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Thursday, September 16, 2021

UPMC to Host Living-Donor Kidney Virtual Town Hall

WILLIAMSPORT, Sept. 16, 2021 – UPMC is hosting Living Donation: Be the Perfect Match starting at noon on Thursday, Sept. 30. During the event, Amit Tevar, MD, surgical director, UPMC Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Program, and Sam Stea, MD, nephrologist, UPMC in North Central Pa., will give an overview of the living donation and evaluation process, talk about surgery and recovery, and share stories from transplant patients from north central Pa.

“It’s quite simple: a living organ donor saves not just one, but two lives and it’s important that people understand how they can be a life-saver through donation,” said Dr. Tevar. “Close to 26 million people in the U.S. suffer from kidney disease and over 100,000 are on the waiting list for a kidney transplant. Last year, living organ donors made more than 5,700 life-saving transplant surgeries possible. By working alongside Dr. Stea and other UPMC physicians here in north central Pa., our programs are helping connect donors and recipients here in the region with UPMC’s nationally recognized transplant services.”

UPMC’s Kidney Evaluation Clinic opened in the spring of 2019 and offers a range of pre-kidney transplant evaluation services including blood and diagnostic tests, radiology and diagnostic imaging services and ongoing education. The transplant takes place in Pittsburgh and patients return to Williamsport for post-surgical care and follow-up. The clinic also provides transplant evaluations and information about living-donor kidney transplants.

 “Our clinic aims to help those in kidney failure get donations faster by receiving a living-donor transplant, which have better outcomes and faster recovery times than deceased-donor transplants,” said Dr. Stea. “The average wait time for patients in this region on the waiting list for a cadaver organ is about six years, despite the average five-year survival rate for patients on dialysis being only about

36%. We have too many people passing away on the waiting list when there’s a lot of viable donors in our communities.”

 To register for the event, visit

 To learn more about UPMC’s living kidney donation program, visit

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