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Monday, June 29, 2020

PUC Urges Continued High Vigilance with Questionable Energy Marketing; Emphasizes Consumer Tips to Avoid Potential Telemarketing Scams

Welcome to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission's Online News Report.

HARRISBURG – With potential increases in energy sales and marketing as the cooling season kicks into high gear, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission continues urging consumers to remain vigilant about questionable energy marketing activities and possible scams, particularly with unsolicited telemarketing calls requesting quick action and promising far-reaching benefits as compared to previous energy bills.

To view this press release in its entirety, select the following link:


Anonymous said...

Our government can't get rid of something simple like the telemarketers or robo callers, how will they ever be able to get rid of covid 19

Anonymous said...

Good point!

Anonymous said...

They’re in on it. Duh. ;-)

Anonymous said...

The government will not get rid of Covid 19 or any other virus, only science and a vaccine can. The government can only attempt to reduce the impact and that can only happen if the citizens pay attention.