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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Potter County |Artisan Co-op Artisan of the week Julie Bailey

Potter County |Artisan Co-op Artisan of the week, Julie Bailey was born and raised in Potter County. Growing up a country girl in the Wilds gave her a deep appreciation of all things natural and wholesome. 

Dealing with problematic skin throughout her childhood and into her adult life, she discovered the benefits of essential oils and began making her own soaps shortly after she had her first child. Julie was not able to use smell-good baby washes because she was allergic to many of them. She realized that if they weren't good for her own skin, she did not want to use those products on the beautiful skin of her babies!

Through experimentation and learning about the healing benefits of essential oils, she has custom blended the oils to focus on different skin needs. In the creation of soap, a chemical reaction takes place between lye and base oils (in Potter County Suds, those are vegetable, coconut and olive oils). Once the reaction has taken place, essential oils are added. The soap base becomes the carrier and the essential oils are free to work their magic.
Pure essential oils are a key ingredient in Potter County suds; each oil having its own therapeutic benefit. Julie uses only pure essential oils in her soaps and toiletries for their therapeutic value. 
Julie has suggestions for which soaps to try—antibacterial, anxiety, fatigue, insect repellant, rheumatism, tension, psoriasis and much more. 

Potter County Suds is gentle, yet cleansing, as a bath soap, a face soap, shampoo bar, even for tough laundry stains. It makes shaving a pleasure rather than a chore - the glide of the razor and the lingering fragrance of the soap is a step above the traditional shaving cream. In general, Potter County Suds lathers luxuriously in all types of water and rinses wonderfully clean.

Julie says her soaps are stirred up in small batches with Potter County spring water, love, natural ingredients and the amazing benefits of essential oils.”Your skin was fearfully and wonderfully created to protect your body. Treat it nicely.”

Find a nice selection of Potter County Suds at the Potter County Artisan Center, 227 N. Main Street, Coudersport. The Center is open 12:00pm-4:00pm Monday-Friday and 9:00am-5:00pm Saturday. 
(Julie is pictured with her mother, Natalie Bailey, a popular local  musician and singer (L).

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