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Saturday, October 17, 2020

DCNR Invites Comments On Proposed Exchange Of Oil & Gas Rights In Elk And Susquehannock State Forests, Potter County

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is inviting comments on a proposed oil, gas and mineral interest exchange with REA-Young, LLC, and related entities and individuals in Potter County. 
(formal notice)

Young’s proposed to convey 3,391.518 acres of oil, gas and mineral rights underlaying state forest land in the Elk and Susquehannock State Forest Districts to DCNR in West Branch, Pike, Portage and Homer Townships in exchange, DCNR’s Bureau of Forestry is proposing 2,949.72 acres of oil, gas and mineral rights underlying private property in West Branch and Pike townships be transferred to the Young’s.

An environmental review was conducted by the Bureau of Forestry regarding the exchange, and the review was approved by the State Forester and Director of the Department, Bureau of Forestry.

Comments on the exchange are due November 17 and should be sent to Audrey Broucek, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Office of Chief Counsel, P.O. Box 8767, Harrisburg, PA 17105-8767, 717-772-4171, abroucek@pa.gov.  



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Probably another sweetheart scam like Gov. Wolfie loaning Lyme Forest $50 Million taxpayers' dollars at 1% interest only for 5 years then after clearcutting, sell the recreation rights to DCNR. Pays to know people in high places.

Anonymous said...

Beside the new study done by Harvard warning of high radiation in fracking areas-What has Pa's fracking done for you and your family?

'Pennsylvania Regulators Won’t Say Where 66% of Landfill Leachate w/ Radioactive Material From Fracking is Going…”It’s Private" '


JL Hancharick said...

It may be too late for my comment to be counted/pondered, but I hope not.
I was surprised to read the state was into "swap meet" deals w/private individuals. The size difference between the parcels considered also came as a surprise. This is a "sweetheart deal" for someone or some entity, otherwise why would PA state gov't. consider it? Obviously OGM's are in the mix, but to whose advantage ... the Young family or all state tax payers? Is this something all those who own OGM acreage in our state and federal forestland should look into?
These last questions will take a very long time for such owners to contemplate because they are strewn across our country, and even a few abroad. What state agency is notifying them of possible opportunities?
Certainly it can't be achieved by mid-November.