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Sunday, May 2, 2021

In Recognition of Correctional Professionals throughout McKean County

“The first full week of May is Correctional Professionals’ Week.  Many area residents work in corrections at the McKean County Prison, Potter County Jail, Warren County Jail, FCI-McKean, and SCI-Forest State Penitentiary.

They are required to maintain the security of their facilities and the safety of inmates and staff while carrying out the goals of the criminal justice system - imposing punishment as well as rehabilitation in an environment with the always-present risk of violence. 

Corrections is a critical component of the criminal justice system but often unrecognized because their work is largely hidden from view.  They face a high threat of harm or even death every day.  I have personally seen homemade weapons confiscated by corrections’ officers from inmates and know the threat to these officers is very real.

They must command authority while promoting peace – a task particularly difficult in confined areas inside secured building with numerous staff and inmates.

We recognize them and thank them for the work they do.

On behalf of the McKean County District Attorney’s Office, I am honored to recognize Correctional Professionals and personnel.  

Thank you 
Stephanie L. Vettenburg-Shaffer
McKean County District Attorney


Anonymous said...

Ma'am, are you coming up for re-election soon? Don't get me wrong I think you are doing okay but seeing more of you recently. Also goal should be rehabilitation and imposing punishment. Just my thoughts, you have a good day.

Anonymous said...

All political and no substance. She'd be better off not commenting.

Anonymous said...

It's also teacher appreciation week. Kudos to all the teachers that educate our youth! You ARE appreciated!! I hope your schools acknowledge you this week!

Clara Avenali said...

Thank you! Corrections is a tough job....not for everyone!
Proud of my son who worked at FCI McKean and now works at
USP Lee, Va.

Anonymous said...

Teacher appreciation week and corrections professionals appreciation week running "concurrently" is very coincidental. .. Or is it? Teachers do a lot of "corrections" too.