She usually growls at him whenever she sees him outside of our house while she is looking out the window.)

To 9:54 PM: She is an indoor cat. She may have gotten out while my sister was packing her car to go back home.

Thank you 7:10 PM and 7:14 PM for the compliment and additional suggestion. If she ever gets out of the house again I will try the trap with catnip as well as the other methods that have been suggested by several other previous posts.