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Thursday, May 6, 2021

The search for missing Olean man 21 year old Cole Geise continues


 The search for missing Olean man 21 year old Cole Geise continues. 

According to a Facebook Post from his mother last night, the family is asking that only authorized professionals continue to search. They have a general area that he was in based on a video that was sent to the family and while trying to pinpoint his exact location they do not want to scare him off.

Cole is 6’5, and was last seen possibly wearing red plaid pajama bottoms, sneakers and a blue zip up coat. Cole is autistic, and verbal. If you do see him do not attempt to grab him. Engage him in conversation or ask him to help you, and contact the police immediately. 

This is an ongoing situation and WESB News will update as more information becomes available.


Anonymous said...

May questions are, just where is this young man last known or first known location at. I have never seen nor heard where he come up missing from. Knapp Creek, Olean, Hinsdale, Portville, Allegany, I'm sorry if I am confused. I can understand not wanting anyone who is not professional to look for young man, but I believe you are limiting your available people. I'm a retired military guy and would just like to go out and wonder around an area and try to help, but now you are saying only authorized professionals. I mean this is an extended period for this young man to be missing. Little confusing to me.

Doby Stoopid said...

Did you read the first line? A missing "Olean" man.....

Mr. Plum said...

I agree 5:50 I have much respect for the professionals but having the public help is also a good thing. I've been out many times this week along with my wife and friends looking. Mostly what I have saw is around the end of river road down on Allegheny side and the roads and hills up to Knapps creek. But being this long it's hard to say.

Anonymous said...

So because he's an Olean man you idiot, that means he's missing in Olean. Wow, I'm stupid