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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Important information and Election Day Reminders:

The Potter County Board of Elections/Voter Registration Office would like to remind voters of some very important updates and changes for the upcoming November 2, 2021, Municipal Election. No Straight Party Voting: Voters will no longer have a shortcut option to vote straight party, but they may still individually select only candidates from one party. 

Voter Registration Deadline:
The deadline to register to vote or make any changes will be October 18, 2021, for the upcoming November 2, 2021 Municipal Election. Applications to register/make changes can be found at, or by going to to do this process online. All paper applications must be in the Potter County Board of Elections Office by the 15 day deadline, postmarks do NOT count. We encourage voters to check on their voter registration status to determine if the information on their record is accurate. This will cut down on a voter not being at the correct polling place on election day. 

This can be done by going to or by calling our office at 814-274-8467.

Absentee/Mail-In Ballots:
Mail-in ballot – Any qualified voter may apply for a mail-in ballot. You may simply request this ballot without a reason.

Absentee ballot – If you plan to be out of the municipality on election day or if you have a disability or illness, you should request this ballot type, which still requires you to list a reason for your ballot. Applications to request either an Absentee or Mail-in Ballot can be found at our county website, or by going to

Mail-in and absentee ballot applications for the November 2, 2021, municipal election must be received in our office by close of business on Tuesday, October 26, 2021.

An individual who votes a timely received Absentee/Mail-in ballot may NOT vote at the polling place on Election Day. However, if the voter requests but does not mail back their ballot in time, they may “SURRENDER” their absentee/mail-in ballot at their polling location. Please take all material (envelopes included) that you received from the Board of Elections in regards to your absentee/mail-in ballot along with you to the polling place, you will then sign an “Affidavit to Surrender Ballot”, once this is completed, you may then vote on the machine. 

Voters may request to be placed on a permanent mail-in voter list, these individuals will have an application mailed to them by the first week in February each year, which, if completed and returned, entitles them to receive ballots in the mail for all elections taking place in the remainder of the calendar year and for any special elections through the third week in February of the following year. 

Sample ballots:
Sample ballots will be available on the county website soon, please check periodically for them. 

Polling Place Change:
Sharon Township has been moved to the Potter County Fairground, all voters who have been affected by this move have been sent an ID card reflecting the change. 

Voting Machines:
For individuals who have not voted on the new voting machines, we have a demo machine setup in our office for anyone who would like to try out the machine before going to the polls to vote on Election Day. 

NOTE: Please use the front entrance of the Gunzburger Building. 
If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 814-274-8467, or by email at Office hours are 8:30am – 4:30pm, Monday –Friday.