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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Headline Harrisburg by Rep. Matt Gabler

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Headline Harrisburg
Friday, November 20, 2020 The latest news from the State Capitol
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This email includes:
  •   Addressing the Threat to Toll Local Bridges
  •   It Never Hurts to Look
  •   Local Schools Receive Safety Grants
  •   Thank You for Your Service
  •   Road Construction Update
Addressing the Threat to Toll Local Bridges

Friday afternoon, I was interviewed by WTAJ’s Alyssa Royster about PennDOT’s threat to place tolls on bridges throughout the state.

Please click here to read my thoughts on the issue.

It Never Hurts to Look

This week, the House passed these two resolutions designed to ensure openness and transparency in regard to a pair of key issues:

  •   House Resolution 1087 - requires the Legislative Budget and Finance Commission (LBFC) to review data collected by the Department of Health. The goal is to help us draw a clearer picture of what has occurred already and what we need to do to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in the future.

The measure would also address allegations of inaccurate and incomplete information being distributed by the Department of Health.
  •   House Resolution 1100 - passed predominately along party lines, this legislation would require the LBFC coordinate and manage an audit of the 2020 general election, including a statistically significant sample chosen from each county of the Commonwealth. The commission may contract with an outside firm to conduct the audit.

During the recent election, our voting systems were put through what could be considered the “ultimate stress test.” It never hurts to look back and see how they performed and where we can do better going forward.
Local Schools Receive Safety Grants

Some of the schools in the district I represent have successfully applied for Safe School Targeted Grants through the Department of Education.

Click here for the details.
Thank You for Your Service

Congratulations to Kenneth Quagliani of Elk County. who graduated Friday as part of the Pennsylvania Sheriffs Association's 59th Deputy Training Academy.
Give the Gift of Fishing

Beginning Tuesday, Dec. 1, you can purchase your 2021 fishing license and/or a voucher that would help a friend or relative to purchase theirs.

Please click here for more information.


Anonymous said...

PennDOT’s threat to place tolls on bridges throughout the state....
Your communist governor (yes I said, communist), stole $2.45 billion from the road fund for his communist compadre Commander of the PSP. Yes, I said Communist! Some of the money was used for the training our troopers were to receive from a communist, yes I said communist, country.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gabler - when are you going to finally admit that you don't live in Treasure Lake - you and your family have been living in Harrisburg for a decade. Stop being a carpetbagger (oh wait, you might want to run for something up here in two years so you are going to pretend to live here for now.) PS All your neighbors say you are never at that little house in DuBois. Fess Up!

Anonymous said...

How about you Republicans get on with accepting you lost the election so more people don't lose their Lives, Jobs, Homes?? That Is What Democracy Looks Like!!! Who is paying for your unneeded audit??? People are hurting especially seniors. You all Need to stop with the games, its beyond ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

The same people are paying for the audit that paid millions upon millions to try and unseat an elected president the last 4 years. Oh but those millions were worth wasting because the democrats wanted to spend it

Anonymous said...

I love the comment that this is what democracy looks like, the last 4 years the left has kicked and screamed about our president. They tried everything including wasting huge amounts of tax payer money to change the last election results. Now after a couple of weeks the right is supposed to just suck it up and comply? Maybe now the right should start rioting and burning down the cities, oh wait we can’t we are to busy working.

Anonymous said...

11:57, wait...did you say “communist”?😂🤣

Cult 45 said...

6:21, it doesn’t appear as though y’all are that busy working. Unless you mean working to subvert our democracy.