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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

PSP Mansfield Seeking Information For A Car Shot With A BB Gun In Shohola TWP.


Anonymous said...

I really don't like these assumptions, especially when it's a legal issue.
There may be no connection between the mark on the car and the "bang" she heard. That mark could have been made ten minutes before or two days before. And what does "consistent" with a BB gun mean? How about a stone from another vehicle or some jerk hitting her car in the parking lot of the grocery store earlier that day. Some people may say that it was Bigfoot throwing stones or another person might say it was an Antifa bum shooting a sling-shot at cars with Trump bumper stickers.
All we really know is that the driver heard a noise and then discovered a mark on the side of the vehicle.
Did the Police find a BB along the road?

Anonymous said...

Calm down 5:38, it wasn't your time wasted on this investigation. This world needs more hugs well not now with this Pandemic.

Anonymous said...

How about those people who mow the grass by the road pointing the grass chute out towards traffic? My vehicle has been pelted many times with rocks and stones because of these inconsiderate people. Anybody else find this annoying?

Anonymous said...

(9:06) Yes these inconsiderate people should be fined for doing that. Or we should start making claims towards their homeowners insurance. Once their insurance goes up they would stop doing it.