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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Charges Pending For DUI In Annin TWP.

Both Parties Cited For Harassment In Otto TWP.

No Injuries And Disabling Damage In One Car Crash On Lower Grimes RD. In Liberty TWP.

Charges Pending For Drug Possession In Hamilton TWP.

PSP Lewis Run Investigating A PFA Violation In Otto TWP.

Charges To Be Filed For Harassment In Otto TWP.

No Injuries And Disabling Damage In Car VS Deer Crash On RT. 219 In Horton TWP.

Investigation Ongoing For Theft In Ceres TWP.

Charges Pending For DUI In Bradford City

PSP Lewis Run Investigating An Indecent Assault In Keating TWP.

One Transported To Olean General In One Car Crash On RT. 46 In Norwich TWP.

Investigation Ongoing For Indecent Assault In Liberty TWP.

Lewis Run PSP Seeking Information For A Stolen Bike In Hamlin TWP.

Investigation Ongoing For A Theft By Deception In Wetmore TWP.

Shinglehouse Ambulance To Kibbeville Road

At 7:53 PM on Saturday, Shinglehouse ambulance has been dispatched to Kibbeville Road for a patient with an allergic reaction to a bee sting.

Bradford Township Fire Reports on Minard Run Crash on Friday

Bradford Township Volunteer Fire Department[0]=AZUUZW5tD296ZJXnyD3qDJ3oFBlAz0Lw6VaTvc3wKzdh_9OANH6JwF06Q4m8c-bK4ob3On_xh4w0X3_-jdyB_k5YL3oWh82qGZDV66Ho-9FxfT3FQKUk8lNgeffaFM_TajiXi5BCWkj0nW2qCdEvFIMBd8W-KQX-f_q6O5TpcvkLNBV_oFnIgtg2oecX-wvtzBe4vRowJ66ta64uo8sq_Zbr&__tn__=*bH-R

1h ·
Yesterday at 1724 hours BTVFD and two ambulances from the City of Bradford were dispatched to the intersection of Minard Run and High Street for a MVA .

Chief 15-20 (T. Burkhouse) was first to arrive on the scene and advised of two vehicles with heavy damage and entrapment. Bradford City EMS requested Air Medical for two patients bringing Mercy Flight 7 and Mercy Flight 8 to a landing zone near the scene. Engine 151, Engine 153 and Utility 152 responded to the scene. Firefighters and EMTs from Bradford Township worked alongside Bradford City EMS with patient care and extrication both patients. 

Bradford Township Fire Police assisted the Bradford Township Police with traffic control. Both patients were flown to the Level 1 trauma center at ECMC. A third ambulance responded to the scene for less critical patient. Responders from Bradford Township Police and Fire, Bradford City Police and EMS were on the scene for three hours for investigation and clean up. Hilltop VFD assisted with shutting down Minard Run Road, Lewis Run and Derrick City VFD were on standby.
Photos By : Jay Bradish

Coudersport Dispatched For 2 Vehicle Crash on East Second Street

At 6:13 PM on Saturday, Coudersport Fire && Roulette EMS with 2 ambulances dispatched to the area of 1115 East Second Street for a 2 vehicle crash with 5 injured & possible entrapment. One ambulance from Austin requested.
Air medical requested.

Little Valley fire Dept. was dispatched to 4891 On RT. 219 for a truck on fire behind a building

On August 29 at 5:56 pm Little Valley fire Dept. was dispatched to 4891 On RT. 219 for a truck on fire behind a building. Update this is a controlled burn

Mansfield Dispatched For Victim of ATV Accident

At 3:22 PM on Saturday, Mansfield Fire & EMS dispatched to 2086 Old State Road for a victim of an ATV accident.

Chicken BBQ halves left for $6 each at Kightlinger Motors Parking lot

Black Forest Falcon Trap Team has chicken BBQ halves left for $6 each. Kightlinger Motors Parking lot.

Black Forest falcons chicken BBQ

Black Forest Falcon Trap Team has chicken BBQ halves left for $6 each. Kightlinger Motors Parking kit.

Headline Harrisburg by Rep. Matt Gabler

Facebook Website Bio Latest News State Forms Photo Gallery Contact

Headline Harrisburg
Friday, August 28, 2020 The latest news from the State Capitol
 Please do not reply directly to this email, as it returns to an unmanned account.
You are welcome to contact me through this link.

This email includes:
  •   Gabler Bridge Rededication to Honor Local War Hero
  •   More Jobs Means Cheaper Energy
  •   Supporting Our Schools
  •   Assistance for Dairy Farmers
  •   Road Construction Update

Gabler Bridge Rededication to Honor Local War Hero

Tomorrow (Saturday), I will join other local officials as the Route 219/322 bridge over the railroad tracks in Brady Township is officially renamed the LCPL Robert Clyde Gontero Bridge. Members of LCPL Gontero’s family will be I attendance as well.

We will begin at 10 a.m. with a ceremony at Salem United Methodist Church, 2044 Carson Hill Road, Luthersburg. Unveiling of signage on the bridge will follow.

Gontero, who lived in Brady Township, graduated from DuBois Area High School in 1965. He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps three years later; served with the Third Battalion, Fifth Marines, First Division; and was killed in action during a search and clear mission in Quang Nam Province.

More Jobs Means Cheaper Energy

Click here to view video.

I support House Bill 2025, which would prevent the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) from joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), which is designed to limit carbon dioxide emissions, without legislative approval.

On Monday, the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee held a public hearing on the legislation - which passed the House with bipartisan support - and the initiative in general.

Please click on the video above to watch a recording of the meeting.

Supporting Our Schools


The DuBois Area School District ($76,877) and West Branch Area School District ($20,208) are each receiving Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding designated for specific schools that are economically disadvantaged and have demonstrated a need for additional support under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The money is targeted for DuBois Area Senior High School and West Branch Area Junior Senior High School.

Statewide, $17 million will go to 220 local education agencies, including schools in individual districts around the Commonwealth.

States are charged under ESSA with recognizing schools that are in need of support based on individual student performance in areas such as academic achievement and growth; graduation rate and English learner progress. Factored into the equation when addressing solutions are attendance records, race, economic status, English language learners and students with disabilities.

Assistance for Dairy Farmers

Any dairy farm that experienced financial losses due to discarded or displaced milk during the COVID-19 emergency disaster may apply for assistance. Farms that did not have displaced milk but have had COVID-19-related fees assessed on their milk check may also apply.

Each farm with a documented loss will receive a minimum of $1,500 and can apply for an additional prorated share of the remaining funds, not to exceed the actual amount assessed by the handler.

Please click here to apply.

Road Construction Update

Due to the ongoing Woodland Road improvement project between the intersections of Route 322 in Lawrence Township and Market Street in Clearfield, the westbound lane heading toward Market Street is closed.

Traffic in the open lane is moving in a counterflow/opposite direction toward downtown. Traffic bound for the Clearfield Mall is NOT permitted to travel through the work zone. Drivers that fail to follow this restriction may be cited.

This restriction will be in place for the duration of the project, which is expected to be complete by mid-November.

Truckers' Convoy Honors Bolivar-Richburg Driver Dick Baldwin Who Died in a Recent Crash

Click photo above to see photos.


At 6 p.m., this coming Tuesday, Sept. 1, the Trout Unlimited Tiadaghton Chapter #688 meeting will be outdoors at the large pavilion at Hills Creek State Park at 111 Spillway Road, Wellsboro, PA 16901. Members and the public are invited to attend. In the park, state required COVID 19 protocols must be followed.

Discussed will be the chapter's Embrace A Stream grant and the work that needs to be done to proceed with the project involving work on Long Run that flows into Pine Creek at Gaines and other business. There will not be a featured speaker at this meeting.

The EAS grant was awarded to Chapter #688 by the national Trout Unlimited organization in 2019 for the coldwater fisheries conservation project on Long Run. In progress or to be done are buffer plantings, bank stabilization, instream habitat improvements, and water monitoring assessments. "Long Run is a stocked stream," said Chapter #688 President Jere White. "We think it has the potential to be a wild trout stream with brook and brown trout reproducing naturally. Our goal is to upgrade it to a Class A Stream. Our chapter plans to follow up with grants to do the additional work."

For more information, call 570-662-2167 or email


Photo by John Eaton
Pictured (from left) are: Gary, Ruth and their son Andy with some of their TRYathlon gear.

Three members of the Hermansen family of Mansfield will be participating in this year's COVID 19 Special Edition of the Step Outdoors TRYathlon.

Due to the coronavirus, the 2020 event will not be on a specific day at a specific time. There is no in-person registration, no check-in time, no electronic timing and no aid or water stations.

Registrants can choose any day between Saturday, Sept. 12 and Sunday, Sept. 20 to do the TRYathlon or 5K at Hills Creek State Park at 111 Spillway Road, Wellsboro, PA 16901. It is recommended that they become familiar with the TRYathlon and 5K routes in advance. Course maps and information are available online and in the park office lobby at 111 Spillway Road. Registrants are also encouraged to bring friends and family as support.

All registrants, whether they are participating in the 5K only or all three legs of the TRYathlon will start with the 5K at the same location. The second leg of the TRYathlon is paddling a canoe or kayak on a 1.75-mile course on Hills Creek Lake. The event will end with bikers traveling 8 miles in and around the park.

"What is special for me is that I will be participating in the TRYathlon for the first time," said Ruth Hermansen. "I've been a member of the TRYathlon and 5K Trail Run/Walk organizing committee for 10 years, since 2011. The first year the TRYathlon and stand-alone 5K were held was 2008," she said. "I didn't know about it until I started volunteering. Committee members do all of the advance planning and on the day of the event have different assignments so I've never been able to do it before," she added.

"My husband Gary and our youngest son Andy are also entering the TRYathlon this year. This will be the seventh time Gary has participated in it. He has done all three legs of the TRYathlon five times and plans to do that again this year. He was on a three-member team once and kayaked. Andy just turned 13. He ran in the 5K in 2016, 2017 and 2018. In 2019, Andy did all three legs of the TRYathlon on his own and will be doing that again this year. Cody, our oldest son, is almost 15. He ran the 5K for two years but is not doing it this year."

"Gary, Andy and I are planning to do the TRYathlon solo but at the same time. We will each do all three legs ourselves. I think we are more interested in completing it than in setting a course record. We are all interested in wellness and staying healthy.

"This year, I entered the June 1-Aug. 31 Rocksylvania Remix 350-Mile Trail Challenge. You keep track of the miles you've run. I only have 10 more to go to complete the 350 miles," Ruth said. "I am going to add some kayaking into the mix. I bike and run but do not do much kayaking.

"My husband likes to work out every morning before going to work. Andy goes to the pool and swims for hours and hours. The three of us have a base of fitness and endurance and in the next couple of weeks will each be amping it up to prepare for the TRYathlon," Ruth said.

"For me, the best part about doing the TRYathlon solo is that I will be able to experience what our participants feel as they push to complete each leg of the event. I've biked up the hill on Carpenter Road before but not during the TRYathlon. It will be interesting for me to see if there is anything that can be added or improved and to give feedback."

To participate in the TRYathlon or 5K, preregister no later than 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 1 to be guaranteed an event T-shirt in the size ordered. Registration will close at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 8. Each person who registers for the TRYathlon or the 5K online or by mail will pay a $20 entry fee.

To register online or to download a printable registration form, for more information about the Tryathlon or 5K, or about renting bikes, kayaks or canoes, or to download course maps, visit or use this link: Questions? Call Tim Morey at 570-724-8561 or email


Photo by John Eaton
Nicknamed "Arnold Palmer" by his neighbors, Nick Duffy plays a man who seeks comfort in golf while trying to figure out how to proceed when his wife leaves him with their infant child.

"The View from Here" is a comedy about a woman trapped in her own home by her own anxiety. It's called agoraphobia, a serious condition.

Playwright Margaret Delaney's treatment of this topic is sensitive and respectful and hilariously funny.

Set in the 1980s in Kentucky, the story takes place in Fern's house, which is frequented by her sister, whose husband has just left her; her neighbor, whose view of life is grounded in tabloids; and a neighbor from across the street whose wife has just moved out with everything except their baby.

"We first produced this play at the Don Gill School in Wellsboro in the heat of summer in 1999," said HG Artistic Director Thomas Putnam. "The cast included Nancy List, Peggy Hayes, Janice Tester, and Rob Fitzgerald. Audiences loved it.

"As we considered what small cast plays with an engaging story we could do because of the COVID 19 pandemic, we thought about this gem," said Putnam. The fact that Fern, the main character is dealing with having to remain in her own home resonated with members of the HG Artistic Planning Committee, mainly because of the circumstances we found ourselves in due to the coronavirus," he said.

Now in rehearsals are Johna Neal as Fern, Karin Knaus as Maple, Sarah Vickery as Carla and Nick Duffy as Arnold.

Performances of “The View From Here" will be at 7:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, Sept. 11 and 12 and 18 and 19 and 2:30 p.m. on Sundays, Sept. 13 and 20. A limited number of seats will be available per performance in the Warehouse Theatre at 3 Central Avenue in Wellsboro.

Based on the positive feedback Hamilton-Gibson received from "Almost, Maine" audiences and cast and crew members in July, the decision was made to continue using the same cleaning and safety measures. "We will clean the theater before every performance and the restrooms and lobby before and during each performance," Putnam said.

All members of the cast, crew and audience will have temperature checks when entering and everyone is required to wear masks while in the building. The audience will be ushered in and out of the theater to provide the safest flow. A door to the outside will be kept open backstage to allow fresh air in for the performances. Cast members who are not on stage will wait in the lobby, outdoors or across the street at the HG office. The play will be performed without an intermission.

"Prepaid reservations allow us to assign and group seats to meet social distancing protocols and state guidelines,” said Putnam. "That's why no tickets will be sold at the door." All main stage performances are by reservation only. Tickets have to be ordered in advance and prepaid online at or by calling the HG office at 570-724-2079 with credit card information.

Ticket prices for all main stage productions are $14 for adults and $6 for youth, 18 and under. Also available are FlexPasses for $60. For more information, to purchase a flex pass, or to reserve and prepay, call 570-724-2079 or email


Dave Brown and The Dishonest Fiddlers includes (from left to right) Shawn Caden, Stan Vitz, Dave Brown, Steve Faubel, Jami Novak and Brendan Gosson. This photo was taken outside a venus where the band was playing during a snowstorm earlier this year.

On Friday, Sept. 4, at 6 p.m., Dave Brown and The Dishonest Fiddlers based in the Scranton area of Northeast Pennsylvania, will present a free concert of Americana/folk music influenced by timeless artists such as John Prine, Bob Dylan, Jim Croce, and David Bromberg and centered around Brown's songwriting.

The performance will be on the outdoor stage on the Central Avenue side of the Deane Center for the Performing Arts at 104 Main Street in Wellsboro.

Brown is the lead vocalist and plays guitar and harmonica. The current configuration of band members includes: Shawn Caden who plays mandolin and banjo, Brendan Gosson on fiddle, Stephen Faubel at the piano, along with Jami Novak on percussion and Stan Vitz on bass. This group of performers recorded the band's most recent studio album, entitled, "Based on a True Story" featuring 10 original tunes. It was released at the end of March this year.

Since the band's formation in 2013, different configurations of musicians, including guest artists, have performed with Brown but rarely could a fiddler be found on stage. "These days, the old slogan, 'Always looking for an honest fiddler' is no longer necessary," Brown said referring to the band's name.

The band's debut album “The Whistle Missed the Train” was released in March 2016 and "No Deeper Shade of Blue in 2019.

For this free concert, bring lawn chairs and sit on the grass in front of the outdoor stage or on Central Avenue, which will be closed to traffic between Main Street and the Warehouse Theatre to provide space for social distancing. Donations are appreciated.

Visit, email, or call 570-724-6220 for more information.

Skin in the Game - After Extreme Weight Loss, Willoughby Seeks Skin Reduction

His weight loss success story has had him featured in newspapers, magazines, and television shows, but even after losing 600 pounds, Justin Willoughby of Bradford, PA has never felt comfortable in his own skin.

Local community members are rallying behind Willoughby to help him cover the expenses surrounding a skin reduction surgery, Willoughby’s co-workers at Williams Agency Insurance started a GoFundMe campaign with the goal of raising 80K.

“As friends and co-workers of Justin's, we heard about his desire for skin reduction surgery and knew that nothing would be covered by insurance. We knew we just had to help! Justin is an amazing person who has inspired and helped so many people to lose weight and build healthier lifestyles, says Patty VanSkiver, who along with Kristen Pecen are heading up the campaign.

“We felt that it was time for him to be on the receiving end of the blessings he pours out on others. Justin has worked way too hard for his weight loss journey to not be completed. On a daily basis we see the struggles he goes through because of the excess skin and we know that this surgery would change his life in so many ways,” says Pecen.

Willoughby has been working to maintain his weight loss for the last several years. After a battle with extreme anxiety and food addiction, at 16 years old, he tipped the scales at 799 pounds, and was given an ultimatum by the doctors: Lose the weight or die.

Those words prompted Willougby to turn to his faith, and take his first step toward change, and within a few short years, had lost 600 pounds. But the weight loss left him with a lot of excess, saggy skin.

A NJ doctor performed two skin reduction surgeries early on, but was not able to complete the surgery on his legs and arms, and after Willoughby continued to work to hit his goal weight, there’s more surgery needed.

Willoughby says that he has learned to live with the discomfort and insecurities of the sagging skin, but he did not see a way to solve the problem on his own.

“The need is beyond what I can afford. It’s hard asking for help, but my friends insisted that we should attempt a fundraiser. I agreed, but it wasn’t easy. I had to drop my pride,” says Willoughby.

In the first week, the online fundraiser has raised over 2 thousand dollars, and Willoughby has received numerous messages of encouragement, “I’m just so thankful for the support that I am receiving! I can’t wait to get this process started! I just want to feel comfortable in my own skin for the first time!”

Donations can be made online at  or can be sent via mail to: Justin Willoughby, PO Box 1053, Bradford, PA 16701


Photo credit:  Nora WheelerACDC Chair Mike McCormick, Ms. Mitrano and Mr. Scott perform the

Wellsville, NY— Neither wind nor rain nor construction barricades could keep the Allegany County Democratic Committee (ACDC) from ceremoniously opening its 2020 Election Headquarters on Thursday.

ACDC Chair Michael McCormick welcomed guests, saying “this headquarters in beautiful historic downtown Wellsville will serve us and the electorate well as we head into this incredibly important election. Our goal is 100% turnout among registered Democratic voters.”
County democrats are on the ballot in several town and village contests. Mr. McCormick specifically mentioned the Democratic candidate for our NYS Assembly seat, Ross Scott, and the Democratic candidate for our NYS Senate seat, Frank Puglisi.

Mr. Scott was the next dignitary to give remarks. For more than twenty years, he has been a country lawyer dealing mostly with the lives, rights, and problems of rural people. For the preceding thirty years, he had a career as a software engineer, communications engineer, and high technology consultant at all levels of government in areas of energy, environment, national security, and foreign affairs.

Mr. Scott named specific areas of focus for his campaign. He advocates maintaining strict standards for storage and disposal of nuclear waste at the state’s three power plants and at the West Valley Demonstration Project. And his scientific background in epidemiology informs his position on the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. He welcomes inquiries from voters by phone at 607-478-8000 or by email at

Mr. McCormick then introduced the Democratic candidate for NYs 23rd District, Ms. Tracy Mitrano, calling her the “greatest candidate. She ran a beautiful campaign in 2018 and polling shows Tracy has an exceptionally good chance to win her election. That takes footwork. She’s done it and she’s still doing it. Tracy is in it to win it, and we’re here to help her.”

Ms. Mitrano then gave brief remarks, thanking the good people of Wellsville and Allegany County who have supported her “in the three years in which I’ve been running. In August of 2017, I predicted it would take two cycles to win this congressional seat. Allegany County has been helping right at the forefront. You’re an amazing community. I am grateful for every moment, every dollar, and every ounce of sweat you’ve given to this effort.”

She mentioned polling showing voter preference for presidential candidate Joe Biden is neck and neck with Trump in our district, a far cry from the 15-point Republican advantage in 2016. “This shows how Trump’s utter incompetence to establish a federal plan to get out ahead of this virus has played out, among his other failures. My opponent is Donald Trump’s honorary reelection campaign chair for New York State. Do I need to explain any further about the connection of these two peas in a pod?”

Mitrano said, “With your help, we’ll continue to let people know what our party stands for and how electing me to Congress supports those values. With Allegany County on our side, we’re going to roll right past my opponent and into Washington. We are going to win this race!”
After a ceremonial ribbon cutting, candidates, dignitaries and guests traveled to a private event in honor of Ms. Mitrano.

The 2020 Democratic Election Headquarters is open 9:00 am to 6:00 pm seven days a week at 94 North Main St., Wellsville. Drop by, phone 585-610-4321, find them on FB and Twitter, or email
# # #

The Allegany County Democratic Committee is the official governing body for the County Party, working toward broader representation by Democrats at the local, state, and national levels. Learn more at, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, email or phone/text (585) 610-4321.

Trump Rally in Coudersport Today[0]=AZXrJ3K8LuY0G1oNVmMjbyXakyt4FVaV6k-p_F8iCgJQII8L_hA4AdbxvLsxvjpvnsjx9JkhsDbGWigXjTRe50pnO6gvILDA5eb8RObjRjZq2UWtEZIJ5BHGQtwCbOYRqUrXGBjiUIgs--xXui2hoEhjy7W5gXQiVtSSyD9QKtnw_Q&__tn__=-UC%2CP-R

No Butterfly Catching Today At Sinnemahoning State Park

Sinnemahoning State Park
3h ·
Good news and bad news. Good news: we are finally getting some of the rain we desperately need in this area. 

Bad news: we cannot catch monarch butterflies in the rain or if the grass is wet. Wet nets will damage the butterflies' wings. We will still hold the program today outside under a canopy, but we will not be catching live butterflies. 

The same monarch program is scheduled again for Saturday, September 5 at 3:00 pm. 

Due to COVID restrictions the group size is limited to 24 people. Pre-registration is recommended. To register, visit

Almond Dispatched To Vehicle Fire on I-86

At 12:24 PM on Saturday, Almond Fire & EMS dispatched to I-86 Westbound between MM 122/123 for a vehicle fire.

Annual Cole Foundation Online Auction Ends at 8pm TONIGHT!

During the last few months, we have witnessed colleagues at UPMC Cole work endlessly to review emergency preparedness plans, weigh every possible option if a surge of patients would come through our doors and continue to care for those residents in our hospital with a calm, reassuring attitude. The Cole Foundation wants to be able to give back to this hospital that has been the rock during this storm.

Although we will not be having our annual golf tournament, it is crucial for the Cole Foundation to raise money to carry out our mission. We have decided to expand our annual online auction to replace our tournament for this year.

Our auction begins on Wednesday, August 26th at 8:00 a.m. Click on the link below to view auction items.

Thank you for your continued support for our local hospital.

Andrea Streich, Executive Director, Cole Foundation

Suzanne Henderson, 65, formerly of Kingsport, TN; Shinglehouse Native

Suzanne Henderson

Suzanne Henderson, 65, formerly of Kingsport, TN went to be with her Lord and Savior on August 7, 2020 while surrounded by her dear friends at home.

She was born in Olean, NY to Ned and Helen (Hall) Henderson. She was preceded in death by her parents. 

She is survived by one brother, Jeffrey (Gloria) Henderson of Shinglehouse, PA and two nieces, Jessica (Derrick) Little of Anderson County, South Carolina and Sarah Henderson of Lisle, NY and two nephews, Micah (Michaela) Henderson of Syracuse, NY and Nathan Henderson of Shinglehouse, PA and great nieces, Rachel and Danielle Little of Anderson County, SC.

Suzanne graduated from Oswayo Valley High School in Shinglehouse and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy at the University of Pittsburgh. She began her remarkable 40 yr. career at Saint Vincent Health Center in Erie as a staff therapist and later became the Outpatient Rehab Services Manager. She was the Clinical Coordinator of Education for many years sharing her love and knowledge of Physical Therapy with hundreds of students.

In 1993, Suzanne had opportunity to advance in her career, so she relocated to Kingsport, TN where she made her home for the past 27 years. She practiced in many health facilities. She held many clinical and managerial positions. Most notably, she worked for RehabWorks/RehabCare as Director of Operations for 20 facilities on the East Coast. She worked at Newport Health and Rehab for 6 years and finally retired from Life Care Center of Gray TN in 2015. She loved her work and especially her fellow employees. So many were touched by her love and kindness!

Suzanne loved cooking, traveling to the mountains and sharing time with friends, but her three greatest joys were her love for Jesus Christ, time spent with her two great nieces, Rachel and Danielle and her many rescued feline friends who kept her company throughout the years. She is sadly missed by Katie Ami.

In April 2020, she relocated to Cranesville, PA to be closer to family. She will be greatly missed by her family and friends. Rest in peace Sweet Sue!

At her request, there was no visitation or memorial.

Donations may be made to Taking Care of God’s Creatures (TCGC) Animal League (Kingsport, TN) at or Orphan Angels Cat Sanctuary (Erie, PA) at

Former Coudersport Radio Personality Retiring From KEY 96.5 After 26 Years


Forever Media radio personality Jack Michaels retired earlier this month after 26 years hosting the morning show for KEY 96.5. 

“This day is bittersweet and I know I’ll be fighting back tears,” said Michaels on his last day of work. “To think when I started in 1971 and through all these years and here I am for the last time, it’s pretty emotional.” 

Michaels began his radio career in Coudersport, Potter County, before returning to the Johnstown area in 1973 to work at WCRO. Said Mike Stevens, corporate program director for Forever Media: “Jack has been on the radio for a long time. I grew up listening to him and he’s one of the reasons why I do what I do. He actually hired me at KEY and taught me a few things.”

Shinglehouse is in the dark

Could you please let people know that Shinglehouse has several trees down and there is no electric service. This happened at 5:30 yesterday evening. 

There has been nothing done by Penelec up to the point that I left for work at 6:15 this morning. I’d like to know why?

Thank you for the service you provide.

Ted Henry

At 11 AM on Saturday, a little over a thousand customers were still out of electric on Penelec or West Penn lines.

Click on map below to see current outages.