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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Bradford City Police: Bomb Squad Found No Threat in Suspicious Package

City of Bradford Police

The City of Bradford Police Department would like to update everyone on the suspicious package that was found earlier today on School St.  

To be overly cautious we contacted the Pennsylvania State Police Bomb Squad to come in and check the package to make sure it was not dangerous. They responded immediately and brought other squad members from Millcreek Police Department and Penn State University Police Department. Together they used state of the art x ray equipment and advanced training to render the package safe.  

The City of Bradford Police Department places the safety of our residents and students at the top of all priorities and we will utilize all resources available in situations like this to make sure there is no threat.  

School Street roadway is now open and School Street Elementary is out of the shelter in place status. All operations are returned to normal.  

Thankfully there was no threat and this can be considered a good training exercise for all of us in the event that there ever is a real threat.  

The City of Bradford Police would also like to thank the Bradford Area School District Administration for working with us today as a team. The cooperation and support on the part of everyone involved was amazing.


Anonymous said...

Drat! I knew I left my bag of dirty whites somewhere along my walk to the laundromat. I hope they didn't rifle through my unmentionables.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How about a scary picture of the offending bag?
And no, I'm not talking about "her".
We've seen that enough.

Anonymous said...

'Lighten-up', just a joke.