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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Pennsylvania House Advances Bills to Provide for Economic Recovery, Protect Families, Reform Government

HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania House of Representatives was in voting session from June 7-10, and the Republican Caucus continued advancing its priorities of providing for an economic recovery, protecting families and reforming government for the benefit of Pennsylvanians, House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff (R-Centre/Mifflin) said Thursday.

Action on economic recovery:

  •     Passed House Resolution 106 to terminate Gov. Tom Wolf’s COVID-19 emergency disaster declaration.
  •     Passed House Bill 854 to provide for regulatory flexibility related to COVID-19.
  •     Passed House Bill 952 to provide a tax credit for data centers.
  •     Advanced House Bill 508 to end federal enhanced unemployment compensation benefits.
  •     Advanced House Bill 1182 to allow barber programs to offer up to 50% of the program through online or remote instruction.
  •     Advanced House Bill 1183 to allow cosmetology programs to offer up to 50% of the program through online or remote instruction.
  •     Advanced Senate Bill 434 to change the “sell by” date on milk to “best by.”
  •     Advanced House Resolution 60 to establish a Select Committee on the Jobs of the Future to investigate, review, and make findings and recommendations regarding opportunities for development in new industries.

“Pennsylvania’s employers and small business job creators have told us the thing they need to recover from the pandemic is for government to get out of the way,” Benninghoff said. “This week, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives led on economic recovery by ending the destructive COVID-19 emergency disaster declaration, ensuring Pennsylvania is being responsibly managed through the remainder of this pandemic, and looking toward the future by creating new opportunities.”

Action on protecting families:

  •     Passed House Bill 118 to provide for the final disposition of fetal remains.
  •     Passed House Bill 1500 to prohibit abortion based solely on a diagnosis of Down syndrome.
  •     Advanced House Bill 1428 to provide protections against elder abuse.
  •     Advanced House Bill 1429 to provide for greater protections against elder abuse.
  •     Advanced House Bill 1430 to provide for greater tools to combat elder exploitation.
  •     Advanced House Bill 1431 to protect the privacy of care-dependent individuals.

“Pennsylvanians at all stages of life deserve government to actualize its core functions for their benefit,” Benninghoff said. “We will continue prioritizing the protection of Pennsylvania families.”

Action on government reform:

  •     Passed House Resolution 106 to terminate Gov. Tom Wolf’s COVID-19 emergency disaster declaration.
  •     Passed House Bill 979 to strengthen state firearm preemption laws.
  •     Passed House Bill 164 to require licensed funeral directors or entities to notify the county veterans affairs director of a deceased serviceperson having legal residence in the county.
  •     Passed House Bill 941 to ensure military families are guaranteed in-state tuition as soon as a student submits the enrollment deposit.
  •     Passed House Bill 995 to offer better training for veterans and their families on how to utilize benefits.
  •     Passed House Bill 1057 to add the Navy Club of the United States of America to the list of 15 veterans’ organizations currently represented on the State Veterans’ Commission.
  •     Passed House Bill 1421 to increase the amount of the burial benefit provided to those who perform burial details for deceased veterans at any one of Pennsylvania’s three national cemeteries.

“When the voters approved these constitutional amendments just a few short weeks ago, their message was loud and clear: It is time to end the governor’s emergency powers. We could not agree more,” Benninghoff said.

 “This emergency is over: COVID-19 mitigation orders have ended. The mask mandate will be lifted in days. We have listened to the voters, we agree with their concerns and have turned their vote into action.

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

When this virus comes roaring back in the fall we can thank Benninghoff and Causer.