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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Sheffield to leave ambulance business

Nov 27, 2021--Warren Times-Observer
Josh Cotton
Staff Reporter

The Sheffield Volunteer Fire Department is leaving the ambulance business.

The department announced the move in a Facebook post.

“Effective January 1st 2022 Sheffield volunteer fire department ambulance service will no longer be providing a BLS (basic life support) Ambulance service to Sheffield and the surrounding area,” the fire department said. “This decision was made due to the strict regulations and requirements put on Ambulance services and the overwhelming stipulations that has caused a dwindle in EMS manpower. Sheffield VFD will be providing a QRS (quick response) service to Sheffield and the surrounding area. This means that SVFD will still be able to respond and provide a service for all medical calls however SVFD will not be transporting patients to the hospital.”

A town hall meeting was held Tuesday at the station, as well as streamed on Facebook, to discuss the move. Read more.....


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this will continue to happen throughout our area until the Commonwealth decides that it is better to have community based EMS than implement national standards. Increased training hours, cost of training, and low pay (due to low reimbursement) will continue to be barriers to recruitment and retention. No longer will people spend 200+ hours of their time in training and upwards of a $1000 in tuition, to ultimately volunteer. This causes services to create paid positions, putting increased financial pressure on mostly non-profit services. Also remember, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania choose not to include EMS providers in their COVID Hazard Pay Grant program last year. After all, why would being an EMS provider be more hazardous than a food manufacturing facility worker?

Anonymous said...

Well said. It's a sad situation.

Help Us Help Ourselves. said...

Hey super Marty? Where are you in addressing this problem? Oh, still circulating a petition to ask who stole the Bfd Hospital? You know, the one in your home district?

Anonymous said...

Don’t worry, UPMC will still have record profits. Again, medical care is a for profit enterprise, not a humanitarian endeavor. So for years and years the system has been able to convince people to literally work for free to transport people to the facilities that capitalize on making enormous amounts of money off the sick and injured. These dedicated volunteers have done what they do, because they feel that it’s for the greater good. They take hours of training, for free…they sacrifice their time to run calls 24/7, for free…they miss events with the families, for free…they put their own lives at risk, for free…and, as a result, the world of corporate medicine has capitalized on these people free labor. It’s absolutely disgusting to hear that there’s no money for these services to run, if they can’t convince people to do it with free labor. There is money…it’s just not going to pay for the free labor. The average UPMC executive compensation is $234,534 a year...and Jeffrey Romoff makes about $10 million per year. I’m not even going to bother with how much the insurance executives make. Meanwhile, dedicated people around here are working for free, training for free, running fundraisers to buy ridiculously expensive equipment, vehicle and buildings. It’s a scam being perpetuated by corporate medicine, and it’s bullshit.

Unknown said...

this all comes down to people suing because of some small little thing and they add more and more training till people do not have the time to volunteer the working people just dont have that kind of time it is sad. My hat is off to all that do volunteer so much they have to put into training and not just E M S the time firefigher have to put in I did dive&rescue for 25 years and they keep uping the training for that and mostly it is a recovery and that makes it hard to keep divers willing to do this. back in the good old days many times you had more help tham was needed wish we could get back to that

Anonymous said...

6:56 PM....The caliber of the personnel will suffer, as there will be people in it for profit, not humanitarian reasons. I have met outstanding people in character and morale as EMTs, I hope we don't lose them.

Anonymous said...

1:57, sadly this has nothing to do with good people, and everything to do with profit. In fact, it’s only been through the efforts of good people who are willing to provide free labor, that the corporate medical complex has been able to become so huge. Imagine how much money they have saved(earned) by convincing the boots on the ground workers to do their job for free. Actually, they not only work, providing much needed medical care, for free, but they are also expected to work extra to raise their own money to finance the tools that use while providing that free labor.