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Thursday, June 23, 2022

Potter County Housing & Redevelopment Authorities Seeking Proposals

Request For Proposal: 
Succession Planning Consultant

1. General Information

Project Objective: To develop a long term succession plan for Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director/Financial Background.

Issuing Organization: Potter County Housing & Redevelopment Authorities
109 Market Street, Coudersport, PA 16915
RFP Issued: June 20, 2022 
Due Date for Proposals: July 18, 2022
Organization Contact: Dennis Goodenough, Board Member 

2. Summary

The Authorities seeks consultant services to develop a succession plan that addresses the anticipated retirements of two senior key positions and ensure long-term sustainability of the organization(s). The assignment includes writing job descriptions and identifying required skill sets for job candidates including any civil service requirements, if needed  

3. Background

Two senior leaders of the Authorities may be retiring over the coming five years after decades of service. None of the current board members overseeing the long term viability of these organizations have experience managing such a transition and are seeking professional advice and counsel

4. Scope of Work

The Authorities are seeking a consultant to lead the board and staff through the process of developing long-term succession plans for two key positions. The plan will define the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for potential successors to each position and outline the policies, procedures and process to be followed to ensure a successful transition.

Particular areas of focus should include, but are not limited to:
· Knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform role(s)
· Expectations of the position and updating the job descriptions accordingly
· Outlining a process for recruitment, selection and onboarding of potential successors
· Development of tools to ensure a successful transition.

The process will include board members, Authority management and the Executive Director.

5. Submission Process

Send sealed bids via mail hand delivery to:
Potter County Housing & Redevelopment Authorities
Attn: Dennis Goodenough
109 Market Street, Coudersport, PA 16915
Deadline for submission: July 18, 2022 by 2 pm.
Proposals will be opened and read aloud at the July 18, 2022 regular Board meeting.
Final decision will be publicly announced within 30 days.
Response to RFP should include:
· Executive summary of the proposal 
· General description of the recommended activities
· Work plan and timetable
· Biographies of the people performing the work
· Budget for entirety of process, hours and materials, and any optional offerings