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Thursday, July 30, 2020

AVFD 300 Club Winners Announced During Live Drawing

After much discussion and planning, the Austin Volunteer Fire Company decided to hold their Annual 300 Club Drawing live on facebook due to the Governor’s current orders.

AVFD would like to thank everyone who supported the annual fundraiser and a special thank you go those who offered kind words and understanding during this situation.

Top ten prize winners were $2,000-Terry Lepold, $1,000-Joe & Michele Glover, $500-Glenn Rees, $275-Joe Fowler, $250-Carla McKeirnan, $225-Jordan Earle, $200-Denise Fox, $175-Richard & Mary Brown, $150-Ron & Priscilla Ebbert, $125-Shaun Frank.

Other prize winners included $100 winners-Mike & Tammy Ford, Kevin & Patty Dusenbury, Dean Earle, Kelly Bundy, Dan McKeirnan.

$50 winners were Laurie Earle, John Welsh, Nancy Voorhees, Andy & Christy Cooney, Mary Grasser, Scott Hostetlar, Ed & Anita Vossler, Dennis & Angie Buck, Arlene Condon, Earl & Becky Mahon, Nate & Shaina Burgett, Joannie Tilburg, Jerry & Judy Sasala, Chris Hurd, Joe Ostroski, Kim & Lee Vasko, Bill Crosby

$25 winners were Gene & Carol Lentz, Wendy & Roben Reynolds, Deb & Gary Crosby, Jim & Desi Earle, Scott Harper, Chris Hurd, Glenn & Joann Dunn, Terry & Rhoda Hooftallen, Tom 7 Sonya Fairman, Don & Liz Hunsinger, Christina Welch, Chris Hurd, Tom & Kathy Majot, Bill & Carol Krog, Peg Rotello, Jim & Missy Valenti, Dustin Petteys, Carey Glover, Dich Buchanan, JD Haggard, Maurice & Carolyn Moore, Mark Kratzer, Dana Burgett, Joe Fowler, Bill Gross, Shane McKeirnan, Rich & Billie Sue Glover, Tim Haskins, Dale & Jerry Hunsinger, Ruth Jacobs, Rich Swank, Stan Swank, Diane Munsell, Dave Reightler, Tom & Kathy Majot, Josh Nicka, Rocky Bretz, Hugh Crosby, Brooke & Blair Shupe, Mark Benson, Joe Joines, Dean Earle, Alfie Stahl, Ellen Travis, Scott Harper, Troy & Rhonda Stimaker, Leo Bundy, Carla McKeirnan, Rich & Jan Earle, Art & Rita May, Larry Baker, Ed & Judy Vicci, Clarence Confer and Herm Beyer

Gift Certificate winners were Clarence Confer; H & R Block, Caroline Easton; Keating Summit Hotel, Troy & Rhonda Stimaker; Buchanan Brothers Pharmacy, Jim VanHorn; Laurelwood Inn, Jim & Vera Setzer; Zito Media, Tina Rader; Zito Media, Ron & Vicki Setzer; Coudersport Theatre, Joannie Tilburg; Coudersport Theatre, Gaylon Clinton; Cooney’s Mountain Mustard, and Rich Kratzer; Cooney’s Mountain Mustard.

AVFD looks forward to the 2021 Annual 300 Club scheduled for May 8, 2021. Tickets will be available beginning in November/December.

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