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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Emporium Town Pool May Close

July 31st may be the last day the town pool is open.
" CAMERON CO, Pa (WJAC) — The Cameron County High School pool opened earlier this month, after delays related to the pandemic and ongoing repairs. While the pool is currently open, there's a possibility it could close at the end of the month due to a leak that was found in the deep end.
The Cameron County School Board and local water department will decide the pool's fate if the leak is not properly fixed. 
 "The school board and the water company will make the ultimate decision. Due to the cost of the amount of water going in it, and the fact that the amount of water it’s pulling from the water company, at this point, the way we are leaking, we're figuring July 31st will be our last day.
" Staff says the decades-old swimming area is a staple in the county and is a safe haven for children and their families.""


Anonymous said...

buy some flex seal, it works, problem solved for 40 bucks

Bird dirt said...

Use Flex Seal it's said to be a fix all for leaks per TV ads.