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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Headline Harrisburg by Rep. Matt Gabler

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Headline Harrisburg
Friday, July 31, 2020 The latest news from the State Capitol
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This email includes:
  •   How Do Schools Safely Re-Open?
  •   Gov. Wolf’s Latest Target
  •   Governor Bows to Pressure
  •   Road Construction Update
  •   Supporting Our Emergency Responders
  •   Bringing More Jobs, Opportunities to PA

How Do Schools Safely Re-Open?

Anyone with school-age children is wondering how the upcoming school year will go. This Tuesday, Aug. 4, and Wednesday, Aug. 5, the House Education Committee will host public hearings on the safe re-opening of schools.

You can watch the hearings on my website, www.RepGabler.com, beginning each day at 10 a.m.

I’ve also received phone calls and emails relating to the announcement that fans will not be allowed to attend high school sporting events.

State Rep. Dan Moul (R-Gettysburg), majority chairman of the House Local Government Committee, is looking into this to see if the PA Interscholastic Athletic Committee (PIAA) can do this or if it's up to the local school district.

The PIAA followed up Thursday by saying “This is not (our) decision. PIAA is following the sports guidance put out by the Wolf Administration.”

The original guidance from the governor states “During yellow and green phases of reopening, sports-related activities at the PK-12 level are limited to student athletes, coaches, officials, and staff only. The addition of visitors and spectators will be contingent upon future health conditions within state and local communities.”

Gov. Wolf’s Latest Target

Tuesday's House Majority Policy Committee's hearing with Pennsylvania’s frustrated and challenged restaurant, bar and tavern owners provided us with a snapshot of business owners from all corners of the state who are hamstrung by Gov. Tom Wolf's COVID-19 “targeted mitigation” order limiting public dining rooms to 25% capacity.

If you missed the live stream, click here to watch a recording of the meeting.

Clearfield and Elk counties are different than Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. That's one of the messages conveyed by Riki Tanaka at Tuesday’s hearing on how Gov. Wolf's COVID-19 “targeted mitigation” has affected Pennsylvania eating establishments.

Tanaka owns four restaurants “next door” in nearby McKean County and had to lay off 75 employees during the pandemic. The challenges he faces are the same as those facing his fellow business owners in the 75th District.

Bottom line - the governor's decision to limit restaurants to operating at 25% capacity is unfair for a number of reasons.

Please click here to watch a portion of his testimony.

Bowing to Pressure, Governor Allows Transparency Bill to Become Law

After threatening multiple times to veto legislation to ensure Right-to-Know (RTK) requests are handled promptly during times of emergency, the governor has allowed House Bill 2463 to become law without his signature.

While it’s disappointing the governor would not enthusiastically sign a bill designed to improve openness and transparency at a time when it is so desperately needed, and even more disappointing that he characterizes the legislation as “thoughtless” and “foolish,” the end result is that the bill is law and members of the public, media and Legislature are finally empowered to get the information we need about how decisions are being made in response to the pandemic.

Act 77 of 2020 enjoyed unanimous, bipartisan support in both the House and Senate, as well as the backing of media outlets across the Commonwealth.  
Road Construction Update

Preliminary work on repairs to Route 322 in Boggs Township will begin this Monday, Aug. 3. Traffic control signage will be put in place for the work area, which begins one mile before the West Decatur intersection and continues for approximately one mile after.

Construction starts Monday, Aug. 10 with one lane remaining open in each direction. To minimize traffic impacts and back-ups, motorists will be prohibited from turning onto Blue Ball Road and Hilltop Road at the West Decatur intersection.

Drivers seeking to use Blue Ball Road or Hilltop Road will use these detours:

  •   Blue Ball Road - follow Route 322 west to Link Road, Drane Highway and Old Erie Pike.

  •   Hilltop Road - follow Route 322 west to Wallaceton Road and Clearfield Street.

PennDOT anticipates completing project work by mid-October.

For those of you heading north out of the district I represent, Wykoff Run Road in Cameron County will be closed for paving from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily, from Monday, Aug. 10 to Friday, Aug. 28.

Camp owners and residents will be able to access their properties during each day’s work hours. Other motorists will be detoured to Wykoff Run Road, Route 555 and Quehanna Highway.

The detour will be lifted outside of work hours.

Supporting Our Emergency Responders

Calling all fire and rescue companies and Emergency Medical Service providers - if you plan to apply to the COVID-19 grant program as a result of being negatively impacted by the pandemic, some changes have been made to the application process.

Registration is open through Friday, Aug. 7, at 4 p.m. Please click here to access the new application information.

Bringing More Jobs, Opportunities to PA

Legislation to establish a Local Resource Manufacturing Tax Credit to attract private investment and create jobs in the Commonwealth was signed into law last week.

The tax credits will be available to entities that invest in the construction and operation of Pennsylvania manufacturing facilities that use dry natural gas to produce fertilizer and other petrochemical products. The credit would be applied against 20% of a qualified company’s annual tax liabilities.

To qualify, a company would have to invest at least $400 million in the construction of a new manufacturing facility, create 800 new and permanent jobs, pay prevailing wages and benefits, and use carbon capture and sequestration technology when economically feasible. One estimate indicates 4,400 jobs and more than $1.6 billion in economic benefits would be generated from the construction of four manufacturing facilities as provided for in the legislation.

The measure is part of the House Republican GoodJobs4PA Initiative.


Anonymous said...

Idiotic for the PIAA to even believe Fall sports can proceed and shame on Gabler to post this as though it is the Governors fault. Do people really not realize how many people we have lost to this virus? Schools are struggling to open safely but let’s pack stadiums for High School football. Get your act together GOP. I’m changing to an independent. Can’t believe my party has sunk this low. Shortly, Causer will post the same thing. Not one person can think outside of party

Anonymous said...

If Wolf would have acted like those other idiots they would have all been complaining about all the deaths and why he hasn't done anything. Gtfoh.

Anonymous said...

Delay or cancel the election. Stand by Trump! TRUMP 2020!!

Anonymous said...

My family and I ate in a restaurant for the first time since covid shut everything down in March. We are a family of 9. We walked into the restaurant that had only 11 tables and only 3 other dinners. We pulled over 3 extra chairs to the table we chose. The only server came over and told us we were only allowed to sit 6 to a table because of the governor. We didnt get mad at her we separated our family to another table. I wanted to sit down to a meal out with my family for the first time in months and we were not allowed to because of the flipping governor. I couldn't sit with my own family. When is the bullshit going to stop.

Tin Foil Tommy said...

China 10:35. It came from Chinuh.... Wolf didn't mix it in a couldren under a full
Moon with Pelosi and Obama. Blame the skeptics and anti mask fanatics. They're the reason you couldn't sit down and eat with your family.

Anonymous said...

Yes cancel the election and lets stand by our morally bankrupt lying leader !