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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Firearms Violation from Game Commission investigation

District Attorney Stephanie L. Vettenburg-Shaffer reports that, on November 20, 2021, Pennsylvania Game Commission-McKean County Officers began an investigation into possible Game Law violations near Kane.  

Kane Borough Police Officers Joseph Schmader and Michael Henry and Pennsylvania State Police assisted in the investigation.

Following the investigation, Jared Smith of Kane was charged with possessing 2 firearms when he is prohibited from possessing firearms.

Kane Borough Officer Joseph Schmader filed 2 counts of Persons Not to Possess a Firearm against Smith. 

On-call Magisterial District Judge Todd set bail on Smith at $30,000.  

Additional charges are pending to be filed by the Game Commission through Officers Heath Hilbert and Michael Valine.


Anonymous said...

Shall not be infringed, PERIOD, you communist asshole.

Anonymous said...


Dude likely has a felony conviction that is serious enough that PA law does not allow possession.

There are carve outs in PA law that allow felons to possess (not purchase, but possess) firearms. But these must be low level non-violent felonies without repeat offenses.

It ain't communist you cowardly fool, it's society placing limits and it's fully constitutional as per SCOTUS.

Anonymous said...

0650, there ARE limits. It's as 0743 stated, FULLY constitutional! No one with a record of certain offences should EVER possess a firearm, period! I can think of several, murder, domestic violence, sex offender, etc.