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Monday, September 14, 2020

The House Will Work on Advancing Proposals to Ensure Our Children Have the Best Educational Opportunities and Provide for Responsible Government Management

The state House returns to session on Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2020, to vote on issues of importance.
Ensuring Our Children Have the Best Educational Opportunities

In the five-month stabilizing budget we passed, and the governor signed earlier this year, public education was fully funded for the entire year with the intention of providing schools the necessary tools to reopen to in-person education. While the administration has refused to work with the people’s representatives in crafting any plan in response to the pandemic, school leaders have decried the lack of clear guidance to help them safely reopen schools. Instead, they have received conflicting and inconsistent guidance, mandates, recommendations and orders.

With Pennsylvania’s students back to schools is various models of learning, it is imperative the General Assembly take steps to ensure they have the certainty of attaining the best educational opportunities. Weeks ago, it was unclear if traditional public schools in Pennsylvania would follow the law and provide required busing to non-public school students. Recent administration guidance, as has been typical of their education response, has been less than clear.

Next week, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives will take up measures to ensure these students have the transportation they are entitled to and teachers can recertify their licenses during the pandemic. Read more--See schedule.......

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