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Friday, April 9, 2021

Coudersport Councilman Urges Constituants To Get Vaccinated Saturday, April 10 at CARP

 I want to thank Pfizer/BioNtech, UPMC Cole, UPMC Health Care System, and the PA DOH for making the Covid-19 vaccine available to everyone in our community. This vaccine is the first step toward getting us back to normal and I am writing to encourage everyone to vaccinate this Saturday, April 10, 2021 between 9am-1pm at Coudersport Area Recreation Park (CARP).   

Getting back to normal begins with herd immunity, which is either from infection or vaccination of a minimum 70% of population. In Potter County alone, that would equal around 12,000 people. Infections rate that high would be disastrous for our community, which is why vaccine immunization is so important.

I understand that there is hesitation with these new vaccines, but after reviewing the science I would say they are safer than eating over-processed fast food or drinking energy drinks and definitely better than the possible side effects of this virus.      

I realize this plague has become more than just that and that both sides of the political spectrum have used it for political gain. Covid-19 doesn’t care what your political beliefs are or which news channel you watch, it only cares about killing healthy cells in your body.  Being involved in both medicine and politics, I would believe in the bio mechanical engineers and epidemiologists when it comes to your health, not political scientists or news anchors.  

After receiving the Pfizer vaccine, I want to ensure everyone that I feel fine. The jab is no worse than that of a flu vaccine and I had less side effects then with the flu shot or any of the numerous immunizations received in my healthcare career.    

Again, I encourage everyone to take advantage of this valuable opportunity this Saturday, 9am-1pm at CARP to protect your self, family, friends and the children of our community, by simply getting a jab in the arm.  

Stay Safe, Mask Up, Wash Your Hands, and Get Vaccinated   

Thank you for your time,   

Todd Husson   
Coudersport Borough Council Ward 1.


Anonymous said...

This is really great!

Anonymous said...

Patriots get vaccinated. Pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

It's ironic that the ones who are against the vaccine are the same ones that praised Trump for operation warp speed and getting the vaccine available for them. Must be they don't trust him either.